The Spirit of God for the Present

Spirit of Christ helps to see. We should not try to sell God with things. Job was not following God for his stuff. Job followed Him because of the Spirit of God. Too many fall apart when the marriage tanks, when the riches go. Let’s have the Spirit. Our ears are circumcised, our mouths speak […]

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Love and the Law of Liberty

The rich, young ruler of Mark 10 knew how to follow all the rules. His heart was empty and he came to Jesus, who loved him and told him the truth. Liberty comes not from following rules, but from taking up the cross in a relationship with Christ. James 1:17-25; Mark 17-21 Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller […]

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Love, the Point of the Law

Christ is greater than our natures. We can do so much, follow all the rules and still feel that there is something missing. What’s not there is the relationship and a rich, young ruler wanted fulfillment, but could not find it in his efforts. He needed Christ and His Cross. Mark 10:17-22; James 1:22-25 Speaker(s): […]

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