Stone the builders refused became cornerstone. We are of great value because of the value of the Person of Christ. It’s not who’s sitting next to us, it’s He who’s sitting in us. (1 Peter 2:3-7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11522
11:00 AM on 8/12/2018



P. Scibelli

1 Pet 2:3-7, Thanks for coming this morning. Great Sunday in August.

I’m going to use one word today and say it 1,430 times. Someone said you are like a one word preacher. That’s all I know. They gave me smart water. I didn’t know what that means. I was with Dr. Lisa once in the Sahara Desert and she said are you going to drink that water? You don’t know what’s in it. Protein, like eating a steak! Peter revealed he found something very precious. I don’t know how precious Jesus was. He was growing in the understanding of how precious Jesus was. Something has great value, prized, sought after, very costly, honored and esteemed. It’s interesting two words used in the Old Testament and New Testament.

When I don’t know what is valuable (1 Pet.2:3-7), I throw it away. The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner and is marvelous in our sight. He was disallowed of men, thrown away. Like you would throw away something you don’t want. Jesus Christ was refused.

I was thinking of another message and talking to one man on the telephone. I called Liberia and heard P. Steven’s voice on the telephone. I can hear him preaching. P. Alfred had a Bible college class with 37 students listening to pastor on video. How precious and valuable that is. He gave me this one time and said this destroyed our country. Seventeen years of civil way. Almost 1 million murdered, but this saved our country. The shell became a cross. I kept this for years. It’s better than a diamond ring. If I had a choice between a diamond and this, I’d keep this. Stones and gems are valuable depending on where you live. Jesus Christ as a person has great value to us.

Are you with me today? I’m a response preacher. I need to know you are alive. You say I’m very groggy; give me a break. No. James Bryson is excited about church. To many, Jesus is not precious. Say to yourself, I am precious. Really. A lot of people don’t believe that. If you were the only person on planet earth, Jesus would have shed his blood for you. He even says for some of us – my wife said you have a red spot on the top of your head from the sun – he has the hairs of our head numbered. That means eyebrows, nose hairs, everything! When we have great value, he would number our hairs. When we don’t think we have value, we don’t treat our life or people with any value. We can give or take people. How valuable Christ is to me.

I remember the years I never knew God. When people mentioned Jesus Christ, I would throw him away. I wanted nothing to do with it at all. I didn’t want to hear about it. I like when people react. That means something is happening. Those that just take a tract and walk away are the dangerous people. I like the reactionary people. You struck a nerve. Something is happening in their soul. Unto you who believe, he is precious. The preciousness of Christ as the person of God himself. God became a man. We know it as theology as our belief but really think about it. God himself became a man and was perfect.

He took upon himself human nature so we could be partakers of the divine nature in 2 Pet. 1:4.

Jn 1:14-18 human nature, perfect. Jesus never sinned or thought sin or spoke sin or did sin. Isn’t that amazing! He was tempted in all points such as we yet without sin.

The devil came at him in Luke 4 and showed him the kingdoms of the world. A moment of time is the word STIGMEI and means to puncture. If you bow down and worship me, this is yours. Never sinned. Never thought sin, spoke sin or did sin. How valuable. I think of myself as a sinner saved by grace. He who knew no sin became sin that we might be made the R of God in him. The person of Christ. When I get wrapped up in the person of Christ and the value of J.C., it seems every other thing that might be a problem or test loses its value. The value of J.C. Remember Steven when he was being stoned to death. Stop throwing those big rocks! Why isn’t anyone taking my side? This is unfair. We should take this to court. I’m a man of God and you are killing me. He didn’t say that. He said I see Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father. Lay not this sin to their charge. He saw the value of Christ. When a person goes home to be with the Lord, they really get ahold of the value of God. They see him face to face. The value of the person of Christ. Maybe I failed or something happened in my life.

I look at the Son of God, the value of the person of God. He has such incredible value. 7.3 billion people on this planet. They say that maybe there are 600 million born again people out of 7.3 billion. Not even 10 percent. And 250 million of them are in China. Hello? Another 170 million are in Africa. That doesn’t leave much for the rest. I don’t have any idea. I’m just giving you some statistics. That means that 90% of the world disallows God. Throws him on the garbage heap and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. They don’t know the value of God’s only Son.

Only begotten is MONOGENES. Jn 1:14, 1:18, 3:16, 3:19, 1 Jn 4:9. He is the One, the Only One and the unique One, the personal One. Remember the song, there is no one like Jesus to me. Did you ever hear it? No, you didn’t because it was in Africa. (He’s singing it). There is no one like Jesus to me. The uniqueness, the value of God the Son. Many times it doesn’t say Son of God. This is for those nitwits who don’t believe he’s the only One. He’s God the Son, not Son of God. 7.3 billion people!

This is why we tell people the gospel. We know the value of J.C. in our life. They would want to tell people if they really knew the value of the Son of God. The value of the person of Christ. Do you see him in the Scriptures? That’s why we have Bible school. We are lifting up Christ. We don’t want to lift up knowledge or letter or academia. Bible school is coming up August 27th. Come to Bible school. We have a class on Friday night. It will be called Ambassador in Armor. Wed. night will be the armor of grace.

The value of God himself. Sad to say even in Christianity today, everything has become so much more valuable. What kind of music? What is your building like? Does the A/C work? What is going on? How many seats? What is the location of the facility? Whatever! Do you see the value of God the Son, of Christ? I’m not saying they are not important but they don’t compare with the value of the person of Christ. It’s not who is sitting next to you but who is sitting in you. The value of God’s only Son. The religiosity, the people of the day and age. What do you have to say for yourself rabbi, teacher? Isn’t that what J.W.’s say? Mormons say he is a prophet. Anti- Trinitarian people is all an attack on the value of Christ. They won’t talk about him on TV. They don’t mention him on the radio. I don’t know what the president thinks about him. I don’t care. No government will save you. Jesus is the one. He is the propitiation, the Redeemer. We lift up fashionable musicians and Hollywood baboons and we forget about the value of the person of Christ. The value of God. I’m here to tell demons I know about the value of the Son of God. Even they know more than a lot of Christians know. They knew and trembled. They need to know about it in Baltimore in this country. What does America need? America needs Christ. It doesn’t matter about all the other stuff. You want to stop crime and drug addiction? Lift up Christ. Jesus was the program. What do I do about my marriage? Jesus. How do I raise my children? Jesus. How do I get delivered from this sin and that sin? Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. What was Paul preaching? Jesus. What did Peter preach? Jesus. The apostles? Jesus. They didn’t walk around preaching about money or be rich. Though he was rich he became poor. Jesus didn’t even have a place to lay his head. Jesus. The value of Jesus himself. The value of the person of Christ. Some will walk out today because they don’t like what I’m saying. We see the value of God’s Son. His life touched your life. Do you remember when his life touched your life? Other things come in and begin to control my life. I need to look away from those things and look unto Jesus. I need to see the Alpha and Omega. I need to see the first and last. I need to see who is and was and is to come. We’re lifting up Jesus. Is this some kind of Pentecostal revival? H.S. revival.

One time I was preaching in this major denominational church of 1,000 people and they had the mike screwed in. I had everyone pray and I unscrewed the mike. I started to walk the aisles of the church. People loved it but the leaders were like this. What is he doing? This is not right. This is different. Lifting up Christ. The value of the Son of God to save people, to deliver people, to love people, to give people mercy, to be patient and gracious, to bring in holiness and make us righteous. I get away from that and get involved with the external exterior things. I find myself not fellowshipping with the only One that has value. Chosen by God, elect and precious. I don’t want to lose that in my life. I begin to think about and talk about and consider and plan for all these things in life. I’m not getting old, just closer to seeing Jesus. Closer than I was in 1976. Closer than I was in – I’m not going to tell you when I was born.

The value of the Son of God, of God himself. John 1, he’s Son of God. John 2, he’s Son of Man. John 3, Divine Teacher. John 4, the Soul Winner. John 5, Great Physician. John 6, Bread of Life. John 7 Water of Life. John 8, Defender of the weak. John 9, Light of the World. John 10, Good Shepherd. John 11, Resurrection and the Life. John 12, Coming King. John 13, the Servant of the Lord. John 14, the Comforter. John 15, the True Vine. John 16, the Giver of the Holy Spirit. John 17, the Great Intercessor. John 18 the Model Sufferer. John 19, the Uplifted Savior. John 20 the Victor over Death. John 21, the Restorer of the Backslider.

That’s your Jesus. Son of God. Lift him up. Lift up your trial, difficulty? You know what happened to me when I was 4 years old? That was 30 years ago. Can you bring it back? I need to be counseled. Long term. It might cost thousands of dollars. I got a better solution, Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus. Oh for grace to trust him more. Lifting up the value of Christ. The value of the finished work. You don’t have to do any more works. There is nothing more that I can do cause Jesus did it all and you are complete in him. I don’t have to perform. I don’t have to try to obey the law.

A priest told me stop chewing gum in confirmation class. I brought in another wad of gum. He slapped me and I punched him in the jaw. I was eradicated from the church. My father said you have shamed the family. I don’t do that anymore! In Greece, a guy came up behind me and started screaming blasphemies against God. I said I’ll count to three and punch your teeth out!

Lift up Christ in our family. Lift up Christ in our home. I’m elevating God. Am I elevating my health? The best surgeon from Hopkins told me I will never speak again, write again, because your brain has a large spot where it was destroyed. I said my half a brain is a lot better than your whole brain. My half brain has Jesus and your whole brain has no Jesus! He called my wife a year later and said, how is your husband? He’s in Romania preaching. Don’t lift up your problem or difficulty. The more you think about it and talk about it, the more the demons get the information and send it back more powerfully.

You know what happened to me when I was 14? You know what that person in the church said to me?…no I don’t. I know Christ. The value of Christ and the blood of God. The blood of God. This is what we proclaim. I remember being attacked by demon possessed people when you preach the blood in some places. You preach the blood, the value of the blood, religious people will come after you. Mr. and Mrs. Works. Joe Law. Mr. Sabbath. They are coming right at you. The value of the finished work. Thank him for the finished work. Give him a wave offering. Thank Jesus for the work of the cross. Hebrew, Latin and Greek. Hebrew is for the religious, Latin for the Roman power people, government people, and Greek for the educated people. All the people with the power and the education and the religion in our country need to understand the value of the blood of the Son of God. The devil wants to bring in substitutes. The value of you. You are god. You are a small g. You are god. There is no god. You’re god. The substitute. You have to do this to get to heaven. I was working in a maximum security prison for prisoners. He would say there is no god, no sin. I said God, give me away to deal with him. I need wisdom. One night I put a gun to his head. We had one because it was a maximum security prison. I said I’m going to kill you because I don’t like long haired people! He said you can’t do that. That’s sin! You said there’s no such thing as sin! I gotcha! The value of the blood. The value of God’s word. Given exceeding great and precious promises. Escaped the corruption in this world through lust. This word delivers me from the corruption in this world through wrong thinking. Lust is wrong thinking. People have done everything to promote this Bible. This is God’s word, his holy word. Get out of Facebook and do this (He put the Bible in his face). Put my face in the book. You say this person preaching is out of balance. You are right! This is how you have to be some time. “Praise the Lord. Turn in your Bibles.” Whatever! This is a precious book. This is eternal Heaven and earth will pass away but what’s the next part? My word is forever. The Ravens stadium is going. New England too. Pastor Steve, I’m protecting you! Look at those Rocky Mountains. God is burning that too. I never owned a camera because I never thought anything was worth taking a picture of except people. Fervent heat. The word is forever O Lord settled in heaven. This is precious. I need this in my personal life, my marriage, to raise children. A Christian school, on outreach. I need it. I need the Bible. The Bible still speaks. What does it say? Greater grace. You need greater grace. Precious words. Precious promises. You want to see a person not become a homosexual? Precious words. You want someone to not go to an alternative lifestyle? This precious word. You offend people, great peace have them that love thy Law and nothing shall offend them. What are you going to do, sue me and put me in jail? I’ve been in 7 prisons. Kill me? I go to heaven. A guy put his gun to my head. I said you’re going to jail for the rest of your life for sending me to heaven. He started to cry and got saved. This happened in Springfield, Massachusetts. This word is precious. James Bryson. Jim Markowski. We got the word of God and it’s precious. Precious promises. Help me to read this Bible and get my eyes off other things passing away. The word of God, the preciousness of God’s word. Precious faith.

We have like precious faith 2 Pet 1:1. The trial of your faith is more precious than gold. Faith is precious. It’s amazing. This one woman was responsible for 100,000 converts in the Congo basin. She believed God when her husband died and children died. Svea Flood. Living by faith is precious. Living by sight is useless. Living by emotions doesn’t get you anywhere. To trust God for my finances and the future.

We have 662 churches in 80 countries. Someone years ago in Maine had precious faith. P. Schaller has like precious faith. The elders and trustees have like precious faith. The congregation that gives and comes to church, like precious faith. We got the precious Son of God, the precious blood, the precious Word and precious faith.

Let’s be people that continue to receive that which is precious.



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