God has scattered His seeds of love everywhere. We love Him and we keep His Word. He love us and He makes His home in us. (John 14:23; Proverbs 11:24)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11731
6:30 PM on 8/11/2019





P. Schaller

Praise God! Halleluiah! Beautiful worship. That was awesome. I love it. It’s so good.

Just in the worship, this verse came to my mind in connection with the message, Prov. 11:24. This is a good one to work on for a minute. I think of God as Father, Son, and they love each other. If reality was only the two of them, and they just had love for each other and it stopped there, but the love is the Holy Spirit between them, and the Spirit is scattering so to speak. The Spirit is moving beyond the two. That’s one way of saying it. The Holy Spirit is between the Father and Son, but the Spirit of God is to reach out, love. Love reaches out. You have the Father and Son loving each other, but it doesn’t stop there. The Father loves but there isn’t any universe at this point. He hasn’t created the universe. No angels, no Lucifer but the nature of God is love. Always has been and always will be. When he made the universe, it was love that reaches out and goes everywhere because the universe was made by love. God breathed and moved on the waters regarding planet Earth in Ge 1. He first made angels and the angels saw him make the material universe. The Father and the Son holding it all together by the word of his power in Heb. 1:3.

This love between the two is also able to take risks. This love is saying without freedom there would not be anybody made in my image. When I make man in my image, I must give him freedom. He has the choice of not believing or trusting in me. Like a farmer scattering seed or a philanthropist giving out money or a Christian loving him and her and that person that I don’t know. I don’t know that person but that’s okay because of this proverb. There is that scatters. When we have love in our life, we live beyond the boundaries of our lives. Just like the Trinity. The Father and Son are beyond. They are holding it together and seeing and believing. Even though man has failed and fallen, God does not stop. Love doesn’t fail. Love keeps going. Love scatters. Scattering seed. Investing in someone who will never be a believer. We don’t know that but in the point I am making, we are scattering seed and don’t know what will happen. We are sharing words and action and heart and attitude because this is the nature of God. He is a minister. He came not to be ministered unto but to minister. The H.S. is a minister.

The Holy Spirit is caring about you, investing in you, speaking to you. He is the minister. He is looking at the gutter and in the prison cell. He is seeking the rebel. He is looking for the prodigal son. He is an investor. He scatters seed. The universe is made up of God making the effort to love and serve regardless of the response. To hang on a cross when nobody wants him. He is the investor or the scatterer of seed. Look at the next part of the verse. Vs. b. He withholds it. We know about that. I have a hundred dollars and could give some of it but don’t give any. I withhold. I should make a phone call and it would help that person, but I hold back. I should make an effort to be with that person for an hour, but I hold back. I don’t have the time. I can’t take the risk. I’m not that interested in doing it. I withhold more than should be. I hold back. We are careful with our lives because we say we only have so many hours, days, months, and years and so much money and resources. We have to be careful and manage it and we hold back more than should be done.

When we are Spirit- filled, now comes something else. Now comes a heart. We become like God. God is reaching into the gutter. God is knocking on that door. God is visiting that person. God is looking for the lost. God is caring about someone confused and troubled. In the history of our country, nursing on the battlefield in the Civil War, nursing and hospitalization happened during that time. Christians said men are dying on the battlefield and we must do something about it. Why did Young Men’s Christian Association come about? Because of alcoholism. We need a place for young boys to come. We need a YMCA. D.L. Moody working for the YMCA to reach out. God is the scatterer of seed and isn’t holding back when he sees a problem. He is an investor. He is the Holy Spirit in the world manifesting God’s love.

Can we run the microphone down to the Los Vegas man down here. Come on. Here you go. I have no idea how it happened. They got it in their mind we are flying to Los Vegas to go on the tunnels, underground sewers, 4,000 homeless people.


P. Ray

God told us to. He did? You mean the same God that wrote that proverb? The same God. I actually wanted to go to skid row in Los Angeles for six months. I was praying about it. A lady friend we sent to Indian twelve years ago said I want to do the homeless in Los Vegas. Would you come and help? We prayed about it and all of a sudden, the local TV station took us out in the woods and a radio station had us on. We started a fund raiser and we had to shut it down. It filled up so quickly with givers. That was confirmation that we should go to Vegas. At the last minute, the team we were putting together changed completely. Taylor and Kimberly. We were supposed to meet a team of ten people out there and there was one. That one person doesn’t go to church, but she goes to P. Perkins church and will be trained properly. And the people in his church are getting involved. P. Perkins went out with us.

If you can think of catacombs or tunnels in New York, there is one place called [?]. It’s beneath the Hard Rock Hotel. There is a steel fence around it. There is a little gate to an alley way. I think we probably had a dozen people say don’t go. It’s too dangerous. We just ignored them. On the plane ride there, Taylor was talking to a lady a little bit lit. She made the mistake about talking about forgiveness and zeroed in on the fact she hadn’t forgiven herself. She accepted Jesus on the plane. Okay, this is meant to be! We directly talked to about 240 people. That song, Light in the Darkness, 400 flashlights made a big difference down there. I’m telling you; this is how you know it’s anointed. You have to crawl under a gate about this tall and it’s very difficult on your body. It’s 115 degrees so you feel like you’re cooking. I yelled down and said I got some goodies. Do you want some? A man came out blinking his eyes because he’d been in the dark for so long. He said, pastor? He never knew me. I said, how did you know? He said we were waiting on you. He took us about an 8th of the mile back in the tunnel…lit a flashlight on this daggered dog-eared Bible and started reading from Matthew. We called him preacher from that point on. They have a military order there. Every one of us had different takeaways. The preacher boy really blew us away. His birthday was the next day, so we had a pizza party in the sewer. It was awesome. The first person in every tunnel is a guard. They have a lieutenant. The lieutenant will take you back to a commander who will take you to the middle of the tunnel and they give you permission if you can go through the rest of the tunnel. They gave me permission. He thanked us for coming from Baltimore for flashlights.

We fed people very day little boxes of food and stuff. It was mind blowing. One lady said you came to hell to see me. We said, no, Jesus did. Think of the worship song leave the 99 for one. Everybody across the board, they were so touched, and we were touched and blessed. A dozen people accepted Christ. It’s kind of a funny story. On one side is the [?] and on the other side are smaller tunnels. They have mattresses and tarps, so they are complete dark. If you yell in there, anyone want something?? Go away. That’s like darkness. One day a lady came out and there’s 300 feet of concrete. Would you like a bag of goodies? Please. And she was so polite. Would you like a bottle of ice-cold water? Yes, please. I said let me say a prayer for you. I touched her and her eyes rolled up internally. She raised her arm and said, I am the God that ruled the stars. I said it’s okay hon. In Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name and she took off running. She just ran. Now April, the girl we were training said, didn’t you cast out the demon? I said I’m not here for that. I don’t know. Some people just have psychological problems. I don’t know.

The greatest takeaway was a lesson really. I started to learn it before we left. I talk about the homeless and some don’t receive that. The people in the tunnel are offended if you call them homeless. They have their structure. It’s a terrible way to live but it’s their choice. If you take out the word “homeless” and put in the word “heart.” Would you take a broken person into your heart? That was the big lesson for me. Kimberly and Taylor learned a ton of stuff, too. Everywhere you go everyone is messed us. Even in church. That’s our church face and non-church face. People put up walls and stuff. …. Those folks were desperate to hear the word. We did rock evangelism, your hole in the heart story. We just did a different version. You open it up and…a lot of people, the majority went to church when they were a kid. Their parents made them go. But they never had a connection. Once they were explained about Jesus, they were so receptive. I’m telling you, the greatest joy being in the sewer having prostitutes, thieves, murders – who knows what they were – we know what they were, they were children of God and that man that preacher man is in there spreading the gospel to this day.

It was amazing all the way around. That’s the short version.


P. Schaller

Could we take a minute or two and have a prayer for these people in Los Vegas. They spoke to 240 people, brought 400 flashlights and 12 saved and enter into that darkness and minister there with the message of Christ. The seed sown. God is a God and he scatters and loves and there is an increase. There is that which holds back, and it tends to poverty. I get more poor and more poor because I’m not giving. All of us Spirit-filled people are givers and we increase because of it. Take it in your area for a minute and pray for the ministry in Los Vegas, Pastor Perkins and these people and to hear good testimonies in the future. Praise God.

Many of you know my mom passed away last Saturday and yesterday we were in Rome, New York and came back from Rome where we buried her next to my dad. I explained a little in the morning sermon about our family gathering in front of the house where we grew up. Before that, we gathered in front of my grandma’s house where we celebrated Christmas Eve. That was her birthday. All the cousins, 22 of us, gathered and we ate peanuts and my grandfather, very old school, you can imagine. You don’t bang on the piano and the peanuts are there but be careful. These little things are a part of our family experience and upbringing. When my four sisters and my brother grew up in this house, it was next door to our family business. My dad had a butcher house and smoke house. He made sausages, a thousand pounds a week. Kielbasa, we had a Polish, German, Italian community in the town and Utica, the area, people would come. He did really well. He worked hard. Our family grew up in that kind of place. I was standing on the front yard on Saturday and with my family and wife and their children and grandchildren. I felt we know something because we lived in this house when we were this little. We knew what Christmas was like in the house. We knew what it was like when we worked in the store and come home and had a go cart and pony and a dog hit in the street by a truck. We had ducks and running out the door to get duck eggs to make breakfast and all my buddies coming to play baseball…all these sentimental thoughts about our heritage meant something to me and my siblings. We remember our mom and dad who are both gone now and their commitment and dedication to the family. How we honor goodness and honor hard work and integrity and loyalty, though not perfect but still in the family.

I want to speak about that for one Bible verse, Jn 14:23. I want to talk about you are in the family. This is a sequence of verses. This is a short message, a devotional message but an important one for us. We are in the Greater Grace family or it doesn’t really matter the name as much as what matters is the content. Who are our brothers and sisters and who is our Father. What do we believe? What price do we pay for what we believe? We are part of the whole family of God down through history. There is something we have in common with first century Christians, fifth century, and 21st century Christians. It’s Jn. 14:23. I have a slide here on my iPad with this verse. If a man loves me. This is Jesus speaking. If a man loves me. This is what makes a family. It’s love. Before we were born gain, we did not love. We loved humanly but not like God loves. When you are born again, the Spirit of God comes in you and you love. Who do you love but the Father. You love the Son. You love him. You cry, Abba, Father. You look for him. You worship him like Andy said in the offering. We have creation but more than creation. We lift up our eyes and look at the invisible. We love God. The Spirit in us. We love God. We say the name God and it means something to us. God our Father. God. If any man loves me, and this is the first thing. There’s five of them.

Next part is he will keep my words. Words. What words? These words. We will look in the Bible for the words. We will keep the words. We have love. Love in the family, in the house. There is dad and what is he saying at the dinner table. What is he believing in? What is he living for? In a spiritual way, our heavenly Father has come here and sent the Son of God and he has made us, lead us to or gave us the capacity to love. Now we are looking for his words. Words. Words are so important. Words. Keeping his word. Finding them, obeying them, believing in them and embracing them. This is faith, faith in God. We keep his words. It gets so easy to say I love God but there is no content. Like a man saying I belong to that family but never home. I belong to that family but don’t know my father. Aren’t you hearing the words and part of the whole thing? Aren’t you part of what is happening in that house? Aren’t you part of that spirit of that family, the will of God in that family. The father’s instruction in that family. Yes, we say that. I’m looking for words. Words. Put your seat belt on. Eat your vegetables. Say your prayers. Go to the church. Come. We are going to the church. Do your homework. Isn’t it amazing how families are falling apart. Isn’t it amazing how little these young people don’t know the words. They don’t know their father. They don’t have instruction. They don’t know what to keep. Our heavenly Father takes the solitary into families. This book is the highest reference that a person can have. For this is God that is speaking to us. If we love him, we will keep his words. Assemble together. Trust in me. Live by faith. Meditate on what I say. Embrace it with all your heart. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives liberally. Come unto me and sit with me. Mary had chosen the good thing. Follow me. I will make you a fisher of men. We are in this family and it’s happening to us. He says he will keep my words and my Father will love him. My Father will love him.

I think it means more than just the Father loves us but there is something like Jacob loved Joseph. Jacob loved Benjamin. It says Daniel was greatly beloved. And John said he was the disciple whom Jesus loved. We have a relationship with God of such a nature as we do his will. He is loving us, and we are finding the joy in his will. We are finding the freedom in his will. I met believers who have psychological troubles. They are troubled about life. A lot of the troubles they produce in themselves. Life is not that difficult but without Christ it is. What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is my identity? Where am I going? What about my future? Will I ever get married? I married a person and it’s not working out. Much of it is produced from ourselves. The great solution is this simple. We are in a family and our Father wants us to know him. And when you know the Father, when you keep his words, he loves you. He loves you anyway. I know that. There is an everlasting love and unconditional love. Jesus is saying something more. There is a mystery about our life or a secret about our life that is simple. I am loving you. You get up in the morning and find the peace and love and feel God is loving me up. God is taking care of me. I wonder why. I wonder why he is visiting me in the night season and anointing me with fresh oil. Life is not that hard. It’s simpler than I thought. The answer is this promise. There is a light weight and an easy yoke. If any man loves me, he will keep my words and my Father will love him. Pour the love on.

We had our service yesterday in the funeral home and I met two high school buddies I hadn’t seen for decades. They came to honor the family and cousins I haven’t seen for 50 years. A lot of different things I could share and talk about. You know, when you have a spiritual life, you make people hungry for a spiritual life. There are people outside of this and they kind of mock you and me. They say they are going to church again. Don’t they know they don’t have to go to church? They’re talking about God all the time. Don’t they know there is life outside of that? It’s a mocking spirit. When David danced hard before the ark and his wife is in the window mocking him. The woman in the window, Saul’s daughter is mocking him, and David could say to her, I know you think I’m crazy but actually I’m so deeply occupied with my father and his will. And I’m enjoying it so much. I’m so satisfied. He is loving me. He is loving me. My Father loves me in the prayer time, the meditation, in my rest and peace, in my quiet. God is loving me. We will come to him.

What does that mean. I think of a boat with a bunch of people on the boat and Jesus is coming to be with them. That’s all. We will come to him. We will come in the upper room. We will come to Jacob when he has his dream. We will come to Nathaniel when under the tree meditating. We’ll come to him…in the garden, the hospital. We will come to him. To be in this family is such an honor. Here we are in my home in New York there and we are kind of on the front lawn and we know something on the inside of the picture here because we grew up in this family 60 years, 70 years and we have it in our hearts that something happened in our lives. We were thankful saying mom and dad, you did a good job. God knows. In principle, its very similar. When you have something on the inside and Jesus shows up, we will come to him. He comes and visits you.

Watch this last one, vs. 5. Make our abode with him. What does it mean? We are in the house permanently. We are with him forever. We make our abode with him. It’s one thing to have someone visit your house, it’s another thing when they live in your bedroom. It’s one thing when someone comes and gives coffee and another thing when in the house and permanently part of it. When God is permanently part of your life and abiding in your life, you have something extremely valuable and precious. It means though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I know my family. I know my God will be with me and he abides with me. It means when you have tears in the night, joy comes in the morning. You fall down and will get up again. Your heavenly Father is loyal to you and you can trust him. You have words of wisdom and encouragement to you and me. This is precious to us. It cannot be defeated or overcome. It’s guaranteed.

What are you looking for in your life?? There are people looking for a home and this is the best one spoken about here. If a man loves me, he will keep my words and my Father will love him and we will come to him and make our abode with him. Wow. What can we say about it? If our God is the God of creation, the God that never fails, that forgives us of all our sins and puts our name in the book of life and gives us 33,000 promises. Even though we grieve him, he will never stop being our Father. He will abide with us forever and take us to our heavenly home. We have something very precious and don’t leave it. The people that grew up in our church and have children and want to have their children grow up in the church too and learn the same things. Have similar friends. …I’m concerned about it because I’ve seen people in the church leave and go out and don’t go to any church. They go to a soccer field on Sunday morning. They go to a health club and find new friends and have an attitude. Do you know where your children will end up? Do you know where you will end up? I don’t know you or judge you. I’m thinking of compassion and care as a pastor. Have you found what this verse is saying? Have you found it? Loving Jesus Christ and what that means and everything falling together and having it in your family. My dad and mom love Jesus Christ. The children don’t say it like that, but we can say it. My dad and mom, I see them go through things and we have a family. We can say God has taken up his abode in their house. The children have a covering. There is something going on.

We just labor for this and believe it and embrace it. We love him and keep his words and he will take care of us in a beautiful way. Amen.

Be in prayer with me for more salvations to happen in our church. We are sowing seed and want to reap in the fall. What we sow in the summer, we will reap in the fall. We have had an amazing summer.



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