Prayer can help us in all ways, even in our study of the Bible. Encourage yourself in the Lord, by God’s Grace we find the communion of the Holy Spirit.Waiting on God and walking with Him. We assemble so we can hear from God. (Psalms 105:1-8)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11516
7:30 PM on 8/1/2018



P. Schaller

Just magnifying Jesus Christ tonight. Just worshipping him and loving him. Trusting him with all of our hearts. Today is the day of prayer for our work and people around the world and here in Baltimore. We had a beautiful day of prayer. I’m looking in my own life for the prayer. It’s more and more in my heart to think about it. I’d like to teach a short lesson on prayer to you.

Ps. 105, we started this in our staff prayer meeting and called it praying with the psalms. It’s simple. I don’t know what to pray often but I can turn in the psalms, read a psalm quietly and pray what it is saying. This is one of them. How many of you have at times felt very strongly connected to God in prayer? I have through my life. It’s been a compass for me, my prayer. I look for it. I need it and recognize it when it is happening. Fellowship, prayer, presence of God in life and in our thoughts and meditation. Prayer has helped me study the Bible. I don’t think it could go the other way. It was more like prayer was emphasized, became so important in finding God. Concentrating on God helped me with the hunger for the Bible. God wrote the Bible. The love of God in your life. Maybe it doesn’t need to be said but we make it clear. I don’t love God. That’s important. It’s Christ that loves God, knows God, came into the world and he is born in you. It’s Christ in you that loves God. The H.S. in you is the only spirit in the world that loves and knows God. There is no spirit that loves and knows God in the context of what I am saying. There is no man that loves God. Nobody really knows prayer but the Holy Spirit. So pray in the Spirit in Jude. This should encourage us.

You can take anybody in this world in any state or condition of life and by God’s grace through J.C. that person finds the communion of the H.S., 2 Cor. 13, the love of God and the communion of the H.S. This communion of the H.S. is the reason why life is changed for us. Why we have this fellowship. That’s important. God loved me first and gave us himself. Now waiting on God. Walking with God.

Search me oh, God and see if there is anything in me, Ps 139:23-24. The Word of God is the one that speaks to my heart. We are gathered because you tell me this and I know I have the same felling about it. We assemble so we can hear from God. These words of the Holy Spirit that minister to me where I am at and God searches my heart.

The Word of God does the surgery in Heb. 4:12. A wounded spirit who can bear?

The candle of the Lord is the spirit of man in Prov 27:20, Prov 18:40. This is where we are living and discerning spirits and words and the lives of people. Decisions that people make.

We discern the Body in 1 Cor 11:28, meaning not judging but we recognize there is God. There is a precious heart, the heart of God. There is a work of the Spirit.

We heard at the staff meeting P. Love shared about Camp Life Europe. I just texted Pete Westera who just landed in New York City and I recognized and discern in that it’s a work of God. Camp Life Europe with beautiful young people and a staff of laid down workers.

The Holy Spirit teaching and leading. God loves me. Now with the love of God in you, now this is where the fellowship leads us into prayer.

Ps. 105:1 there is so much to be thankful. We give thanks unto the Lord. A great spirit of thanksgiving not just mechanically but in our hearts giving thanks to God.

vs. 1. I cannot believe how big God is. I cannot believe how gracious he is, how infinitely beautiful and incredible God is. David said magnify the Lord with me. If you take a magnifying glass and magnify something it happens through the glass. How can we magnify God? He is infinitely big. I get a hold of the truth and the reality. I cause him to shrink by my sin nature, by my crises and trial and worries and fears. I bring God down to being like us.

Ps. 4 we reduce God to the value of a peanut.

v. 3. We seek after idolatry. We have a proclivity for idolatry. We reduce God with our self-life. This is a good tip for us. Get real quiet and realize who he is as much as you can and study the doctrine of his nature and character and become a worshipper of him. Get real small in our own eyes and the H.S. filling us and we get occupied with J.C. My life is not the point. God is. We are worshippers of God and he will take care of us.

P. Shibley had an accident an hour or two ago. He was on a high ladder cutting a tree and he fell and he’s in shock trauma. We are waiting to hear news. He is our brother. We are people of God. We have a problem and we have God. We are not denying reality. I just got off the phone with Emma. They are in the waiting room. My feeling is it’s going to be okay but I don’t know. We have a problem and we have God. We have a prayer request. We have a brother. We rejoice and weep together. It is our heavenly Father that knows all these things. Not one bird could fall out of a tree without our heavenly Father’s permission.

I’m trying to say something about prayer, quietness and doctrine and truth in the inner man. God. The psalms are saying we don’t deny pain and problems. We are saying in the psalms let’s pray with the psalms because we need help in understanding how we relate to life.

vs. 2. We are singing tonight. The girls did a beautiful job with the Spirit of God in our hearts. Talk of his wondrous works. Talking. The Gospels. How many times would we talk about the healing in the gospels and meditate on them. Walking on the sea. Walking on water. Woe! Jesus is saying I am God but I am a man and I want to show you something about my Father. I’m walking on water. I want to show you who God is. I want to speak to you about God. I want to save the sinners. I want to feed the multitude. I want you to get it into your heart and spirit that I am God. This is a beautiful way of living and thinking. There are times we have halleluiah breakdowns because the Spirit makes it so clear on the inside that Christ is dwelling in you. You can almost burst with thanksgiving and praise that Almighty God is present with us. The living God. I am not making it up and not playing around. I’m embracing it. It’s not hyper-spiritual. It’s a spiritual way of thinking.

vs. 3. I know P. Stevens used to say it a certain way. I’m going to say the same thing in some way.

Let’s have a prayer for P. Shibley.

What does it say here in this verse? Seek the Lord. What if all the believers in America had something going on in their hearts and woke up one morning and deep in their heart they say in their own heart, I am going to seek God. I’m going to seek God. I don’t know if that has ever happened to you. When that happens to me, I love that. I haven’t felt God or found God. I haven’t seen God lately. I am hungry for God, thirsty for God. I don’t talk to anyone about it, but I’m dead set, in it. I got this thing going on. I found the other thing in me too where it’s a cliché, a Christian saying to seek God. It’s something we can say and preachers can preach it and say the phrase but there is no change. There is nothing going on. No seriousness about it. If I lose something really important like my car keys, I got to find them. If you have something precious that you lose temporarily at the fairgrounds, you’ll go after him with a lot of feeing about it. How can we live without God? How long can we live and go on our own way? How long will we be satisfied living our life this way? This is a prayer. vs. 4.

Ps. 13 says God you have not shown your face to me. Therefore I am by myself with my own counsel. I can feel the enemy oppressing me. I can’t see his face. I’m by myself, my own counsel and can feel the power of the enemy against me.

vs. 4-8 in case you re condemning yourself for the things I’m saying, I want you to be comforted in the fact that we have a covenant with God and he respects the covenant. We are the objects of his mercy and grace forever. He really delights in us. Out of all his creation, when he finds a man or woman with Christ in their life by covenant, he has such favor on us. It’s immeasurably incredible what it means. He has poured out his favor and glory and honor. We share it with Jesus Christ. Father, restore unto me the glory I had before the foundation of the world and that these would share in that glory. Us. I am saying we are the people and I didn’t get a chance to work on this message because I had some distractions. I want to say a few things about distractions in the context of prayer and quietness. You know how hard it is sometimes to not pay attention to the telephone, messages, email or technology. It’s a big thing. You can pick up that stuff in God’s time and handle it as great tools to be used by God. But don’t just fly on your social media stuff without the H.S.

Ps. 39 put a guard at my mouth.

Ps 41 is another place. Somehow I have a greater sense by the Spirit of God what pleases God. I shall one day give an account. When we are in a life of prayer, it will affect our speech, our study, our meditation. Denying myself.

Col 3. What does that mean? Young people have to learn at school. They have to do their homework and they want to do this and have to deny themselves and do this. In housekeeping, we have to do our job, our duty and deny ourselves something we would want to do. I want to do what I want to do. I do what I want to do and it says in the Scripture we are to deny ourselves. Have you done it? Have you done it lately? I think you have. I think it’s a secret with God. God says no, follow me. Jesus, I want to do that. Jesus says follow me and I’ll show you something. It’s good maybe. What I wanted wasn’t what I needed. I followed you and found the life of the H.S. I found a blessing in the corner of the housetop. I denied myself of the banquet in the big hall and found a crust of bread on the rooftop with Jesus giving me what I wanted. The Holy Spirit is leading us in a life that is hard to explain. The new nature of Christ in you is exercised in faith. When I deny myself a sinful thing but I don’t know how to handle it. I want you to hear me in the right way.

You are a precious person used by God to glorify God. God wants his glory and honor on you. We seek the honor from men or the honor that comes from God. When we seek the honor that comes from God, we find something that does not pass away. It builds you up in a deep way in your life. The narrow way that few find. Few that be that find it. Broad is the way to do anything I damn well please, that attitude. It’s my life and I do what I want as long as I don’t get caught or hurt someone. I believe in our church that the Holy Spirit leads us in deeper water.

Ezekiel, ankle, knee, hip, and then swimming in the H.S. This is a prophecy about the coming river from the throne that will be on the earth at the Second Coming. It will flow from the Dead Sea and heal everything at the Dead Sea. Metaphorically, it can be used for us and growing. The secret place of the Most High.

Missionaries. I have a lot of experience as a missionary pastor. Nobody special but I have learned some things. I find the only thing, the reason why after 40 years we can go to Finland and Russia and Hungary is because of doctrine. Not me. They don’t care about me. Eventually, nobody really cares about you and me. You and I are not what people need. They need God. When they find God, they want to be fed God, the word of God. They want the H.S. to speak to them. I have had missionary friends that go to the mission field for a couple years and leave. Nothing really remains. Jesus said your fruit remains.

In Jn 7:17, you will know of the doctrine. I do not speak of myself. You will know of the doctrine that it is true. I speak of my Father. You could be amazed at my miracles and impressed with my wisdom but it is all relating to my Father’s way of thinking. If we can teach on the mission field how God thinks, probably they will be our sisters and brothers forever. Leading people in decision making and thinking it takes a lot of investment in people. It sticks with us and we learn.

When the disciples saw Jesus praying and he was finished in Luke 11:1, they said teach us to pray. Like John the Baptist taught his disciples. He taught them the prayer. I think prayer doesn’t happen without someone helping you and teaching you. Have you taken a believer and said let’s sit down and have some prayer and fellowship with God. A praying church. Have you taken a person in the Lord and asked them about prayer? Have you ever had an hour of prayer? Can I sit with you for an hour and have prayer with you? A praying church.

We have seen answers to prayer this summer and onward we go. This is our subject tonight. Amen. In the spring, when we were thinking about the summer and having prayer meetings and for Convention that was coming up at the end of June, right now we are looking at the coming fall and students coming to MBC&S. School starting, parents bringing kids to school and then in our hearts I’m thinking how many years do we have left? I wonder how our lives will go. Nobody knows. We have a heavenly Father with great promises and he wants to know who he is and how awesome he is. We are here to manifest God in this world. To bring Christ to people here in our homes and our lives.

Then we have the mission at the same time to far Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and it’s dangerous there. This is our mission. This is what we believe. It doesn’t matter who the devil is and what is going on. You can’t magnify those things. Our heavenly Father is doing this work and leads us to be more than conquerors. He asks us to pray not like we are afraid but in him, in the Spirit of God.

Believing Jesus is walking on water and running through a troop. Whenever we hear testimonies like we heard last week, Greater Grace is not the point. Our church is not the point. We are boasting in the Lord. The devil is saying stay home. You got problems. You got real issues. The devil is saying what are you thinking? It’s impossible.

We are not of that spirit. We are people of faith. We are moving in Jesus. This is our mission. This is what we do. Share one good story (to Pastor Love). I’ll tell you want to say! We prayed and I saw this happen and I want to bring the testimony to the church that Jesus is answering prayers.



P. Love

We prayed that God would move in the midst of those young people. Camp Life Europe gives an opportunity for all those young people. Seven countries were represented. It gives them a chance to experience Camp Life. They can’t afford to come over here. We bring it to them. We prayed God would break through and it would be more than fun and activities. So much more than programs but that there would be a conversation deep in the heart of young people. We saw it happen. The worship during the meetings and campfires. It was worth every penny paid and every sacrifice. You could feel what was happening there was eternal. God came through and they saw Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. Continue those prayers. We have a few days to fight off jet lag before we go to the Poconos and do it with a few hundred young people. Can you say a couple words about your staff? Ben Hooker, his wife Corrine, P. Pete was there and Charlie Wier was there. Rachel Jones was joining the team in Romania. Nora from Finland came and ministered. It was a corporate Body effort that made it all happen. We stayed up very late at night and got up early in the morning to be with young people and make an investment in their lives. You can’t do it without a great staff. It takes people willing to lay down their lives and they did. Only eternity will reveal everything that happened this summer in Romania.



P. Steve Andrulonis

We spent our time in England. Matt, you want to come up? Can you do it? This is Matt Clark. He works in Dundalk with me and is married to Talley and the father of four. We were praying every morning before we went out on the streets of London. London has 18 countries represented. We prayed every morning before we went out on the streets. We went six times. Matt had a great experience with one guy. Can you tell the story? Okay. We did a lot of outreach. I think everyone has experienced this if you’ve gone on outreach to have it bombarded one after another. You see someone’s whole demeanor change. It’s a free country. Is it going to be free for a long time? I talked to the guy and he was sharing what he did for work. He transports beds to homeless and medical equipment for the elderly. He got to share about his grandma. I had this 20 minute conversation with the guy…he’s waiting for his bus. He says I will take one of those. He said I live right next to this! Saying bye to him but like you’re best friends. People are watching you. How many times we had a conversation with Nathaniel and this guy from Romania was watching us on the street and multiple people approached him. I talked to him and he was cold but at the end was “maybe.” Which is a lot better than the beginning of the conversation. You’re valuable and he lights up hearing that. The lady sitting on the bench said of course he likes hearing he is valuable. She was listening the whole time. To see him light up and hearing those words. Having expectations. Six times we went out and I get there and I talk to one lady from Ireland. When I got off the bus, I meet Miss Anne who I talked to three days ago. How are you doing Miss Anne! Like we lived there on the corner. She said I got to read that tract. Can we have coffee? She’s like 83. Now sitting in a café with Andrew Bailey. We got to talk to her and she is asking for prayer for her family. She got saved reading the tract. She wants her children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren to know the love she received. We had a conversation about 40 minutes. The lady next to us said I was listening to everything you said. Can you pray for me? They were building each other up. It was amazing. We had a great time. Thanks, Matt. That’s the evidence of what prayer does. We had a great time in Chester and London. It was awesome.



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