God has been good to us. One day we will see Him. Follow Him. Get serious with God. Jesus makes us someone we could never be. (1 John 4:17; Genesis 5:29)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Muhib Khalfalla
Sermon # 11575
6:30 PM on 11/11/2018



P. Schaller

Wow! Great singing. Wow! Great singing. Great voices. The words. With Christ and this meaning, what a wonderful name it is. What is it that God could not do? Who is he? We feel free worshipping God, Wow. Awesome. Thank you, God. Not a worry in the world. Isn’t that amazing! I don’t have any right now. Nothing. No worry. Isn’t that amazing! I feel like a child. What a wonderful name it is. He is everything. The all complete one. The fullness of God dwells in him. We are worshippers of him. Fear, death – ahh hah! Amazing. Listen to this.

Is 40:28, God does not get weary. Yesterday, I was listening to some messages from Dr. Stevens. He said God doesn’t get weary with our sin. I thought about it. You sin, sin, sin, sin. God forbid. It grieves the Spirit. It’s not God’s will. We get hurt by it. It’s not a good deal. Does God get weary of our sin? How can you wear God out? I’m so glad some of you don’t agree with me right now. You want to balance it out and talk about how bad it is. I agree sin is a lousy deal and nobody’s friend, but does God get tired of it to throw us away? No his blood speaks from heaven. I remember your sin no more.

Even in Heb 10, if you wilfully sin, it can’t wear God out. Our God is a mighty God. Nobody is like him. He is not a man that he would lie. He is not a man that he would treat us like we would treat each other. He is much better than you are.


P. Muhib

Can you hear the thunder? The African in me wants to dance.

Yesterday, when we had an outreach and we walked into a house and I started dancing right away. Today the kids came with us. They don’t have a dog but they had music on so I started dancing and it worked. Sometimes you have to be creative.

Ge. 5:28 this man goes by the name Lamech. It’s a Hebrew name. He lived 182 years and had a son. That’s normal by the way!

vs. 29. I love the story because Lamech had a frame of reference. When Adam died, he was about 56 years old, a teenager by those standards. He had a very strong frame of reference.

A lot of years between Ge 3 and 5. Lamech put it in his heart and remembered the story. He didn’t have a lot of Bible. Only two pages. A few chapters. He knew the ground was cursed. There had been a fall. Sin, problem in man’s heart. I’m a member in this church in Adam’s household, the tenth generation. I’m looking for a hope, a way out. A lot of people are looking for that but don’t know they are. We go and act like fools. We dance before kids to bring them to church. Later in history, the Apostle Paul – Andy Castro says that to me that I love the Apostle Paul – he saw deep things and was beyond his time. Tell yourself that also. We are unique people because we have the H.S.

1 Cor 13:9, this is what Lamech knew. He knew in part. A small message. Two pages in the Bible. And Paul the Apostle in the N.T. he had the full revelation almost. He said we know in part. Amazing portion in the Scripture. Paul is saying God the H.S. decided to give us limited knowledge. We are to preach what we know. He said God is so good to us. He is saying you only know a portion of me. Wait for things to come what eye has not seen or ear has not heard. Be excited like Lamech about the future. You look at the little child and say this is Noah. You look at your life and maybe sickness, problems, etc. Be like Lamech and look to the future. We are awesome people. God is trying to say you know in part, have limited knowledge and you’ll bring forth that portion I am giving you at this time in this generation. People will come and hear what you have to say. In my Bible reading, people are what they think. People preach what they know. They don’t necessarily do what they preach. Christ said in Mt. do what the Pharisees preach but don’t do what they do. Some people know suffering, abusive relationships, sickness, poverty so that’s what they preach. We are not condemning them. We are loving them. We are to impart something in their hearts fresh and new. God is so vast and so big. He is saying I’m bigger than what you can handle. You’ll know in part a little bit. Why do we know in part?

vs. 12 is the answer. Huge distance between now and then. There is a lifetime. We have a sin nature, so we have things that prevent us to see who God is. We see in a glass dimly. We have a partial vision. With an osn and with that said, we still have an amazing quality of life we can function in. Then face to face. That then is in heaven. No more sin nature or suffering. See the end time view of Paul. Like Lamech. Give me comfort right now but we have something deeper. We look into a glass but able to dance before people and their dogs and instead of preaching about their suffering and how down they are, we have the Holy Spirit, a new wine.

As a church, let’s think about these things because they are very deep.


P. Schaller

That was good. That was great. We don’t have the Finnish piece? It’s been erased from history! Another time we will see that. P. Muhib, wow! Could we do that to repeat it because it was so good?

Look at Ge 5:29. I want to say something about it and then we’ll do our message.

Before we do, I was thinking of people in our church that are amazing. I got some café cards. Remember that when we were so kind and gracious and that period ended! It came back. I was thinking of ladies in our church that are unsung heroes, faithful, godly, pillars of this church. Pam Greaves. Can we get a runner? Lorraine Rice, – Aren’t we glad that Lorraine is back? She came up out of the wilderness and came here. I get phone calls of people coming here. How about Ulla Larson, Susan Joseph, Lisette Thornton. What about Pam Hettrick. How about P. John’s wife, Valerie. Valerie is amazing. How about Diane Garbrecht. Just turn to your neighbor and say maybe next week you’ll get one!

Ge 5:29, he said P. Muhib said and doesn’t he have a great voice. Isn’t he a handsome, young man? Doesn’t he have pastoral skill and isn’t he a good preacher? I bet he could cast a hook into the stream and pull up a sneaker without any problem! That’s a good illustration. It’s almost hard to believe it. It’s a true story. P. Scibelli, do you remember the story in Egypt about the keys? That’s an amazing story. Billy Graham tells it. I’ll butcher it. Carve away! It’s a true story. Husband and wife, anger, emotion, keys thrown in the water in the Nile River. She got converted and he was angry. He devised a plan and got another set of keys and threw them into the Nile River and went to the police and said my wife stole the keys for our safety deposit box. She was in the fish market that day. She brought a fish home and there were the keys. He came back with the police and she said you mean these? He got on his knees and got saved. Amazing story.

Ge. 5:29, P. Muhib said we are people with a calling and a blessing on us. There are people in the world who feel the curse. He said even they might preach about the curse. They experience the curse. They experience poverty. Ever notice we never say the word “race” in our church? We don’t talk about race. It’s a terrible sin, racism, but if you don’t have it in your heart, I don’t have any need to say anything about it. I understand it should be said and addressed and people need to grow and walk with God and live in love. We are not focusing on our stuff, the curse, death and anger and fear and so on. We have a calling. It’s a high and holy calling. We do acknowledge our sin but we acknowledge something greater. That’s what Lamech was saying about his son. I want to say something opposite of what P. Mohib said but don’t want to be misunderstood.

Prov. 23:7 as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. I want to say the opposite, as I think in my heart that is not who I am. I am not what I think. I am not that. I think fear, poverty, guilt, etc. Is that who I am? It is not who I am. Wow. Is it true? I agree. It is a psychological principle I am what I think. On the other hand, I don’t think with God so God would disagree with me. Lord, I’m a miserable person. God would say no you are not. God I’m under a curse. I can’t make it. That’s not you. This is not my will, my mind. This is not who you are. You are not your thoughts. I have translated you from one kingdom to another. I fill you with the Holy Spirit. I gave you my Son so you will not be who you are. I gave you my Son so you would be as I am.

1 John 4. Church is growing and people are learning and the Spirit is moving. Our nation needs it. All our families need it. I need it.

1 Jn 4:17 herein is love made perfect. Just let God love you. Let me do a short diagram. We could be here all night, I know. In a circle, love made perfect. Here’s the Father. The Father loves the Son through the H.S. The Father loves the Son. The Son loves the Father. This is love. Husband and wife. John Odahara and my daughter Bethany got married 22 years ago. Why do I still remember it? Husband wife. Love. Father. Son loves the Father. The trinity. Us, you, me. Loyalty in our church is a high quality element of our spiritual lives. You put up with me. I put up with you. You love me. You give me patience. You pray. You love me. We love. We stumble along but love never fails. When love goes to Judas Iscariot, where does it go? It doesn’t come back. He betrayed Jesus. He didn’t love God. It goes out. Is it love? This is love but this is love made perfect. It’s love that is received. When we receive the love, we love. This is Body life. Body life is love. Love one another. There is a love in the world that goes one direction and maybe it does come back. It’s a good thing if it goes out and comes back but it may be human love. People loving on conditions. You have a family and we are thankful for that. This is why we have found this satisfaction. Herein is love.

vs. 17. Boldness. When you are guilty, you don’t have boldness. When we are self-conscious and aware of ourselves, we don’t have boldness. When we are aware of our insecurity and boldness but herein his love we don’t have any fear. We are not intimidated or worried or troubled. We have found love that comes and returns. This is the mind of God. It’s to bring us in. Draw the circle so big we are brought in. We are in the family. We are in Christ. Christ is in you and me. We said he is the pleroma of God, the fullness of God. When you touch him as a human being, they didn’t know he was God. There was confusion as to his identity. It is not complicated. If any man will do his will, he will know of the doctrine that I speak is not of myself but my Father sent me. I speak from my Father.

We have the mystery of Christ revealed to us vs. 15-21.

Col 1 seven clear titles of who God is in Christ. As the Creator, the one who holds it together. As the head of the church and reconciler of things on heaven and earth.

vs. 17. Bema seat judgment. I am not what I think. I am what God says, what God thinks about me. That’s who we are. We are what God says we are. That’s who we are. This is so spiritual and refreshing and encouraging and edifying. As he is in this world. We are in that cycle of love where the Father never fails to love us. We are made new with a new heart and we are able to love God with all our heart. What a gift. All our strength, all our soul. We are able to love God and worship God and find the reality of God in our lives by faith.

Col. 2, this epistle is about who Christ really is.

When you see him as a man, you may not believe in him we said in Jn 7. He has a devil or nobody spoke like this man. Or where did he go to school? There was all these confusing reports about him. In the epistles, we see who he really is.

Rev 1:17 I was dead and I am alive forever. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am God, the Incarnation of God.

The fullness of God in Col. 1.

Col. 2:10, in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. This is exciting. This morning as the message came out, it was a blessing to me at the 11 service especially. We are the people of Jesus Christ. We are the little Christians. We are the people of Jesus. We are those that believe in this, the resurrection of Christ and the Spirit that dwells in us. We are even living in the reality of God. This is almost unbelievable. It’s so beautiful. You can get excited thinking about it. I’m a believer in God. God is in me. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. It’s almost an understatement. Greater is he that is in me than anything in this world. I can talk to God and God Almighty hears me pray a prayer. God Almighty lives in us and his love is perfected. It comes and goes. God is satisfied in that love. Wow.

My wife and I in our 42 or 43 years of marriage, who cares at that point what the real number is! – the reality clouds out the numbers! The reality of oneness, love made perfect. Two people being one.

How could that happen except God was in Christ? Now we like what P. Muhib said. We have a hope in a cursed world. God has not left us in a cursed world. He has visited us. He has come into it. He dwells here. He is with us. When I’m aware of all the politics going on and the news and all the stuff going on in our country, it has been that way for every generation. There is a contention of the devil against God and God’s people. Let us love one another and give room to people who don’t agree. Some of them have no idea. They are confused about all kinds of things. I’m not saying anything about myself as a man that knows anything better than anybody. We have been blessed and God has given grace to us. We would love God and the love of God is coming out of our hearts to people with a different mind, opinion, values or in trouble or worshippers of Satan. All of that we are not afraid. We are here to help. We are here to encourage and pray. We are here to be like God. We are to come into the world kind and loving and gracious Savior who laid down his life for the guilty people. And died. By his blood we would be forgiven and saved. Let us remember that in our goings in and out. We have been sent by God into a troubled world, a satanic world, a cursed world.

Let’s say a couple things and throw them out and done. How can you watch evil movies? Just a question. How can you watch wicked, evil, demonic, murderous, perverted, evil, decadent, séance, horror movies? How can you do that? I was preaching in the church and saying that’s horrible. Adultery, lying. We take the same words and put it in a movie. Adultery, murder and you’re entertained by it. In the church, you are not entertained by it because there is no music to it. You put music to it and listen to it on the radio and you watch it in the movies and pay money to watch it. You don’t have God’s love and the Spirit of God filling you. You are more intrigued with evil than drawn to God. God is a God of holiness and power. I’m entertained in my flesh. I’m drawn in my flesh.

We had a girl in Baku, the oldest of eight children and she went into the mountains on a trip and came back crazy. The family was heartbroken. She was tormented, demon possessed. We asked how did this happen? She saw a fortune teller and after she saw the fortune teller, she came back home demon possessed. Demons.

The church needs to be taught and realize what is the nature of the world we live in. Just as sure God became a man and Jesus Christ is reality, Satan is a real person and has a real strategy and can destroy nations. De 18 séances and witchcraft is absolutely forbidden. Absolutely forbidden. Why would I have any interest in that when I can get on my knees and talk to the Almighty God? The Almighty God visits me and speaks to me and teaches this book. I would help others to love this book and speak about Christ as the wisdom of God. One day, we will see him and fly away, Ps. 90:10.

I had two Spanish speaking brothers to come and do work in our house yesterday. They say every letter so I knew I could read it. I was reading to these two brothers. One spoke well. It was so much fun. I had a Spanish Bible and I don’t know what I was saying. I did know because I knew what Scripture to read.

I’m saying, God has been good to us. He has visited us through Christ. It’s the most incredible thing you can imagine. We are indwelt by him and one day we will see him. We don’t have much to do with this evil world. We have a message for them. Come on and be with us they say. Come on and be with us and be with us. I don’t have to be with them.

A Chinese proverb: one boy is a boy and 2 boys are half a boy and three boys are no boy. I read it and didn’t have a clue what it meant. One boy is a boy because he’s by himself. Two boys and he compromises. You get three boys together and you don’t have a boy anymore. What does it mean? When you are with Christ, you become who you are supposed to be. Who you are supposed to be. When you are with too many people, you are more like too many people than like him. Unless those people are like you. The Bible says we grow up and become like him. I’m afraid for people who always hang out with people and never become who they are supposed to be. They are who they are and people become half of what they are supposed to be or they become nothing. The people I’m with talked me out of the vision, out of faith, out of God’s way. Out of love. I was counseled into emptiness. Jesus would say follow me with all your heart and don’t turn to the right or left. Get serious with me and I’ll get serious with you. You leave those friends. Eric, hang up the phone. You don’t go with them. You are different because you have another spirit. Your spirit is a spirit of faith and God’s love. If God says follow me, you follow him with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge him and he’ll direct your path. You’ll wake up one day and what happened to me? I drank steroids. Jesus visited me and encouraged me, speaks to me, gave me godly friends, and Jesus made me someone I would never have been. Jesus did something I could have never done but we believed in what Jesus said and walked in it.

That’s the message. God bless you.



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