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Commandments, fear them not, God does not tell us to do something without giving us the power to do it. Do not go right nor left—move straight ahead. Walk in His way. Open doors bring adversaries. Both belong to God. Open door can only be spiritually discerned. (Joshua 1:6-7; Isaiah 30:19-21; Exodus 14:12-15) Speaker(s): Pastor […]

Our Decrease, His Increase

Jesus decreased first. He insisted that John baptize him. Fuel for light comes from the candle. As the candle burns down, the light grows brighter. (Romans  15:1; John 3:30) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Renaldo Brown Sermon # 11611 6:30 PM on 1/13/2019     P. Schaller Ps. 34:1-2 I will bless the Lord. Finish […]

Least and greatest are two big words. We serve the greatest call. Any church you are part of is greatest. Transformation is about small starts and big finishes. The Kingdom is like annoying mustard seed that grows anywhere and everywhere. (Matthew 13:32) Speaker(s): Pastor Chris Arman, Pastor Renaldo Brown Sermon # 11483 6:30 PM on 6/3/2018 […]