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By Agape Love, We Win

Learning agape love is the whole point of life, Forgiveness turns us into worshipers. We cannot minister out of frustration and issues. Let’s not live as the Pharisee in Luke 7. To judge the sinner woman is to judge Christ. Let’s break our alabaster boxes at Jesus’ feet. Love says, “Go in peace, and go […]

Great Things Can’t Be Modernized

Some things cannot be modernized. Love is one of these things. Love changes people. God is here and focusing and caring. Follow Me, Jesus said. Is it wrong to be great? Those who will be great are those who have the most important things in life, Many shall be great. Never give up on yourself. […]

Trinity reality means that God loves and He includes. Draw the circle bigger. It is remarkable that we are saved. The Cross did the work. Love runs like a deer through woods and fields.Then the deer stops and looks. How gentle and kind and humble is the way of God. In the love of God, […]