The Always Open Arms of God

God uses human beings. He has chosen us to do His work. He doesn’t use heroes, He takes the unworthy. Forget the IQ, God is interested in our RQ — our repentance quotient. (Luke 15:18-20) Speaker(s): Pastor John Love,  Pastor Eugene Davis Sermon # 11562 11:00 AM on 10/21/2018     P. Eugene I have […]

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Righteousness Breaks Forth

God imputed to us His righteousness, but is this always revealed in our lives? Could there be areas in need of correction? The Holy Spirit can show us and lead us in changes that reveal that Christ who is in us. (Isaiah 58:1-9, 2 Corinthians 7:10-12) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11256 9:00 AM on […]

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Righteousness Delivers to Repentance

God has imputed to us His holiness. He delivers from bondage and oppression, from blaming and vanity. We can be filled with His Spirit unto a fruitful walk of vitality and joy and righteousness. (Proverbs 11:4-5; Isaiah 58:3-9) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11257 11:00 AM on 5/7/2017 P. Schaller Prov. 11:4, there is a […]

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