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The Spirit and Our Misconceptions

The rich have many friends, but our hearts want something more. The nature of God sets us free and gives us all things. Many say Jesus’ name, but who touches Him? People of faith, people who get beyond misconceptions and go to Him, they touch Him. Be after something that the world cannot give. (Mark […]

God made all human beings for something beyond what we can see. World is somewhere between heaven and hell. His goodness is everywhere. Morality, relationship, creativity abounds, But Hell is also real for those who refuse to be led to repentance. (Matthew 5:44-45, Psalm 145:1-21; Romans 1:21; Romans 2:4) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Zane Turk […]

Submit is great word of protection. Try encouraging someone when you have problem with people. Satan wants us to never realize that we can be masters of the situations. We can live in victory if we follow Him. (John 8:31-36; Ecclesiastes 4:9-11) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Doug Wamboldt Sermon # 11629 9:00 AM on […]

Matters of the Heart

Jesus was greater than Solomon, He said so. But we see this in how the heart of the Savior was given to saving the world. Solomon’s largeness of heart got him many wives and also much trouble. (1 Kings 3:9; 4:29; 11:1-4, 14-15; Proverbs 16:7) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Brian Lange Sermon # 11631 […]