The wicked operate, but they are swords and hands of the Lord. He uses them for His purposes. Our promise is that we shall behold Him in righteousness and shall be like Him. (Psalm 17:1-15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Scibelli
Sermon # 11426
6:30 PM on 2/25/2018



P. Scibelli

Wasn’t that an awesome worship service? As they were singing up here, I had this thought in my mind about the scene in Rev. 5. John viewing in heaven and he was weeping, because no one worthy to open the book. No one was worthy to take the book. No one could open the book. No one could read the book. No one could understand the book. No one in heaven, in earth or under the earth could open the book. Abraham, the father of our faith, couldn’t come and take the book and open it and look in and read it and understand it. He’s the father of our faith but he can’t come and take the book. He can’t open the book. Then there is Moses the law giver, an Old Testament hero of the faith. He can’t come and take the book, open the book, look in the book, read the book and understand the book. There is Joshua, King David, all the prophets, – nobody in heaven, not Michael the archangel, no angel can come and take the book, open, look, read or understand the book. John was weeping. No one. Isaiah, Ezekiel. Jeremiah, none of the heroes of the faith, no angel in heaven on the earth or under the earth can come and take the book.

John wept and the voice came and said weep no more. Can you picture it? Weep no more. The lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed to open the book. When he looked he saw a lamb having been slain before the foundation of the world. What it says in the Greek language he saw the wounds of the cross in the glorified Savior. He’s the only one in the history of eternity. The Spirit couldn’t open the book because the Spirit didn’t become the God-Man. The Father couldn’t open the book. Nobody. He wept in heaven. He wept.

Some have said no more weeping in heaven but that’s what Rev. 5 says. Then he saw the Lamb. He was singing praise and honor and glory be to the Lamb. The Lamb could come and take the book, open the book, look in the book, read the book and understand. That’s amazing. When you think of all the people who passed into eternity and no one in heaven but the Lamb could open the book and look therein.



P. Schaller

Who can open the book with the seven seals? That was so spiritually right on. It was so good. We think about it in the context of our message this morning. The marriage of the Lamb where we will be raptured one day and go up and meet Christ in the air and go to heaven and be married. That was the morning message. The marriage of the Lamb in heaven with us the bride. We said maybe some men don’t like the idea of playing the female role of the bride. They have to get right with God! Cause we are the bride. It was amazing.

This spirit of our church and P. Duane’s testimony. Isn’t it great God is on our side? He woke that guy up and said get over there. My servant is over there. He didn’t know that. My man is in the pulpit and you need it. God is on our side and he cares.

We had a week of prayer here. All week, everyday three stacks of prayer meetings in the day and the young children came in and prayed. The classes from GGCA were coming in to pray with the staff.

I went down to Miami on Thursday. We flew into Fort Lauderdale and in the church that night and morning. They were saying we watch on the internet and we’re connected. And we’re Greater Grace. It was so encouraging to hear that. Two women, one had been in Lenox. They drove three hours. Jeff Brunte on Friday night and Saturday morning. P. Foster did such a good job of making disciples there. He was a mountain of a guy. His hands were huge. When he laughed he shook like a bowl of jelly. He had a sense of humor, loved the Bible, and was on target. He made disciples. Those people became listeners. And focused. That’s the kind of churches that are down there. We are on the wave of that trip. We came back last night very encouraged and edified. Some of them are going to Eurocon and some go to Haiti. P. Ken said my man in Haiti is a young man by the name of Police. He’s a young guy but he’s there and learning. It’s important that the Spirit would do this. Not just in the leadership area but all of us, the Spirit moving in our hearts. We knocked on doors and loved the neighborhood: Haitian, Hispanic, the working class. Everyone was so polite. It was interesting to understand what some of these Caribbean religious movements are. Spiritism, voodoo and a demonic spiritism from Cuba and works of darkness in different cultures. I saw the Spirit moving. P. Ken said we will translate into Spanish because they are hungry and coming and they want to hear and eat the word and get moving in the faith.

Every time we make a step of faith. Faith. Live by faith. When we live by faith, God meets us there. Say prayers by faith and God will move. By review, women love weddings. I’ve been told that. So do men, too. Don’t miss what this wedding is about when we are brought out of the earth. We are not of the world. We have been born again and we are of God. Adam and Eve, Eve came out of Adam’s side and Christ came as the last Adam. Out of his side came blood and water. That’s where we have come from in our new birth. By the blood we have been redeemed and by the water of the Spirit. By hearing the Bible and believing, coming out of the heart of Jesus we are born again.

Titus 3:5, by his mercy he has saved us. By his grace, his LK he has come to us. I’m shocked this has happened. I could say Billy Graham should be up there. But me? I’m not sure about that except it is the same. Billy Graham is up there because of the water and the blood. And you and I are there because of the blood and water.

Ps 72:2 let my sentence come forth from thy presence. What a thought that is. God is present in us. There is where our sentences come from, from his presence. From his presence that he resides in us. Our words are coming from God. Let my sentence come from God. Let my sentence come from his Holy Spirit. How about the sentences you don’t say outwardly but you say inwardly. Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you. If any man speak, let him speak the oracles of God. Let him speak what God is saying. When Jesus sent the H.S. into the world to get a wife for himself, he was using evangelists like Billy Graham and believers like you and me. We go to doors and share the message and it’s shocking what can happen. Our sentence is coming from God’s presence.

I was in my office this afternoon memorizing Ps 17 and meditating on it. It took me hours and that’s what I want to share tonight. I’m thinking of meditation and concentration and the word of God and what it means to us. We labor in the word because the church wants to be fed. Feed the flock amongst you not by constraint but willingly. Not for filthy lucre – meaning money – but of a ready mind. A ready mind is what I need. Not a paycheck. If I can have a ready mind, I can have a word in season. We have something more to say than what is said in the world.

They speak in the world and the world hears them 1 Jn. 4:5 but you are of God and you hear us.

1 Jn 4:6. Hereby we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. Those of the world want to hear the world but they of God want to hear God. Jehoshaphat and Ahab. Ahab had 400 prophets and a lying spirit went to them and everyone lied. Jehoshaphat said do you have one more. Ahab said I have one but he never tells me what I want to hear. Jehoshaphat said that’s the guy I want to hear. The prophet said go out to battle and you will win. Ahab said you are to say what God says. The man prophesied and said something fantastic. He said I saw in heaven a meeting. The spirits were gathered in that meeting. How can I get Ahab to go to Ramoth Gilead to battle? One spirit said I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets. In that story is many things. I’m fascinated what happens in heaven in the throne room. One said this, one said that. The evil spirit said I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophet. I like it God has staff meetings. He lets them talk. Isn’t that cool. Then the demon was there. How could a demon be in the presence of God? Apparently it was. In the Last Supper, Jesus with 12 and one a demon. God allows the devil to get involved. He allows the devil to do his tricks. These men are the sword of God. These evil men are a weapon God uses.

Ps 17:2 I want God to see the things that are equal. I don’t know what they are. My sentence comes from your presence. That’s amazing. Then I want God to see the things that are equal. Not one is down and one is high. Everything is right in your eyes through Christ. Even though I have sinned, you will see the things equal. I am as equal as your Son. You will see the things that are finished. I have been translated into his kingdom by his dear Son. We are the bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle. You ordained for us to stand in grace. I should be in the presence of Jeremiah, and Ezekiel and Billy Graham and Dr. Carl Stevens and many others but your eyes behold the things that are equal through the work of your Son. We are redeemed by the same blood. He is beholding the things that are equal. People look at things unequal. You are greater. I am less. You have sinned a little. I have sinned much. Everything is unequal. Baptist said valleys and hills will be brought up. He will make us all a hundred percent righteous. We have been redeemed by the same blood, accepted in the beloved. His eyes are beholding the things that are equal.

vs. 3. I think he’s found the finished work, the new heart. He’s meditating on it. He’s engaged in it. You can test me God. You will find nothing. I love that. Prove me God. You will find nothing except your Son, your Spirit. You can test me and prove me and find nothing there. I am built up in the most holy faith. I am capable. You have anointed and called us. Your eyes beholding things equal. You have visited me in the night and proved me and found nothing. I like walking around like that. I was walking around the parking lot like a proud peacock. You find nothing. Thank you, Lord. It builds us up in our confidence. Why live in doubts about yourself. When God tests you when your sentence is from his presence and he is saying you are able. I am with you. I will find nothing but that which I am satisfied with because I have called you and anointed you to be victorious. Yeah in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. This is the highlight now where this psalm is going.

vs. 13. He’s talking about evil people. At the front of the psalm there is a sense of godliness and the presence of God and the victory in the man’s heart. He can see God is showing him something. Then he says regarding wicked people camping out to destroy him. There is evil in the world shocking powerful.

vs. 13 he says deliver me from the wicked which is thy sword. God uses the wicked. They are like God’s sword. They can kill other wicked people. The wicked can put the wicked in prison. The wicked leader can bring total devastation. It happened with King Ahab. The wicked are a sword of God. But for us, deliver us from them.

vs. 14. From men which are your hand. The antichrist is coming.

He is already here, 1 Jn 2:18-19. Many are already here and they are your hand. That book nobody could get it. Here’s the world and there is a government around the world. There is evil and there is also God behind it all. In heaven they are saying what we are going to do with this evil world that is murdering and slaughtering people. There was a book, a scroll, with seven seals on it. This is the title deed of the earth and it’s in the hand of God. God is saying whoever can take this will deal with this mess here. There wasn’t anybody. There had to be someone from the earth who is able to take authority and bring judgment on the earth and deal with the evil and deal battle with the evil. By the breath of his mouth and brightness of his coming Christ will do this. Every time a seal is broken, there is wrath poured out, a judgment on the evil. You might think this doesn’t sound very nice, but who cares what you think about it. If you’ve been hurt, and corruption and evil pour out on the world we say is there any way anybody could take ahold of this and shake it out? John wept much because there wasn’t anybody. Weep not. The lion of the tribe of Judah and behold a lamb slain took it. He can do it. He’s the one that can straighten it out. Any of you smelled any kind of rotten thing in Denmark. Heard anything politically or culturally and say that isn’t right. Put that on steroids. When we are in heaven we will weep much if no one can take this and deal with it. Christ comes and does it.

vs. 14. I can’t say names but put in there the antichrist if you want. Go through history and think of these men. Their portion is in this life. That’s their portion. Hitler boasted the reign of the Third Reich would last 1,000 years and it lasted 14. That was his portion I this life. Men of the world. Men which are your hand oh Lord. It’s not right. Any evil is not right. I hate it. We hate it. Any lie is not right but in the wisdom of God, God uses evil for his own purposes. These men that are running around and reigning and ruling and empowered and capable men have a portion in this life and God fills their belly with hidden treasure.

vs. 14. I believe these men are so filled with themselves that God has allowed them to be deceived by their self-importance. It’s like a millionaire who buys toys and trucks and equipment and guns and vehicles and is distracted by all of his wealth and privileges. His belly is filled with hidden treasure. God has allowed his belly to be filled with his own way. Psalmist said I know these people. I know what they are filled with. They are full of children and left the rest to their babes. They have the best life you could ever imagine. They are men without God. They are men without spiritual life. They are men missing the whole point. They have many children and leave their inheritance to their children and that’s what they have. Look what he says.

vs. 15. As for me, you can almost weep. I can see what it is. I know who they are and what they have. I am not envious of it. They got 15 motorcycles, 42 cars, 17 houses around the world. Wining and dining, their bellies are filled. He lets them go. If you recognize it they are here in the world and you have found something so precious and it is out of your presence comes my sentence. In my heart that you have tried me and you found nothing but that which is precious to you. Your eyes behold the things equal and so do I. I behold the things meaningful and valuable. I behold you face in righteousness. This is the key word, righteousness. I behold your face in righteousness. This is what people are looking for, happiness instead of holiness. If I can behold your holiness or your glory, I see your face I will be satisfied when I awake with your likeness. It’s so amazing. In the Rapture, I will satisfied when I awake with your likeness. When we see you, we shall be like you. At the bema we will be brought before God and his reality. It’s tagging us. Even tagging us now like duct tape. Indelible mark of Song of Solomon that we are engraved on the palm of his hands. We are tattooed on the heart of God. God is made a seal on us and can’t lose us. We are secure in it. Let the wicked be as they are. Sometimes they have an advantage over us like with Jesus and Job. We can see his face in righteousness and ultimately it all works for good and everything Christ did for us is eternal and permanent. Ultimately we are satisfied when we wake up. When we awake with his likeness I think that waking up can happen today. Waking up with his likeness and you are satisfied.

Our direction, our understanding, our anticipation. The Spirit speaking. Our church, our baptism into a calling. There are people around us who need help. The thing is though it has tried me and proven me and in the night you visit me and found nothing. With my lips I purpose I will not transgress with my lips. Concerning the works of men by the word of thy lips thou hast delivered me from the paths of the destroyer. Good psalm.

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