Stand in Awe Under the Truth

The glory of man has been swallowed in shame. He has embraced falsehoods and become empty. Christ speaks to us and leads us in speaking to ourselves so that our inner substance endures under pressure. (Psalm 4:1-4; Acts 19:35-40) Speaker(s) Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Babou Bamouni Sermon # 11073 11:00 AM on 6/19/2016

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The Cross and Silly Doves

A divided heart leaves us with the wrong perspective on things. God brings inner healing and inner victory though the Cross. This gives clarity to our lives. (Hosea 7:9-14; Proverbs 11:29) Speaker(s) Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Chris Arman Sermon # 11068 9:00 AM on 6/12/2016

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No Excuses with God

The Shimei story is about a man who could not keep his word. It cost him his life because he lived in a haughty spirit. God wants truth in the inner parts. Hallelujah, we rest in His promises. (1 Kings 2:36-45) Speaker(s) Pastor Tom Schaller Sermon # 10928 10/7/2015

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