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Thoughts of Thorns and Crowns

Jesus drank down every drop of sin judgment upon Himself. World still weaves crown of thorns to put upon Christ. Our sin brought the thorns into the world that went upon that sacred head. Make your nest among His thorns. (Matthew 27:27-31) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11664 7:00 PM on 4/17/2019     […]

Life Beyond Labels and Pits

Man takes leftovers and form gods from them. We make idols like us. These are empty and we feed on ashes. Good work in us is the broken and contrite heart, this is better that all burnt offerings. The walls of the ditch are tight so cannot climb out. We worship the living God, not […]

Out of the Ditch

Devil wants to keep you in a deep ditch. He crafts strategies to keep you where you are. God has made you His. People bow to things that cannot change them. They feed on ashes. Their souls and hearts are given over to deception. Christ is God. He came to lead people to the Father. […]

Barabbas, Reality and Crisis

Reality recognizes healthy people. Reality always shows up. It’s tough telling the truth. Maybe we worry too much about ourselves. Man cannot live between Christ and Barabbas. Must choose one of the two. The world hates Christ. Be healthy and learn what this means. There will be day whe n God will say, Well done. […]