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Children of Love’s Wisdom

Let’s sing, let’s rehearse the Savior. We love much because we’ve been forgiven much. We learn love, we practice it and by doing so we give all the glory to God. (Luke 7:34 / Psalm 137) Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon Sermon # 11432 7:30 PM on 3/7/2018     P. Glen Cannon I got the call. […]

Living by Every Word of God

Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon, Testimonies from the congregation Sermon # 11366 6:30 PM on 11/12/2017   P. Cannon This is such an honor and privilege to stand here. The beautiful testimonies. We’re going to have a memorial for Delores also. This time in the service is my favorite part. I’m spiritually always hungry. It’s amazing […]

Absolute Liberty

The Lord gives freedom through His Word. God delivers us by His Spirit. His Grace takes away all of our bondage. (Galatians 5:1, 13) Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon, Pastor Steven Scibelli Sermon # 11259 7:30 PM on 5/10/2017   P. Glen Cannon You’re a beautiful audience. Just looking at you is such a joy to my […]