We just give the Lord what we have and He makes it work. Even seemingly stupid ideas produce great results. And nothing gets wasted. (John 6:1-12)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11334
6:30 PM on 9/17/2017


P. Schaller

Praying for Baltimore and feeling the authority and the Spirit and also faith. I was thinking sometime the Lord will lead us teaching prayer and waiting on God. Getting quiet and listening and any thought not useful letting it go. David said I set the Lord before my face. Constantly do this. Get real quiet and bring all the things down to that place where you are listening and responding in faith to God. You hear what the world says and he says I love Baltimore city. Those that will believe. We see a lot of very good things happening in the hearts of God’s people. We’ll share a little about that.

I want P. Jason to say a few things about the Expo.


P. Jason

We had an amazing morning. It was really a celebration. If we were to go through all the names, we would miss someone. It was a whole Body effort. Fifty-five ministries represented. Thank you for being a part of that. I was with another Body member and they said wow we do all of this? It’s amazing what God is doing. There is great unity. Even from Sue May with that fun graphic. That wasn’t my son, by the way. Debbie Westera, the theme of the glasses. We had $400 donated in gift cards. So that raffle was special. A celebration of getting together and doing that raffle. We had three help centers. Brenda and Jolt and Jodi and Heidi and Katie. 40 days of life. That was an exceptional booth. I was talking with Coleen Collins and there was 15 who went to the training for the Good News Club. Sirpa Anderson is the unsung hero. Kerrie and Sidone and Pat were behind the scenes with gift cards and many details. Ryan and the café and the awesome staff. AV, we were live on the internet. Sebastien and Paul and Cody. We had a new person that came and was so touched and they want to be baptized next week. The love for our city and the Body. God really showcased it today. We got a whole bunch of people for visitation. Tech OPS built that whole room, the decorations, Sarah Morales, Karen Jansen and Sirpa. And many others. Thank you for getting behind the event. We will see a harvest of souls through this event. I can jump into the work of God by faith and he will equip me for his work.


P. Schaller

I’m on my way to the airport. I fly across the Atlantic and go to Hungary and see our sisters and brothers there.

Jn 6. Amazingly led, blessed to think that by faith you and I, we live by faith. How much happens when we live by faith.

Heb 11 you see all the things that happen when people make decisions.

Joel 3:14, the judgment that God has on Israel. He loves them and gives them hope.

This prophet Joel he is telling them how wrong they are and he tells them I will pour my Spirit out and that’s in Joel 2:28. This was quoted by Peter at Pentecost. He believed this prophecy had to do with what was happening in Jerusalem with the Spirit poured out. We are living in that time today. The Spirit was poured out in 1968, 1970. There was a Jesus Movement in America…people turning to Jesus. The H.S. did it. 1858 before the Civil War, in New York City they had prayer meetings. Thousands prayed at lunch time. God’s Spirit poured out because the war was coming. 1939 it happened in Europe before World War II. The Spirit moving. It happens through history. It does.

Joel 3:14, in the valley of decision. We had a man come here for service twice. Second time when we had an altar call he wanted to raise his hand but didn’t. He told his colleague I wanted to raise my hand but couldn’t. Maybe because the way he was living he couldn’t make the decision. I don’t know. That’s tragic to think someone is lost and brought to the point of decision. Make a decision and I can’t. Why not? Little faith. Why not? I love my life too much. I got my own ideas. I got a condo in Florida, a sand box in Arizona, a coca cola in my car. I can’t believe the excuses people make. They can’t make a decision. That has to change. The decision is there but there will be a time when I have no more time, no more decisions. They are made already. It is over.

Rev 22:10. Time is at hand. What time? The eternal age. Time will not be anymore. The way we know it. There will be no more valley of decision.

vs. 11. He that is unjust. What does it say? Let him be unjust still. That’s it. Frozen. He cannot change. He is unjust. It’s over. He is unjust forever. Forever and ever. He which is filthy will be filthy still. Filthy forever and ever. I want to make a decision. I want to change. Can’t. It’s over. It’s only in this lifetime. That’s why our work is so sacred. The work God gives us is so vital and important. Who is preaching about J.C. John Harbaugh said today…an athlete testified. Preachers going to the pulpit and sharing the message. Most important is Jesus Christ doing this. Christ would bring people to a time of decision making. When it comes to church services, I decided long ago I’m coming so there I am. I don’t have to decide every Sunday. I decided decades ago I was going to do it. It’s over. I don’t think that’s in every area of our lives. There are things we need to decide again and again.

vs. 11. Jn 6, We have our financial meeting here tonight. You have an opportunity to ask questions. I’m so thankful we are alive and doing so well. I’m thankful for GGCA and the staff and teachers. For the vision and what God puts in our heart. In the valley of decision. Once you start making good ones, it’s easy to make other good ones.

Jn 6:1-5, where is the local wholesale house? Where do we go to get food? Where is the farm? How did they eat? They had made a priority of listening. I think back then I’d go to find Jesus, too. I’d go limping or struggling to hear a prophet, a man that speaks the Word of God not like other people. Of course, you get out of your house and get moving and bring a little food with you. It takes a while to get there and get back. When they go there they liked it so much they stayed another day. When Jesus is teaching, they can’t pull away. Dad and mom are talking on the second day we only brought enough food. I know honey but this is another opportunity. We got to take the opportunity. Don’t worry about it. Let’s seek God and follow God. Let’s listen to this man.

Jesus knows they have this problem vs. 6. Which disciple is he talking about? Philip. I’m glad Jesus doesn’t reprove me every day. I’d come up short. Ever got checked by God? What’s in the heart? This he did to prove Philip. I’m alright, Lord. Don’t bother me. I’m busy. I got things going on. This he did to prove Philip. Let’s let the Lord check us. It’s good for us. Let’s be open to God in our meditation. Here I am. How much unbelief I have. He himself knew what he would do.

vs. 7. I understand that is about one penny a day was the pay and 200 days is a short work year. That’s a lot of money. What would it be in dollars for us? Low income is $40,000. A lot of money to feed these people.

vs. 8-9. We’re talking 25 grand and you are talking 2 dollars. How can you do the things you do? Jesus is with us. Jesus is doing it. He is. Jesus is with us in Federal hill, Silver Spring, Havre de Grace, York, PA. P. Jay is here. They started a Christian day school. Why? I got five loaves and two fish. The Lord is saying if you are on the move with me. We have a lot of work we see happening but I would say and please get this right, no striving, and no comparison. Resting, waiting on God, led of the Spirit, finding the edification by using your gifts. Using your gifts and others are edified. We are part of it. Not a hitchhiker that doesn’t own the car, pay the insurance, replace the tire. The hitchhiker gets in and out. One time I got in and the car broke down. I said thanks for the ride. I’m out of here.

One time I was in Ukraine and had to get to Hungary. I started hitchhiking. I was wiped out ten days with the church. This crazy guy picked me up and we are flying down the highway. I’m thinking I’m done. I said I changed my mind. Let me out here!

This church is not about hitchhiking though everyone is welcome. If you keep coming, if you are believing, God will visit you. God will speak to your heart. We are close but far away from each other. At the same time the Lord brings us close. There is no deficit motivation by guilt. When you have five loaves and two fish Jesus says bring it to me and he does it.

vs. 9. Sometimes a stupid idea is the best. Sometimes our paltry little few words are the ones that stick. They are God’s words. That’s the answer. Sometimes our frailty is the thing God is glorified…those are the things that make good things happen. We come away saying praise God I can’t believe it happened.

1979 we were in Finland and had a vision to go to Eastern Europe. We came to Krakow. John Paul II was the new pope. He was visiting there. The same time our car was coming in, his plane was landing. He used to be the archbishop in the cathedral in Krakow. Guess who was preaching there? Us! We were in his cathedral speaking…five loaves and two fish in our attitude.

Let’s go. God can do it. These public schools need help. Go talk to the principal and say do you need help? We can help you. I’ll be back and tell you how. We have a God who says give me the five loaves and two fish. Give me your willing heart and attitude of faith. I want my Son to be glorified, heard about, high and lifted up. I want my Son to be highly exalted. Not to care a snap but anything other than I am God and I am with you. Give me your five loaves and two fish. Jesus said make the men sit down.

vs. 10. We haven’t eaten yet, Mom. Yeah, but this isn’t over yet. We’ll get you food later. Word’s out on the street there isn’t any food. We’re getting real hungry. I know.

vs. 11-13. I don’t know the meaning of it, but I have thought about it a lot. Maybe something about our life. Don’t worry about the stuff left over and lost. God has it covered. Don’t worry about the things you come up short or a fragment here and there. Don’t worry about it. Jesus will take care of all the stuff.

Let’s do what he has us to do. In the valley of decision, there are a lot of people. You need to plead with them and compel them and love them and say come on. Let’s believe God.


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