The pride of man makes his heart goes on offense. Making excuses, we can easily fall into a brood of vipers that poisons us. People are hearing so much that they cannot hear God’s thoughts. We are to be a people of humility and brokenness. (Jeremiah 13:17)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11596
7:30 PM on 12/19/2018



P. Schaller

Merry Christmas. I love this time of year. God incarnate. God came to speak to our hearts and break our stony heart, love us, stretched out arms and to humble us before him. He being so humble came and is so humble as a man and when we think about that, we give up our things. We give up our anger, our fear. Tonight, I want to speak about that. How we as believers can become so angry. We’ll give some examples in the Scripture. We can get so angry and stay hurt or angry or reactionary. Angry with ourselves, with God. Jesus said it and John the Baptist said it – this generation of vipers, brood of vipers. I talked to Ken Fyers and he’s our new shining illustration of what a viper can do. He lives in southern Florida and does mission work in Haiti and gets bit by a viper in New York State. One fang penetrates. This was in October and his leg is still swollen. You brood – “brood” is family, brood of vipers. Ever notice how you can get a group of angry people together and they like to be together? The Scripture says they have the venom of cruelty.

De 32:33. Venom is the poison in the snake. They can be aggressive. Any one dealt with an aggressive, poisonous snake? Ben Wileczek in Tennessee said he thinks he hit one with his truck. He got out of his truck and walked toward it and was shocked how aggressive it was.

Isn’t this a good service? So glad it’s Christmas time!

We’ll share some things from the Scriptures along these lines. Christ born in Bethlehem can take my heart filled with venom and aggression and anger and change me. God being so humble and being so vulnerable and saying I am here. My arms are stretched out. He says it in the Old Testament, my arms are stretched out to you Israel all the day long. My arms are stretched out all the day long because I love you. Love has to change, break my cycle of anger and venom. Because I have so much to say about what has happened to me. I have so much to say about how it wasn’t fair. I have so much to say about what happened and who I am and what it means to me. All this very strong language against the church, against the Bible, against God, the people of God. It’s part of the world we live in. We are celebrating that event that can speak to the heart and say could you stop it for a minute.

Could you stop for a minute and get your orientation that God loves you. You know. Could you realize that God made you, forgives you, loves you, reaches out to you, heals you and makes you like him. Isn’t that good. Amen.


P. Fred Ellis

It’s great to be back here. By the grace of God we’ve seen a 24-hour prayer chain implemented with 80 people signed up for it. We are waiting in Mumbai for great expectancy in India and throughout the surrounding areas.

I’m fully persuaded that prayer is the key. A. J. Gordon said this that the early church prayed for 10 days and preached for 10 minutes and 3,000 souls were won. And he said, nowadays, we preach for ten days and pray for 10 minutes.

So I really believe and I love the emphasis here in home base on prayer and we can really see miracles happen. Baltimore changed. Mumbai revival and throughout the world.

It’s good to be home.


P. Schaller

Not everyone realizes P. Fred has been there for four months with Zane. They’ve been in India. The prayer chain for P. Carl’s healing and the work of God in India. We’re with the churches in India. P. Dan Sirgione is going to do the Christmas morning.



Hello everybody. It’s really good to be home. I love driving on the right side of the road. It’s great to see you guys. It was a life changing experience for sure. One thing God really spoke to me was he said the fields are white for harvest. Don’t wait to go into the fields. In India, the fields aren’t white; the fields are brown. Nobody got that? It’s really great to be in a place where people need Christ and they haven’t heard before. People are waiting in Mumbai, waiting for someone to say have you heard of Jesus before? It’s such an honor to be that person.

Thank you.


P. Schaller

How many of you did it happen to you the same way he said it? You went to the mission field as a young man and saw God could use you. You mean you’re listening to me? Wow. Isn’t it amazing? You just had that experience. We’re so happy about that. That’s from the Spirit of God.

Jer. 13: I was reading for a few hours Jeremiah yesterday or the day before and it just got ahold of my heart and I started to feel sad in a way because these chapters if you read Jeremiah 2 through 7 you see God is crying out for these people. He really loves them. He sees them choking and suffering and angry and proud. They just couldn’t get ahold of the most important thing. They were idolaters and adulterers and liars and stubborn people. This one verse kind of really caught my attention.

It’s 13:17. How much God has this care for these people. This introduces many Bible verses. I’m trusting God for the message because I don’t have a lot organized in my memory, so I may with stammering lips preach tonight, which I normally do anyway. I’m going to trust God for the message. This relates to Christmas because when the angels were in heaven and saw Christ on earth fulfilling the prophecy and the angels came to the shepherds declaring the message Christ was born and go and see him. Go and see the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. One of our people looked it up, swaddling clothes. When the Jews buried people, they wrapped them in a linen cloth. When they traveled, there was the possibility of someone dying on the trip, so they would wear the cloth in their travels around their waist. It was just an extra linen cloth. It may be Joseph in traveling with Mary down to Bethlehem anticipated that something like that could happen. He was wearing a linen cloth that was used for burial of the dead. Or maybe he anticipated that the baby would be wrapped in it on the birth of the baby. In any case, the shepherds were told he would be laying there in the manger in the swaddling clothes. The American Indians had the papoose. The new born baby feels more secure in a tightened environment. This expression of humility cannot be found anywhere in the ancient world. Humility was not a virtue. The Greeks did not have humble gods. Humility is with Christianity that it becomes a virtue. That’s because God is humble.

In Psalm 13, he humbles himself to behold the heaven and earth. This humility fascinates us. We are drawn to it.

Jer. 13:17, this is God speaking to Jewish people living in darkness. I can’t help but think of the United States of America. I’m loving my country but so many things are shocking in our world that were never addressed in the public forum that we see today. It’s not a country of humility. I don’t think there ever has been a country of humility. But Israel was to be a county of humility, obedience to God, submission to God. One of the indicators of our pride is the hardness, the indifference. This is God speaking through Jeremiah. My soul shall weep in secret places. In my bedroom. Have you ever wept? Have you ever burst into tears by yourself? Ever sat down on a log and wept in secrete places? Ever been in a midst of a group of people and you just wept in your heart? God weeps. God has a heart more than we can ever imagine. He cares. We see it in the Scriptures. The house of morning is better than the house of feasting. Christmas is a house of feasting. There are different kinds of feasts. Spurgeon mentions it in one message: the feast of sin, the feast of the family and then a spiritual feast. Then there is the house of mourning.

Ec. 7:2-4, the house of mourning is better than the house of feasting. Here this is a house of mourning. David said O, Absalom, Absalom, my son, my son. He says it five times in one verse. I would have died for you. I couldn’t reach you. We could say based on the introduction you are filled with venom. You were striking out at me. You were after me. You would kill me. O brood of vipers, who has warned you of the wrath to come? I could say in our country to help us understand. I’m not angry. This is not a judgment. “Brood” means family, a generation of a family from the same batch of eggs. This whole family is born and they are vipers. Jesus said it. John the Baptist said it. He is angry with these people. He cannot reach them. He wants to reach them. He’s weeping in secret places. O Absalom, Absalom, I would have died for you. Go a thousand years forward and Jesus is saying the same thing but it’s O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, if only you knew the peace I have for you. I am afraid that we have sisters and brothers, maybe some of us know them. We have sisters and brothers who have parted ways. They have gone another way in their mentality and in their thinking and in their habits, in their desires, in their ambitions and goals in life. But behind it is something wrong. There is something there that is not right. That’s the book of Jeremiah. You say “the Lord.” I can’t quote where it is. The people say “the Lord, the Lord” but he goes that’s so empty. We could say God bless America. And thank God we say it but what good is it if no content or reality behind the words where there is a righteous man. God said in Ezekiel even though Daniel walked in the land and Job walked in the land, I will not bless it. What a verse! Even though Daniel and Job and in another place Noah. Even though Noah was there. I have high regard for Noah. I have high regard for Daniel. This is the meaning. I have high regard for Job, for Samuel the prophet. Even though Billy Graham has walked in the land, many other men and women of God, I cannot bless it.

I weep in secret places in my private – this is verse 17. It is the pride of man. If he was humble, he would be totally different. They would hear me if they are humble. They are ripping angry. There is some book out about this woman writing about evangelicals have affected her sex life because of the teaching of the evangelicals was chastity and purity and they brought me into bondage. I have suffered as a result of this. I’m speaking in general terms. I may not have the words exactly right but the spirit of it is right. The church is the problem. The evangelicals are the problem. The belief in God is the problem. We prophecy in part. Nobody has a market on the whole picture. God is a lot bigger than all of us and everything we would say. God is saying I will define your world for you if you would humble yourself under my mighty hand.

In humility I will raise you up, 1 Pet 5:5. Being a virgin is an honor. Sex is for the marriage bed.

Heb. 13:3. I benefited very much living by and you have I’m sure. It’s not without trials and struggles. That happens to everyone. I do not want to become an aggressive, venomous viper with a family that all agrees. The brood of snakes. They all agree and are intertwined. It’s a generation which means “genus.” It’s not a species but a family. It’s a family that attacks the body. They don’t fear God. They are busy with their activity and saying and marking the church as the enemy and the problem in our society. Tolerate this with me. You can take it. It’s good. The Holy Spirit is here. I’m convinced of it. I have no problem saying any of these thing with good conscience. Ahab when he met Elijah, providence put them together. They are standing face to face. Ahab said you are the one that is troubling Israel. Elijah said you got that backward. I’m not the problem. You can read the story. Christ, you are the problem. I am not the problem, but I will die for you. If you have any kind of sense of reality, you will knock it off and get humble before the living God. We have a heart that is so deceitful and desperately wicked. This is the way the heart works. Our heart has a problem so with my mind I formulate my defense. My defense is I attack. My defense is my offense. I say I sinned. Baltimore is the problem. My parents are the problem. God is the problem. I sinned. My money is the problem. Where I live is the problem. I sinned. Can you get honest with God? You have sinned and the grace of God and the Spirit of God is what this is about. I have sinned, God. I’m an idolater.

1 Jn 5:21 I’m an idolater by my nature. I replace you with creation. You are the Creator. Forget about the creation entirely. I don’t care about any of it. I’m after the Creator. I look unto the hills, the creation. My help comes from the Lord that made the hills. This is where worship. We find the babe in Bethlehem and we find peace of joy. In our families together, we include our families with a lot of love and mercy and humility and grace and God’s wisdom. We love them if they are not with us. If I don’t have a family and I have a house of mourning, it’s not the end game. I find this living Christ my Comforter. I find the Spirit able to speak to me. In the house of mourning, there is a solution for my life. I find the presence of God in the house of mourning. This is where Israel did not go. They went to the house of feasting. The people are like well-fed horses. What happens with a horse, they have the two appetites, the hunger and the sex. This is how straight up God is. Well-fed horses that neigh after their neighbor’s wife. Our country is filled with this stuff. It’s on our TV and polluting our minds and consciousness. It’s on the social media. You better get used to realizing and recognizing this is a brood of vipers. Even Ken Fyers is saying I can barely get my shoe on and it’s two months later.

That poison is under the tongue in Rom 3. Blames everyone. Blames Baltimore, the country, the church, the pastor. Blames everything. They don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t know the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God could never do that. The Spirit of God is different. It’s God. The Holy Spirit is God. It’s God. It’s God to be filled with the H.S. This is our feast. This is what happened to the shepherds. They were amazed. In the Scripture, we find the prophets finding the message and God saying this verse to them. Let’s read one more time and finish.

vs. 17. You will not hear it. I’m concerned that people are hearing so much they can’t hear us. They are hearing so much stuff. We have traveled around the world and have known people for decades. We can study people and know something about it. I’m amazed how people can lose heart and cannot hear and have no fear of God. Not fearing me. Not caring and I’m weeping God is saying. This could be repeated over and over.

vs. 17. You and I should have little marks of humility. I speak against you as my brother and sister and there is not humility. If I’m critical of what God is doing in my life, it’s not humility. If I get a flat tire and I’m so angry I can’t get over it. One brother got a speeding ticket and after he got it, he stopped talking for five hours. He couldn’t handle it. How do I look at my wife, my family? If single, how do I look at what it means to be single? If I have struggles at work, how do I look at it? Humility is very important in the eyes of God. Humble ourselves and let this be the governance of my life. I want to look for what I can be accountable to. I don’t mind being corrected. I want my brothers to be able to sit down with me and say we have a talk.

We are saying regarding our hearts let the Lord search me and see if there is any evil way in me and lead me in the way everlasting (Ps. 139-23-24). If I could continue as a humble child of God, I believe we will become light shining on a hill top. People will be talking and recognizing there is something about you. There is something about your walk, your spirit, your joy, your wisdom, your life. I don’t know what it is. Who are your friends? What do you do with your spare time? What are your habits? How do you live your life? I like it because it’s needed. I believe this is not a prophecy but someone could prophecy this that the disparity between the two words and one of pride and they are not afraid to attack. They can be very aggressive. The disparity between this and the humble child of God and the worshippers of God and the wisdom of God and the love of God is great. One will be on the attack and the other one will live a godly life in peace and making profitable decisions and wise decisions and God will lead them like Samuel and Job and Noah. We will do great things, we, the Body, the worshippers of Christ. The wisdom of God and the ways of God are different than the ways of men. Are you a virgin? Yes, I believe in that. They mock and attack and write books about it. You have to have a sense of your own heart about these things. I don’t have to say much. I just need to know what I believe. What God has taught me in my secret place. What God has taught me in my heart, what I believe in my Bible and why I believe it.

Some people say I believe it but I don’t know why I believe it. That’s a good point. Let me repeat it. I believe this but I don’t know why I believe it. Thank you for saying that. Let me talk to you for a minute. Everything I’m believing – I think so, I’m not sure, but much of what I believe – I know why I believe it. You see that. I not only believe it I know why in my own mind. Rom 14 be persuaded in your mind. Why don’t you drink alcohol? I have something about it. I understand it. God has spoken in my heart. I’ve been led in the church. I read it in the Bible. I have followed godly men. I have heroes that aren’t necessarily believers that don’t drink alcohol and are benefited much by way of their mind and their ambition and their goals and their success in life. I have no problem with saying, no, I don’t drink. Thank you so much. God bless you but I don’t drink. Why do you have a conviction? Because I got it. It takes time but it definitely takes this book. It’s beautiful. Why didn’t you leave the ministry when the church was in trouble some years ago and we had a lot of confusion and talking and a lot of attacks? The spirit of this brood of vipers on the attack against our ministry in principal. It’s happening everywhere. What do you think about it? I have my convictions about who I am and what I believe. It doesn’t matter. The politics of a church split isn’t interesting to me. But Christ is interesting to me. Christ and the Spirit and wisdom and love and faith and forgiveness and prayer and world missions.

It’s nothing different from what I believed from the beginning when I was Zane’s age and he going to India. I had the good fortune by God’s grace to go to Finland as a young man and kind of sort my life out and figure it out. When I came back from Finland, I had my colleagues and they were troubled. I was thinking what is the problem? We have serious problems. What do you think? I don’t know what you are talking about. I just came from Finland. We had a revival there. We are evangelizing in Finland. We have a vision to go to the Soviet Union. You don’t understand. I don’t know that I want to know what you know. I don’t know what it is that is the issue. Humility is a huge part.

I’m not saying I am humble. I’m not saying you are humble. I’m saying Jesus is humble and God is humble. If we walk with Jesus, we will be humble, too. If we walk with Jesus, we will say correct me. I am a sinner. I am wrong.

Let me not put it off on this or that and hide like a snake. Let me be healthy and clean and free and useful in the kingdom. Let me build up the Body and be a Body member caring about God’s work and Spirit in these end times. Let’s do a lot of praising and worshipping the living God as a way of life as we go into 2019. Let’s realize we are in a warfare.

When that viper bites, that venom is cruel. It might be it will get me somehow. There is healing balm in Gilead.

Jer 8. Is there a healing Balm in Gilead? Is there? Yes, there is.


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