We are no longer under nor governed by the law. No bondage to guilt, fear of failure, people, our future, pride, nor the elements of the world. Jesus fulfilled the law. There is more than the frame, there is the Spirit of God, the way, the Person. Where the Spirit is there is liberty. Adoption means we are in the family. (Gal 4:3-6; Matt 5:17)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11643
6:30 PM on 3/11/2019



P. Schaller

Thank you Lord. Praise God! Praise you Jesus. Thank you. Praise God. Praise God. We had a manifestation of God this morning. At the 9:00 and then at the 11:00 I felt very anointed in the ministry. I don’t like to compare the 9 with the 11 but I did! It was a visitation of God. God is working in hearts. That’s beautiful.

P. Mike Colby is here visiting his dad and mom for the week. His dad goes in for surgery on Tuesday and we have Mike Colby Sr. covered in prayer. Even better, it would not need to be done. Wouldn’t that be good? How many have seen or witnessed a miraculous healing that came from God to yourself or someone you know? He does it. It’s real. All by faith.

We have “amen” Oliver here this morning at the 11:00. We missed him. Oliver from Middle River and the Body responding.

I am leaving this meeting at 7:15 according to my schedule to go to the airport to catch a plane to London and Warsaw. I want to say the Spirit is moving amongst us. He is caring for us. We have been teaching a series on sanctification. God sanctifies us. He makes us different from the Egyptians.

I used to pastor in Sweden. I told that funny thing. We had 19 different countries. I preached a message don’t go back to Egypt. That’s the flesh. You’re in rebellion against God. After the meeting, an Egyptian man came up to me and said my parents live in Egypt and I feel I should go back and say hello to them. I said don’t ever go back!! Ha ha.

We are different from the Egyptians. We are not of this world. We have the Spirit of God. He fills us and teaches us and also chastises us. Anyone here know anybody chastised by God? How about you? You know somebody. You don’t talk about it. It happens. It’s an honor if your heavenly Father deals with you. He doesn’t let you get away with murder. He speaks to your heart and also by circumstances and gets our attention. He humbles us. Not always. Believers can continue in a stubborn attitude of resistance and pride.

I’m angry with God in Heb 3. We think better of each other. Let us humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and be sanctified by the Spirit of God and led. Be broken before God and be filled with the Spirit. If I’m with these brothers and I’m filled with the Spirit, you know what I’ll be thinking. How can I help them and pray for them and what can we do for them? I think of the people with us and learning and growing. We are Spirit filled and thinking in love. Love. Love. Love is different from complaining and getting all feisty and worked up and embittered and all that. The same Christ that saved us is the same Christ that sanctifies us.

Gal 4, I was just told P. Lou went into the ambulance to the hospital. We should have a prayer for him.

I don’t want to get into this too deeply. But it’s so good. We used to be speaking of people under the law. We were like ruled and governed by law. Not just Jewish people. We grow up under law. We are in kindergarten and first and second grade. If you get good grades and pass into the next. Under law. You grow up under that system.

vs. 3. I was in bondage to my bad habits. I was in bondage to my earthly desires, to doing bad things in private. I was in bondage to discouragement and fear. I was in bondage to some guilt and some sense of self awareness. I was in bondage to the fear of failure, of people. I was in bondage to the fear of the future and even myself. We were in bondage to pride and success and what others thought about us. We had all kinds of small bondages, elements of the world.

vs. 4. He came as a Jew under the law in a religious world in Israel and he fulfilled the law in Mt. 5:17. We said this morning sometimes we put things in picture frames and kind of freeze it. A person. Oh, he is like this. I know who he is. We frame him and freeze him. We do it with our week and everyday life. We put ourselves in some frame and freeze it and say that’s life. But I want to help you tonight. I want to say simply and finish. It is there is something more than the frame. There is the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit. Creativity of God. The way of God, the person of God. We freeze ourselves in the elements of the world and we say this can’t happen or this is bad. Paul is in prison and he could say I’m a prisoner of the Roman Empire. He had the Spirit of God and creativity. Creativity takes some work and some heart. Creativity says I am a prisoner of the Lord. No, Paul you are a prisoner of Rome. No, I’m a prisoner of the Lord. The Lord has a key to the prison. If he wants me here, I am here. I got an idea. I can write a letter to the Ephesians, to the Colossians. I can love the guy I’m chained to. He was chained to a Roman soldier. Who is chained to who? I think if you were a guy who frames life and freezes it, he could say I’m chained to a soldier. I am a prisoner. We are children that are being sanctified, made wholly by God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. By the Spirit of God there is the mind of God. The frame around the mind of God doesn’t exist. How could you frame the mind of God? The infinite mind of God, the love of God that never fails. That endures all things and believes all things. The Spirit moving. The Spirit of God with the Apostle Paul. The guy sitting next to me, I’m enjoying his company. I get to talk to him and as I speak the Holy Spirit anoints it and I feel like I’m in freedom. I feel my world is bigger than the elements of the world. God sanctifies you. He sanctifies us in a world that is often bored, tired, and very busy. Sometimes the busyness comes because of the boredom. I’m so bored, I have to stay busy. In the Spirit of God, there is another way. I’m busy not because I’m bored but because God is with me. I don’t feel busy. I’m not worn out. The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead quickens your mortal body. The thoughts we now think are thoughts of life.

vs. 5 I read in a theology book, this question the theologians said. Could you be righteous and not in the family of God? A creature, righteous but not in the family of God. You think about it. Do you know what the answer is? Here is the answer. The angels are righteous but they are not in the family. I could be a righteous man but not in the family but adoption means you are a righteous man. That’s justification. You are regenerated. You have the nature of God. And adoption means you are made a family member. You are in the family. We way underestimate this. I am in the family of God. God is our Father. You are sons and daughters. It’s way underestimated. He sets the solitary in families. He chastises us if we need it. He calls us by name. Of all the children God has, he loses none. The Father will never leave us or forsake us. He could never do that to his children. His children are like him. The child is like the father. Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us that we should be called the children of God. Bing! Behold what great love we would be called the children of God. How did you get it? To as many as received him. To them gave he the legal power to become children of God We are made righteous and adopted in the family.

vs. 6. Abba, Father. I don’t know when this first happened to you. I was in upstate New York in a college campus. I accepted Christ and started to have new desires in my heart and privately thinking about it. This happened where I started to call God my Father. I said our Father prays all the time because I went into confession in the Catholic church and had to say so many Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s. I said God is our Father many times but now the Spirit was sent into my heart and I cried Father. You are my Father. It shouldn’t stop there. It should be the children of God interpret life without those frames. The frame of guilt, fear, of your limitation, of just you. It’s family. God conforms us to the image of his Son. That sanctifying power happens over all your life.

I have a friend who was backslidden 8 years. She came back to me and said I’m back. I said I’m so glad to see you. She said I got very angry and left. I apologize for all the bad things I said about you and the church. I said that’s fine. May God bless you and fill you and satisfy you. I’m so glad you are back.

Believers go through things. It would be great none of us backslide. It would be great if we were Spirit filled and got along with each other all the time by the Spirit of God. Turn to your neighbor and say that’s impossible! I want to say a couple things. This may be serious. It is serious but I have watched for more than 40 years believers in many parts of the world I have seen and lived, and I’m going to tell you God doesn’t like it when you go against his people. Don’t do it. Don’t get fighting mad and cracked up and rippin angry and draw your world in a little frozen frame. And say the church is filled with hypocrisy. Really? Maybe someday you will wake up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. You’ll wake up and realize that person on the cross is what this world is about and if I can get humble enough and get quiet and ask him to help me and fill me. Creativity takes work, sisters and brothers. Creativity means I’m in prison but I feel God is with me. I’m in Egypt and I’m in trouble but I think God is with me. Let’s see for a couple years what God will do. God, you got five minutes. If you don’t show up I’m out of here!

This brother said some years ago, – I can tell I’m not going to finish on time! A J.W. knocked on his door and they said can you come in and talk to me. You can come in on one condition. I do all the talking. It was a pastor. They are on the outside of the door and they said that’s not fair. He said it’s my house. What is it we don’t understand about this life? We’re out here behind the screen door doing all the talking on the front porch saying, God I got to talk to you. You want to talk to me? I’ll let you in but I’ll do all the talking. We say that’s not fair. He says, it’s my universe. You can do whatever you want to do but it’s my universe and I’m leading you and guiding you straight up front in knowing and understanding that I’m for you.

Humble your proud hearts and get humble before the living God. Don’t speak about God’s people. He’s some jealous about his family. You can’t go into his family and start spitting and cussing and throwing tables all over the place because it’s God’s family.

Let us follow Christ the way he lived and find the Spirit of God do something new and fresh. Frames aren’t even there. It’s just that God is present. God says take up your bed and walk…the storms, the sea, the food, the story in Africa with P. Duane George in Uganda.

They made so much food for 100 people or some story like this. And hundreds came for food. P. Duane said serve the food. Don’t look in the pot. Just keep dishing it out. Don’t look in the pot.

Don’t look in the pot. Get it? You can’t frame your world with your own self-life. You have to walk in the Spirit of God and he will lead us and we will see God.

One brother said, I said, how did you quit smoking? He smoked 33 years 2 packs. A Russian guy. He was going to Bible school and would take a class and go out and have a cigarette. He couldn’t quit. A pile of cigarette butts where he was standing and smoking. He said God took it away. He said I couldn’t stand the smell of it. I had to quit. God took it away.

You need a nicotine patch. Maybe that is true for some people. Whatever godly works but listen, I am saying we are being sanctified. This church is under the influence of God. What we started years ago is not done. Saints are going to heaven and they will be perfectly sanctified and completed. One day our body will be deteriorated into the cemeteries. That brother is in heaven with me but I’m not finished, the Lord is saying. His body is to come up. I made him spirit, soul, and body and I need his body out of the ground. I need his body out of the biosphere, out of the ocean. I need it glorified, made like my Son.

Look at our bodies as we are deteriorating inch by inch. Is it terrible? Give me an aspirin!

It’s not over until it’s over. He will not lose a single thing. Not a saint will be missing. Not a physical body will be missing. Every one of us will be perfected and made like the Son of God. We will be in the city, the New Jerusalem and singing the praises. Only God knows our eternal future. We see through a glass darkly. We can sense it and feel it. We can read about it. We are not following foolish lies and wives fables. We have embraced the doctrine, the whole Jewish people have been saying our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the God of the dead but the God of the living. Amen.

Thanks for your prayers. See you.



P. Love

When Pastor Schaller mentioned about people healed, you know someone healed – how many hands went up? Then he said about chastised. If you put your hand up, you think, it was me. I have been. I’m grateful for it. When he said about the healing, all I can think back is in 1991. I developed a heart arrhythmia. The doctors couldn’t figure it out. I would sit at home and it would start to beat rapidly 200 times a minute and then it would stop and then slowly 35 beats a minute. They called it [?] I figured I had a cold or something. The doctor said you are fine, but just in case, we will hook you up with a heart monitor. I brought it back to the doctor’s office. I got back home and he called and said you need to come back in here. We want to go over something with you. He said don’t drive yourself. I said don’t drive myself? Is there someone there to drive you? I said, no. He said okay. There were three cardiologists and one said you are John Love? According to this, you should be dead. I proudly said, I’m not! In any case, after that a barrage of tests and hospitalized and tests after tests. They went through my leg into my heart and played with the electrical signals of my heart. One cardiologist said we need to do a heart biopsy. We’ll take a piece of your heart out. I remember thinking, I can’t wait until they knock me out. He said we’re going to go through an artery in your neck and you have to sign the paper. If we cut the arteries, you will be gone. I said what about the medication? He said I’ve had my medication. He said how about you, to the nurses. I said me, me! He said you’ll be fine. When I get into your heart you’ll feel it jump and flutter. Just as he said, it happened. He pulled a piece of my heart out and he said this is the start of a great taco salad! I figured by that time he was as cool as a cucumber. I don’t need to worry. He said you’re going to go in the hospital and have a pacemaker put in. I went in Wednesday, and at the Wednesday night service, P. Stevens is here and he prays. I’m listening on the phone. He said I don’t believe P. Love needs a pacemaker. I don’t think it’s God’s will. I’m in the hospital and saying that’s right! He’s too young. I slept soundly without anxiety and fear or worry. Next morning, real early the first person came in was Dracula and took my blood! They have the clip board and they said we have decided you are not a candidate for a pacemaker. I said, I know. The doctor said, how did you know? I said we prayed in my church service. He said pack your bags; you are going home. God heals. Amen. God can do miracles. And he can chastise.

Jn 19:32-33 we know that was prophesy. That they would not break the legs of the Lamb of God. So prophecy fulfilled.

vs. 34. Blood and water. This is symbolic of two things. Blood of our justification.

Without it, no remission of sin, Heb 9:22. The blood and the water both came forth from Jesus which is to say he is the one who justifies us. We could never justify ourselves. We don’t make the rules when it comes to justification. God set the standard and said for you and me to enter into his presence for all eternity, we got to be prefect. I remember reading the Sermon on the Mount as a young believer, and Jesus saying be ye perfect. He made us perfect through his sacrifice. The Bible says that. He had perfected them forever by his once and for all sacrifice. Then it says the water also. The blood speaks of his work for us, a finished work at Calvary. The water speaks of his work in us, the work of the Spirit, this sanctification that P. Schaller preached about. The work of justification comes from Jesus and the work of sanctification comes from Jesus. It all comes from him. We don’t have any power to sanctify ourselves. We have no ability to make ourselves like Jesus. If he doesn’t do that work, it never happens. When we preach this gospel, we tell people we are a finished work because of the shed blood of Christ but we are also a work in progress.

Eph. 2:10, is workmanship, his masterpieces. He is working on us and shaping us and molding us. He is doing that work.

1 Thes. 5:24 faithful is he who calls you. He will do it.

vs. 23 says God will wholly and completely sanctify you. He does the sanctification, the setting apart, the conforming of us to the image of his Son. It is the work of the Spirit and comes forth from Jesus, just like our salvation and sanctification. If God doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done. We cooperate. We show up and hear the words of God. We underestimate the power of the words of God. It can cleanse and liberate us. Every word of God is pure. Imagine if you are dealing with something dirty in your life. Keep receiving every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Every word is pure and the more words we hide in our heart, the less anything dirty can abide there. It moves it out. How can we have assurance God will complete this work? God demonstrates his love for us while we were sinning, he died for us. We were sinning. We were without strength. And we were his enemies.

Rom 10:5, if when we were enemies to God, he justified us and made us righteous and l love these words, how much more now that we are his adopted children will we be saved by his life, the life of Christ in us, and the life of the Spirit in us that has power to sanctify and set us apart. If I was an enemy and he could reconcile me to himself, then the easy thing is to keep me saved and preserve me faultless and blameless before his throne.

P. Cooper can do a thousand pushups. He did it over the course of several months but he did it! If he could jump down on this stage and do a thousand pushups, wouldn’t we be more certain he could do ten?

We are taking something from greater to lesser. The most difficult thing God did was save us, die for us. The easy thing is to keep us saved and preserve us and get us through this life and make us like Jesus. It was the blood and the water, the work of God for us. Until we go to be with the Lord, there will be the work of the Spirit in us. God gets all the glory when it’s all said and done. And that’s the way it should be.


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