Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11711
6:30 PM on 7/7/2019




P. Schaller

When I heard offering, I’m right here. This morning one of the teachings we had – it was a good morning, wasn’t it? God answered our prayer. He gave us – Psalm 1 blessed is the man. We spoke about that. Tithing was one of the things we mentioned in the message. A lot of people don’t believe in tithing. I think in this church there are. Maybe tonight in the message we go over that. Tithing is amazing. Tithing is in my life. Tithing is part of my faith. It’s where I find God and I get a blessing. It’s the only place I know of in Mal 3 where God says bring it on. Test me. I’ll show you. I’ll pour out my blessing. You get those you didn’t think you could get. You didn’t get in a car accident. Someone gave you a gift. You still have a job and get a better job. Someone says I got this thing going on. There is something real about tithing and God says test me. Put it out there. I want you to learn in your life this part of God because it is in our faith.

People at work will say, you tithe? You give 10 percent to your church? Are you out of your mind? We say what do you spend on a Friday night when you go to a pub or bar or your rock concerts? What do you spend on your recreational drugs? I don’t have any of that going on in my life. I got money. I got a lot of money. You tell the guy I got a lot of money and its part of my faith and it’s amazing.

I was thinking tonight for a few minutes; I’m going to put a couple people on the spot. We have folks here that have been with us for the Convention time and maybe give them an opportunity to say a couple words. They are precious to our hearts. I’m going to put them on the spot. That would be Evi Aaltonen and how about Gemma. Just general edification. You can edify us.

We love you Evi. She lives in China and ministers there. The Spirit uses her edifying the body and ministering.



Thank you so much. This is my Pastor Schaller. He has been doing this to me for 40 years. Really? Forty years, isn’t it? You were 15 when you first came? Yes, eternal. She rode her bicycle from [town?] to [town?] Yes, with my mom. Which means nothing to Fins. It was a half hour on a bike and the Americans are wow half an hour on a bike! I remember you asking for testimonies. You taught us to worship and just think of God and worship. You taught us to get to know everyone in the church. You put that in people, so I don’t have fear of people.

Gemma, go, Gemma! Go! It’s family and it’s great to have that attitude. I have been given so much. Love you guys.

This summer I got to Finland, too. I missed two summers in Finland. I have to trust God who you get to see and not get to see. Every summer you don’t get to spend quality time with everybody. It’s the Body. I don’t know I can say so much more. We’ve heard amazing things here. This morning was total hallmark for me. I was in the 9:00. Hallmark message.


Gemma (Cork, Ireland)

Thank you, P. Schaller. He’s very sensitive he hasn’t called me to do this before. I feel very relaxed when I come here. And my whole soul and physical being relaxing and God blessing me. Being with you and my old friends from long time ago and bringing the memories back. That can’t go when you’re isolated. Thank you for your faithfulness and it’s great to see so many new people here too since I’ve been here.

P. Luige

Thank you, P. Schaller. Some time we forget during the year that Convention is a special time of refreshing to be refreshed to meet people and hear from others and to see the progress of everyone. Maybe the [?] also but it seems to me we are all together in the same battle in the same race and this conference has been very much for me. The joy to rejoice in the Lord is what I needed when I came. I drank everything I could drank. I am completely full. I just want to thank you, P. Schaller, and thank the church. I know as any other church also your program, you have this and that and you make it for us and it’s rich. Thank you, very much.

P. Schaller

P Luige said we are a church and we have our stuff going on, but you can’t tell. We are so good at living by faith and in love. I love that. That’s a good point. It’s so great. You and Isabella mean a lot to us. And your family.

P. Pete Westera

I thought I was safe behind P. Barry! In my heart, we are preparing to go with 26 of us to Georgia where we will meet to have camp with 110 of us total. About 30 from central Asia. That’s a huge blessing for us. The west meets the east in terms of teenagers. I don’t know what will happen. The thought I’ve been having is a lot of original thoughts, energy, preparations, the mechanics of all that but behind that is a burden. That’s really what makes us tick. A burden for teens and people. God has put that burden in our hearts. It’s God’s responsibility to help us execute it. I’m pretty excited to see what can happen and how God can use us. Amen.


P. Schaller

It’s a very big thing you are going there. Are you leaving Thursday? Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. Should we pray for you tonight? Yes, please. Would all the teens going, and chaperones come up on the stage and we will prayer for you. Actually, anyone going to Africa, P. Scibelli also and Philippines, I think. Oh, you’re going to Puerto Rico and Cheryl is going to Uganda. P. Chuck is going to Ghana. P Coop to Puerto Rico. They are going to Georgia, north of Florida, is it?! No, we are geography people. You know what it is. North of Azerbaijan. That’s quite a trip. And a big thing. I’d like someone else to lead in the prayer.

P. Schaller

Stand and get excited in your heart. Probably some of you don’t feel like doing that but that’s okay. Praise God. Thank you, Lord. God is good to us. Look at these young people. I’m so thankful. Did we have a good Convention? Did God answer prayer? He did. Yes. Yes, he did. He’s taken care of us. Thank you, Lord.

Have a prayer with your neighbor. Pray for your wife, husband, kids, country, president, government, missions, pastors, outreaches, our summer swimming and boating and cycling and cars and buses and everything.

Mt. 16, I listened to a message by Dr. Stevens early this morning. It was so very good, and he hit some points on our self-life. How easily it is we pursue our own interests. It complimented my meditation on the prophet Jonah which we shared this morning. I want to share the principle and speak about maturing and being blessed from Psalm 1. The diagram was this way. A man on the edge of his life. His life is like that rectangle and whatever that is, trapezoid or something. He’s on the edge and he is immature. He lives his life based on his own instinct to survive, to be first, to fight, to have his rights. My life. My life. It’s like when you are drowning in water, you fight to get to the surface. We have an instinct for survival. It happens on a psychological level. I don’t want you to beat me or destroy me. I need to make it to the surface. This world finds out quickly we suffer. We struggle in life.

Christ came into the world to show us something else and give us another message. Not my rights, my life, my survival but instead my destruction. Or my surrendering or denying myself. It’s as if God would be drawing us to the edge. Your world isn’t necessarily wrong but it’s too small for you. Your world is limited, and I want to show you who I am. Your world is wrong. In a sense you are a sinner living in a sinful world but that is natural. I’d like to show you who I am. Yes, Lord. We can hear God. What do you say? What would you have me do? This is what Paul said to Christ. The answer is faith. Faith in him.

We said this morning your faith is linked to imagination. Imagination is an important part of our lives. Spiritual imagination. We see the world around us, but can I imagine if there is something more. That God is here. Could I imagine Christ could walk on water and raise the dead and feed the multitude. Every one of these Bible verses are a revelation of God’s mind. Could I imagine my life could be based on what he says here. Do I believe it? Oh, I don’t believe it, so I am here in my world or we believed, and the Lord said come to the edge and jump. This is a world of reason. Your reason isn’t necessarily wrong. It’s just not enough. You can’t find me by reason. You have to find me by faith. Without faith, you cannot please me. It’s by faith you enter into something else. You jump and you go down. That’s what it looks like, but I don’t know where and when God catches you, but he does. He sets you are on a rock higher than yourself. The world you step into is a bigger one. He puts you up and you say oh. I didn’t know. You say woe! Jesus is real. You say I sleep at night now. I don’t know what happened to me.

Reminds me of a story of a Russian soldier in Afghanistan years ago when the Russians were fighting for Afghanistan. This Russian soldier was there many years and became a drug addict and homeless. He was utterly addicted. He had not sleep one night for five years. P. Gromov was a preacher and preached Christ. The man believed. It’s like this. Is Jesus real? Yes, he’s real. Trust in him. I trust in him. That night, he slept the whole night. The first night in five years that he slept the whole night and came off drugs immediately. He stopped them and P. Gromov shared that story with me. Many other stories could be told. You have your story also. It’s the promise of Christ. He promised us he would quicken us according to his word. He would send a Comforter into our lives.

Jonah was in the smaller world here and became angry with God and his situation. If you flip there with me, I’d like to read it to you. Hard to find the minor prophets. Jonah 4:1, I said this morning that verse caught my attention. I grabbed hold of it last night and the Spirit directed me to that portion. I got ahold of it and saw Jonah was very angry. I thought of all the men and all the homes in the United States where there is anger and frustration with us men. How easily we become angry. There is a good anger and bad one and usually we live in the bad one. Because we lose control. Our rights are violated. I like that principle. My rights. At the bank when someone cuts in front of you. When we are in that long line coming through customs. In the third world they fight to get up. If you don’t fight, you don’t get up there for a while. Injustices. That’s a big word. Injustice. I gave you $100; can you give me $100? I gave you a piece of my orange; can you give me a piece of your apple? I helped you move; could you help me move? Sorry, I can’t help you. This world needs help. There is a great answer for us. It’s in Mt. 16. I think we covered it this morning but not this text.

Mt. 16:22. You’re not going to go to Jerusalem. We are going to protect you. Took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him. How courageous of Peter. Looks like he was inspired of the devil to do it. He turned and said to Peter, get behind me, Satan. You are an offense unto me. Mt. 16:23. When the ministry starts to change your life and you savor the things of God, – I’m so happy to see P. Justin here and my son working and serving in Federal Hill. And with Havre de Grace and Silver Spring and Marseille where P. Luige is and Isabella. This is our prayer that people savor the things of God and not the things of men. Not the things of my rights. You offended me. That’s the popular word on the street. You don’t understand me. You offended me by what you said. I did offend you. I didn’t intend to do it. When you say two plus two is five and I say it’s not five. It’s four. You say you offended me. That’s the popular word of the age we live in. Maybe we need to be offended, corrected. We need to grow up and mature. We need to go to church. When I go to church, I’m exposing myself to God’s searching x-ray machine and he does an MRI and cat scan on us spiritually. He puts his long finger way back in the back row and says I’m talking to you. Sometimes at the door of the church people say, were you in my living room last night? Did you ride with me and my husband on the way to church? We were talking about this.

The Holy Spirit wants us to mature. I can’t mature if I don’t have a place in the church. Some people move away from church life. Maybe they don’t realize it. Maybe it’s carelessness. They are protecting this world they are living in. They are not committed. The first thing about a disciple is I need to make a commitment to God and there is a pastor-teacher and a Bible being taught. First thing I do is continue in the word and then you are my disciples indeed. We are exposing ourselves to what God says to us. Doest thou well to be angry? Jonah, how is that working out for you? Talk to me Jonah. You have your own world and life. Jonah was there watching what was happening in Nineveh. God planted a gourd. The gourd grew and he started to love the gourd. He was attached to the gourd. He liked the gourd. God sent a worm to eat the gourd and it withered. Jonah is heart- broken. What happened to the plant? The plant has died. Jonah? You care about the plant and not the people? You care about this thing and not 120,000 people who don’t know their right hand from their left. Those people down there I am giving them grace and mercy. You are crying about your patio furniture or grass or paycheck or boss or someone offending you. You need to be a disciple or a follower of Christ. You say I’m not going to live in your small world, Satan. You savor the things of men, but I savor the things of God. Isn’t that amazing. I am hungry for the things of God. That’s the kind of message we are all living on, hungering for and enjoying.

Savoring the things of God. We all know it. We are looking for this one. Where is Jesus? Lord, what kind of world are you living in? You can crucify me, but you can’t offend me. I’m bigger than everything on the earth. You can’t disappoint me or take away from me what I am finding. I found God’s favor, blessing. His hand is on my life. I have the H.S. moving and working in my life. I am showing you the kingdom. I want you to follow me in the kingdom. I want your world to be bigger than yourself. We are getting the counsel of the ungodly in Ps. 1:2. Why don’t you resist some of the counsel of the ungodly by saying I don’t agree with that. Do it kindly. I’m not saying be obnoxious with people. You can counter this childishness we run into in life. You are bigger than that. It’s not a big problem. You can do that. Jesus is with you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I don’t want to do a bravado message this evening.

There is a mystery in this thing called our spiritual life. How could a group of young people from Maine go into parts of the world by faith and find Christ. How could people go from Lenox in one summer and 200 people went on the mission field and went to India and China and so on. We had a Convention with people saying God is with us. How come God is with us. Where did P. Bamouni come from or P. Konan or P. Mati or P. Brent come from? And all these fine ladies we see and hear from at different times. How did this happen?

Vs. 24. Can you say that. Deny himself. Say it out loud. Deny himself. Pastor, I need to learn the word deny. Say that back to me. I don’t know anything about the word. Deny myself. Give me, give me. The horse leech had two daughters that said give, give. Prov 30. I want more. It’s my rights. You cut in front of me. You’re going to pay for that. You stole from me. You’re going to get it. I’m going to bring a wicked judgment on you. Whatever happened to denying myself and hanging on a cross with my master and savior? What ever happened to losing my life and being a nobody, humble before God and saying I trust you and he catches you and you are there. I don’t have much but I’m a blessed person. The Spirit is teaching me and guiding me. I may not be first in line but it’s okay because I’m learning Christ. He’s with me in fellowship and service. Some come to the church, but they are not baptized into the Body. Let me show you something.

Here is the Body and here is a group of my friends. A group of my friends I hang out with in the Body. The heart of the group is self-life. They found each other with a self-life. They became a click, a group. They got the connection and talk about the same thing. It’s a sensitive group in the Body. They are in the church but not baptized into the Body. When you have a group of friends in the Body its perforated. People can come in and there is flued action in the group. The group is a different kind of thing because they are Spirit filled. We don’t have a group about us. We have been brought into the Body and we are glorifying Christ in obedience to him. We are learning to serve one another and edify each other. That’s Body life. Vs. 24. Take up his cross and follow me. The cross. Ever used that in traffic? I take up the cross. Go ahead; I’m talking us the cross. No problem. Jesus is with me. I want to help you. Read my lips. I love you. I want to help you. How about in the Body when someone does something wrong that offends you? Can you take up the cross? What about being bored? Can I take up the cross and find the reality of God in my life? This is the cross life. It needs to be preached a lot in these days.

40 years ago, I realized he is feeling the same thing we are feeling in this age. Pastor, it’s even worse now! They are teaching it everywhere in the schools and everywhere in the families and everywhere. Pastor, it’s worse. He yells back, no it isn’t! It’s human nature. It’s always been that way. Here it is. I want you and I to be blessed in such a real way. I want you to find Christ in a personal way. I want you to learn how to deny yourself. I want to learn it also. We will never outgrow it. I always need to learn that lesson. I feel our world gets bigger and we become more mature.

There was a video in another country of a man committing suicide. It was played in a medical school and they showed it. Why was he taking his life? Because he lost his girlfriend. He lost his girlfriend. Here’s my world. That young man lost his girlfriend. It’s too late now but we are here and have a message. J.C. is alive and he’s the answer for you. You have pain. Don’t live in your pain. Find God. God will heal you and give you the best woman you can imagine. It’s probably a blessing. Two tears floating down the river. Where did you come from? I lost my boyfriend. The other tear says, where did you come from? I’m the one that got your boyfriend! Our emotions, our sentiment, our feelings, being offended, our ideas, our ways. You can not become an effective missionary without jumping in Christ. Not necessarily going to a foreign country. Way before, I learn to live by faith and mature and grow in my faith so I can see things from a new perspective, a biblical one. I need a pastor-teacher, be accountable, surrender to God, be Spirit-filled and when God is leading me, I have a message and content. I have a ministry God gave me because I submitted myself to a ministry. If you receive a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward. If I receive a ministry in the church, I get the church’s reward.

We cut our legs out from beneath us by leaving…. Doest thou well to be angry? Grow up. He says. Whoever will save his life shall lose it. I see this happening day by day in people’ s lives. They save their life and lose it. Party time for a while. They sit down in sorrow. What happened to me? My life is ruined. No, it’s you didn’t go to God. God will give you life where you say I want to live a thousand times more. If you have a life without God, you say I want to die. With God I want to live and serve and grow and be humble and submitted and Spirit filled and have a ministry. I want to say to people in traffic, I’m with all you guys. I’m not an enemy. Jesus is real. May God bless all of you. We do it all the time and learn how to live and be effective. What does man gain if he loses his soul?

Vs. 26. That day is coming. We will reign with him. Soon we will see him. The whole thing is changing and the whole government is changing. Christ the glory of God, the people of God, blessed are the meek; they shall inherit the earth and many great things will be happening.

I know the young people want to grow up and get married and have a dog and a yard. Believe me, if Jesus comes back you won’t be disappointed.





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