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Something is wrong with all of us. God reconciles us to Himself through the Son. How long would you have to pay for your sin? We cannot fix ourselves. Jesus paid at the Cross. All of our iniquity laid upon Him. His wounds paid for all transgression. (Isaiah 53:1-10; Matthew 26:38-39) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, […]

Sorrow Turned to Joy

The world celebrates death. It does not like the Truth. Learn to love the Truth. We do not know just how great the Light is that He puts in us. We cannot tell what He says. The real world is not all there is. Truth shall triumph. None can take this joy from us. (Revelation […]

Empty Tomb, Full Joy

The tomb was watched and sealed. They tried to make it secure. The world celebrated death of Jesus. But in just a little while, He was seen alive. We have a confidence, not arrogance. We believe that we shall see Him. None can take our joy from us. Reality is a lot bigger than what […]

Thoughts of Thorns and Crowns

Jesus drank down every drop of sin judgment upon Himself. World still weaves crown of thorns to put upon Christ. Our sin brought the thorns into the world that went upon that sacred head. Make your nest among His thorns. (Matthew 27:27-31) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11664 7:00 )M on 4/17/2019

Barabbas, Reality and Crisis

Reality recognizes healthy people. Reality always shows up. It’s tough telling the truth. Maybe we worry too much about ourselves. Man cannot live between Christ and Barabbas. Must choose one of the two. The world hates Christ. Be healthy and learn what this means. There will be day whe n God will say, Well done. […]