Divers and strange doctrines can carry us away. World evaluation, self-analysis, satanic accusations come in waves. Be established in grace. Watch decisions. Choose the good part. (Hebrews 13:8-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11606
11:00 AM on 1/6/2019



P. Scibelli

Heb. 13:8-9,

Good morning. Thanks for coming today. We had a good crowd at 9:00, too. A couple of people I was thinking of: Sandrine, would you stand up? Woody. Stand up. Vicky Wailan. I just want to pray for these people.

We want to speak this morning about what it means to be established. I went to a birthday party yesterday. Amelia. I got it right. That was after the lunch rap and outreach. I came home and my wife said you have a lot of energy because of too much cake. Chile and macaroni and cheese. I would have eaten more of that. I was watching the daughter put her finger in the frosting. I don’t have a good diet. My wife is changing that. I’m afraid if I put good things in now, my body would reject it! I need to be established in my diet. There is a coke there. That’s not a good example. What it means to be established. So many things happening in this world today. So easy to be carried about with diverse and strange thinking. I can find myself and it seems I am making a decision but I’m carried about by situations in life and problems and tests and finances and relationship difficulties and raising children and what not.

Important for each of us, myself included, that it’s a good thing he says the heart be established in grace. It’s a beautiful thing, a joyful thing that the heart is established in grace. If I’m established in J.C. and his life and the word of God, the love of God and the mercy of God, the very life of God, when things come my way I’m not carried about and away from them. It’s amazing what can happen to any of us. So much in the atmosphere that our thinking can be affected.

Many years ago, through P. Stevens – this is the 59th year of this ministry. Or 60. With 734 churches in 80 countries, 32,000 people coming to church in these locations and 3,500 Bible college students. It’s amazing. It’s you who have been a foundational aspect of this ministry. It’s been established. P. Stevens and Schaller had a vision to bring this into all the world. He comes Tuesday and I go Wednesday. This is how it works. You must be joking? You didn’t travel 2 million miles by air? Come to the office and I will show you. I get tired the way they fly the plane. I was thinking of going to a pilot school! You wouldn’t want me flying a plane. I’d get occupied with the Bible and forget about flying. One time I went in the cockpit and the guy was taking a break. What happens if something goes wrong? I’m established in God. I’m not sure I would care about crashing but crashing in the ocean and waiting for the sharks to come after me! I had a nightmare once and my wife said why are you sweating? It was a horrible dream! That’s not a good thing. It’s a good thing the heart be established in grace. 43 years ago on this day I got saved. I was born again. And 43 years ago on this day my daughter Lisa was born. I was so messed up in my mind. I had a number of addictions. An education one from college to college and a 17 year drug addiction. On that day, God wiped it clean. No one spoke to me.

I read Acts 9 and I said to God how could this man on the road to Damascus who is imprisoning Christians become a preacher? I said God, could you do that in my life? I’ll never forget it. The presence of God was in the room and I felt something going on in me. It was the H.S. coming in. Immediately, I went on the streets with a Bible and started telling people about Christ. I just knew I had to tell someone. From the day you got saved is when God begins to establish us. Established in the finished work, his life, his purpose. I’m fix, firm, sure, secure, and safe is what the Greek word means. Fixed in God. Firmly related to him forever, secure, and safe. We are established in God. So many things will happen in our lives. Anyone have an “amen”? Situations change? Hair color change? Bones change? Hello? I’m still struggling with my left side and don’t buy me one of those long things. Things are changing all the time. You have a job; you don’t have a job. This goes wrong. It’s easy to be carried about with them, drifting with those things rather than say I’ve been established in grace in the person of J.C. Things are coming and going. Birthdays are coming and birthdays are going. If I’m not firmly rooted in God and established in God, something will come my way and take me out of the picture. I reverence God and want to be watching my own life and the decisions I make.

Watchmen Nee tells a story in 1929. He did a great work in China but unrecognized. He went to prison for a long time. He came back and was 71, about what I am. He came back to Fuzhou, China. He was discouraged. His health was gone, no money, a number of years in prison and a beaten up mess. Two professors older than him met him and said, Nee, can we have time with you? He said yes. They went to a cafe and sat down and they said look at your life. You have no money, health, success. We thought you of all the students in our university would really do something in this world. Look at what a disappointment you are. Nee said the first time in his life he sensed the glory of God come down on him. The Holy Spirit said to him you have chosen the good part. You have made the right choice. You can clap.

We are established. The world can look at your life and friends and relatives. Relatives looked at my life and said this Christianity thing is pretty serious. When are you going to retire from it? When I’m dead and in heaven. The world evaluates, self-analysis and satanic accusations. They are coming at every one of us. I’m not afraid because I am established in Christ. I’m in him and you can’t get me out. If I fail, he will give me mercy. I’m established in mercy. Don’t get established in your sin and allow it to be habitual but be established in the heart, life, nature, mercy of God.

Remember that song, I shall not be I shall not be moved. (Singing it). I heard that song before I got saved from Andre Crouch. I remember in 1974 that song striking me, Jesus is the Answer. To be established. This is so important. We said it this morning about young people. That’s why we have a Christian school and a Bible school. People can be established in who Jesus Christ is. We know there will be every wind of doctrine that will come against the believer. All kind of demonic activity. Satan has desired to sift you like wheat. I want you to be established in your relationship with me.

A woman said to me on outreach, you are a pastor? Why are you dressed like that? I had a hoodie on. She said shame on you. I said, yeah, I guess so. Why don’t you write a check and buy me some clothes? I didn’t say that! Your health isn’t doing as well as it used to and if you are not established in God’s life. You’re going to get a new body someday. Wow! No more having to close the door to put my left sock on so my wife doesn’t hear me moaning. One hip has been replaced and the other is crying out. The heart, the center of my thinking, the motivational thinking, to be established in grace, the basis of all operational behavior, established in grace. The supreme communication center of the heart and mind, established in grace.

King David, six people called him a stripling or a youth. Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he would defy the armies of the living God? Who is this runt? Abner said he was a youth. Saul, Eliab, his father Jesse said he was a youth. Goliath said who is this kid? I’ll show you. There is only one spot that stone could hit. David put that stone there with God’s help. He cut his head off and walked with it 6 miles. Some bloody head. I don’t want to spoil your lunch! I wonder what Saul said. I want to show you the guy who was bothering us. It’s not going to happen anymore. David was established as a shepherd boy. He was singing those songs years before he faced Goliath.

The three Hebrew boys and Daniel were established. They tried to change their learning, education, and their names so they could change their king and their God. Daniel 1. Daniel said he would not defy himself with the king’s food. He purposed in his heart. I am a son of the King. I am God’s Son. I don’t care what is going on. When I face the advances of the Babylon kingdom, I will not be moved. I shall not be, I shall not be moved.

What an identity crisis Moses could have had. Am I the son of Hebrew parents? Am I the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? Am I the son of Jethro? He could have had multiple identities. In Ex. 3, he came to the burning bush. Take your shoes off. You are standing on holy ground. He knew he was a son of God. Not a son of Jethro or Hebrew parents but a son of God. He was established. He was insecure in the beginning. Who am I that I should go to pharaoh? It’s not about who you are but who I am. I AM that I AM is sending you.

We are established in Christ, in the church, in our identity in Christ. I know who I am. I’m occupied with the person I am established in. Satan who was the chief archangel decided to do something different. I want to be like the Most High. I would like to usurp authority over the entire Trinity. He tries to break down what has been established in the Bible and the person of Christ and God the Father and the Holy Spirit and the church.

We have all these people out there who are psychologically intellectual in their understanding. They will wreck your life. We used the Bible for counseling and my brother has a doctorate but when they came, he gave them the Bible. Being established in his grace and love and mercy. You mean it’s okay for a man to marry a man? For a woman to marry a woman? It’s not okay. It’s not okay to smoke marijuana. It’s not okay to drink. I don’t need your vote. I’ve been chosen by God. I’ve been elected by God. We’ve been established in God.

One pastor said to me in Ghana, do you always speak like that? So direct? Yeah. This is how it is. God says be kind, gentle and loving but tell people the truth. The truth can set you free. Some could be here wavering about smoking dope. Don’t be dopey!

I met someone who said between drinking and smoking pot, I can’t think anymore. I said let me think for you by God. Let’s pray by God. It was a woman with four children and she said I’m born again but not established. Positional establishment but her experience is all over the place.

Ge 12 he established him.

Ge 17 he said I’m El Shaddai.

Ge 22 I am Yahweh Jireh your provision. Abraham, don’t be established in your civilization or people group. Be established in me. We see churches where only this tribe goes to that church and this church is only this tribe. Whatever happened to the Body of Christ, Jew and Gentile? Praise the Lord we can have young people and some of us old folk. We love young people. See all those young people get up on stage the other day? We can have people from different economic backgrounds. We can be together because we are established in Christ. We are not established in our past experiences. We’re all baseball fans. We’re all hockey fans. They all love this particular soccer team in Africa. What are some of the names? Chelsey. I don’t even know. Even pastors would get in an argument over a soccer game. Do I have to be in this vehicle when you are debating with each other? I thought we were established in Christ and not some ball going through a net. Established in God. This woman at the well could go and tell an entire city come and see a man who told me everything I have done. Is that Messiah? The reason why Christianity lacks ability is it doesn’t understand the security it has in being in the Son of God. You’re not going to move me. Ever say that when you wake up? I’m not going to be moved today. The osn and demons say what are you going to speak about? You get these projections. I’m established in love. Because of your unconditional love, I could get up here and droll and you’d clap! I’m not living in a poor self-image. I have a new self-image in Christ.

2 Cor 5:17 I’m new. Say it. Be established in the New Year in that which is new. What year is it? 2019. I can never figure out the time or the year half the time.

This is our great calling, 1 Pet 5:10. He’s going to establish us. Maybe we are the youngest in the family. Maybe we are the one that is never recognized.

My younger brother said all I ever get is what you wore. Teddy, be established in God. He got saved first. Being established. So I don’t find myself swaying in my mind. How do you raise kids unless you are established? How does marriage work unless you are established in God? “I need counsel.” You’ve seen my marriage counseling. It’s like this. Both of you get to know God and get to know each other. No charge! It’s free. We are established. Many things take place. Famines and earth quakes and nation fighting nation. I’m not established in politics. I cast my vote for Jesus. He’s in another kingdom and he wins. So many seek to get established. Nothing wrong with praying and voting but I’m not established in the mentality of that. I’m established in Christ. This is what Jeremiah needed when called at 15. This is what David experienced and Abraham knew. Eleven Galileans are called by Jesus.

Acts 4:11-14 they were ignorant and unlearned. He was going to establish them in his learning. Establish them in his love and mercy.

They could stand up in the temple in Acts 4 and 5 and preach like all heaven was coming down. All the Pharisees and Sadducees and scribes would say who are these people? Galileans? They were considered the lowest. God said these are the ones I’m going to use. One Judean was Judas. We know what happened to him. He was the educated one with money. God established these men. That’s why we are here today. The life of Christ in those men, in the church.

You are built up here and rely on Jesus Christ and the church. We have an opportunity to grow in this truth. I am not going to be shaken. I’m not going to be changed unless it’s by God. I’m not going to move with every wind that comes by, every trend going on in this world. I hear about nothing. No new thing anywhere. Everything is old. Be established.

Read Ecclesiastes. Eighty-six times Solomon says life is vain. He had everything anyone ever wanted. Great power, recognition, great amount of women. I don’t know why you would want that. One wife is enough. He said 86 times vanity of vanities. It’s all vain. Thirty-six times he said life is miserable under the sun. He walked away from God.

He came back in 2 Sam 12 and in Song of Solomon he said set me as a seal on your arms. He came back as Jedidiah, one greatly loved by God. Solomon readjusted to where he had been established in.


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