(Hebrews 6:4-6)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller. Pastor Gary Groenewold
Sermon # 11266
6:30 PM on 5/21/2017
P. Schaller

Heb 6 difficult portion of S but we will tackle it in a profound and simple way. I believe that one day the church will meet Christ in the air. I don’t know when but maybe you imagine that it could be soon. When it happens and we are gone, what we see in the media, politics, and economics will move in a powerful direction and quickly. We struggle with what we see in the news and the direction and we hear lies. We see Christ crucified again. Christ was crucified in 33 A.D. and the question is in 2017 could he be crucified again. In principle, yes, though he will never be here again in the flesh. That happened once but the world is still doing it again in spirit and in mind and unfortunately Christians also can crucify him again. What would that look like? If we agreed with the world that he should be crucified. The stress of persecution could say deny Christ. I have a choice to save my life or suffer persecution. You know in your own heart I could deny the Lord. I could say I don’t believe in Jesus. They might kill you anyway whether you deny him or accept him. You could say I don’t believe in Jesus and save my life. What did I just do? I did this again in spirit. He’s not worthy it. I’m not going to believe in him or pay a price or suffer. He’s not worth it. I’m denying him. I’m saying no thanks. My life is more important than his glory and his honor.

This is what Egypt represents. Defiance of God, crucifixion of Christ. When Jews left Egypt the reproach of Egypt was removed. The spirit of the persecution of God was no longer with the people. For us it would mean we don’t fear death or fear our persecutors. The mocking spirit, the attitude. This world is filled with crucifying Christ. It does it in spirit and mind all the time.

Jesus is recognized in the spiritual warfare we are in. They have not stopped. If he was born today they would hunt to kill him like Herod did. Evil continues and pushes and moves against God. Since he has been raised from the dead, it’s the same spirit against him. We are in the presence of that spirit of crucifying him again.

Maybe this year, let’s think about it. We are doing our business and this amazing power, the Spirit of God from outside or your mortal body is changed. Some are in a car, some at work, taking a nap and it just happens. You’re gone. That could happen this month. Then we wouldn’t have our convention. That’s ok. We’ll go. Convention time is coming. It’s a joy and a happiness we have as we gather together in his name. Maybe in August or September or November but it will happen sometime. If we are alive when it happens that is amazing.

Our freedom from our sin nature is over and gone. Things are clearer than ever been. That’s almost a ridiculously small statement. A realization of God and the realities that we are embracing. We will be so released. The happiest people we can ever imagine. A sense of life, no pain, no sorrow, no more any of this stuff that happens on a daily basis. Sadly in one sense but on the other hand they deserve it. The world is moving so fast. You think the last ten years in our country and the speed and internet and technology there will be evil like never seen before. In all levels of government. There won’t be any Christians around. The H.S. is in this world retarding evil. One of the heroes is the antichrist and he will be powerful and effective. I mention it because we can see it in our world how the world can move so quickly and the mentality the people can embrace. An anti-God attitude so strongly. How many believed in the time of Noah? Noah. How about his wife? It doesn’t say much about her but I’m sure his wife and children and three sons and wives. 8 people. Will there be such a thing as faith? Will there be such a thing as IPhones? Yes. My whole thing with K, a lot of K, a lot of power and a lot of technology and activity but will there be faith. It looks like there won’t be much. We will be gone. The world goes into this terrible time. Let’s be busy with what God has put in front of us.

Let’s commission P. Gary to reach Baltimore city. P. Gary you are responsible! That there will not be 500 dead on the streets of Baltimore. He can build teams. We could be on the streets, teams, activities, meetings, megaphones, sketch boards. He’s the man. He will do it.

Heb 6:4 I’m going to make this as simple as – this is a difficult portion of S. Many writings and you can study it. I’m going to tell you a simple lesson about it. Here is a person who is unsaved. There is a pre-salvation possibility that the man is prepared. He’s Jewish and prepared by God to believe in J.C. This is a very big thing. It’s like a Muslim fundamentalist who is saturated with Islam to become a believer. An orthodox Jew is the hardest to reach. They are tough people. Hasidic Jews, orthodox, into the Bible and the law. When you get into the law to move to the person of Christ, it is a big deal. What does the law say about adultery? Stone the adulterer and adulterous. Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone. Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more. He forgave her. P. Mati uses that in the Islamic world. Neither do I condemn you…no more. Hebrews is written to these kinds of people and trying to move them along. There is a possibility there are people in the church not saved by a pre-salvation work of God. This could be what the writer has in mind.

Jewish people listening to the message of J.C. and in vs. 4. Impossible for those brought to a certain point of enlightenment. I do not believe it is a pre-salvation text but the second one. The second Jewish person is that the person has been brought to the place, pre-salvation and they are saved. Either one it says it is impossible once they have tasted of it, partaker of it, enlightened by it, if they would fall away. They fall away. It’s impossible to renew them again to repentance. Really? You mean they can’t ever get back to this place? Impossible to bring them back to that place? I know in my own heart and in history that people have fallen away and been restored and brought back and have become the greatest believer after they had fallen away. This sketch here is they can never be saved again if take the text as written here.

vs. 4-5 that means they depart from or leave. It means apostasy, leaving the faith. You can see an orthodox Jew that is believing in Jesus and they get scared. It’s a time of persecution. They say I don’t believe in Jesus anymore or I never did. The writer says impossible for them to be renewed again.

Heb 6:6 the only way I understand this meaning is to be honest with you, I thought about it for 40 years. It’s a warning. Don’t fall away. It’s a hypothetical, rhetorical warning.

If you fall away, it is impossible but Lk 8:18. Jesus said it is more difficult for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle then to go to heaven. The disciples said then it’s impossible. Jesus said with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible. When you are in C. life and you are on the move, when you get moving in your faith, don’t go back. If you do, just stop immediately and confess to God and keep moving in faith.

I remember a preacher, Clinton White in New England. A terrible thing happened to him. He gave Telephone Time over to Dr. Stevens. Clinton White disappeared, lived in a trailer in in Florida and it was a tragedy what happened to him. If you turn back, you don’t know what will happen. That’s why I can’t take alcohol. I don’t know what it will do to me. Or any other thing like that. You might say I can handle it. This text says it’s impossible to get back to the place you were at. That’s a warning. Knock it off. We make excuses and we say I won’t do this right now. Later I will pick it up. You don’t know if you’ll be alive tomorrow. You don’t know what a day will bring forth. This is a tough warning.

The writer is saying to these Jewish people believing in Jesus, if you guys with all the light you have and progress you made and turn back, I’m concerned you will never make it back to this point again. The writer is saying it’s impossible to get you back to that place. It’s a strong warning. One of the scholars makes a good point on it. “What does he mean when it says it’s impossible..? Many try to find a way around this word impossible. Erasmus says difficult almost to the point of impossibility. ..We must leave those who have fallen away to the mercy of God. It was written in an age of persecution. In any age apostasy is a supreme sin. You can deny Christ but aim a blow to the church. Counted his life dear to him. Goes on to the Diocletian Roman persecution. If he had denied his Lord they would have shut the door on him once and for all. The writer says those who fall away crucify Christ again.

vs. 6. This is the point of the [?] legend. In the Neronic persecution, Peter was caught in Rome and his courage failed. He fled for his life and Jesus was standing in his path. Where are you going, Lord? He said I’m going back to Rome to be crucified again this time in your stead. Peter turned back to Rome and died a martyr’s death. I hope it’s not too confusing to you. The main point is I believe you can come back. God can bring you back. Of course you can. All the people who denied the Lord can be restored. Peter denied the Lord three times. Jesus found him after the resurrection. However, don’t play a game with it and say I’ll deny the Lord now and later become a fervent Christian. Let the trial of my faith be met with the reality of God and live in it by faith and God will lead me in better and greener pastures. If I go back I may be lying to myself. Lord will say you don’t have anything figured out. There is the warning.

vs. 7. The water coming on the earth is a picture of spiritual blessing. When the grass comes up and the trees, all of it comes up and is evidence of the blessing. The shower comes down and the blessing.

God’s water comes down upon us in a spiritual way and we bear fruit but vs. 8. Rejected, unapproved. Ever thought about a cup of coffee. It’s ahh! It’s beautiful. You drink the coffee and now 20 minutes later there is lip stain on the coffee cup. It’s empty. You knock it on the ground and now it’s trash. Get it out of my sight. Remove it from my presence. It’s over. God is saying a Christian or a pre-salvation, brought to a place, and don’t turn back. You are made to be fruitful, blessed, to find Christ. He uses this illustration. I have met the miserable Christians who are backslidden. Those people shame on them. Mocking and ugly and miserable and negative people. Shame on you. I have no delight in you. Carnal, ranting and raving on the church and the men of God and the people of God. Proud, arrogant believers. They are born again but like thorns and briars. Nothing beautiful there.

vs. 9. Beloved – there it is. They are believers. That’s us at the GG or Baptist or Pentecostal. Any born again.

vs. 9. Accompanying salvation meaning sanctification. Though we are saying this, if you fall away it’s impossible for you to get back to where you are at. With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible. You can get back and be restored and get your courage. Beloved, though we speak this strongly about departing from the faith, please do not do it.

Let us go on. Let us provoke one another. Let us move on. Let us believe better things about ourselves and find God and be patient in it. I’m stirred up a bit.

I don’t like it when people are thorns and briars. Departing. When is your misery going to be filled up? Don’t you know you are a miserable, cranky, little person?

You walk around like Napoleon thinking you are hot stuff. So critical of everyone, of the world, the politics, the country, the church, the men of God. Arrogant person. Born again but not bearing good fruit but thorns and briars.

We believe you are ordained of God to bear forth great fruit and manifest a living Christ in a difficult time.

When meet carnal believers have a word in season for them and maybe you will help them out. Can I have a kind word with you? You think quite highly of yourself. You think you are at the center of the universe. You’re not bringing much of a blessing in this troubled world and we need you to be Spirit filled.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and he will lift you up and bless you with a blessing that is beyond what this world could ever give you.


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