Greater Grace Day of Prayer February 7th 2018

Dear Saints,

Jesus said so much about Himself. He declared Himself to be the Bread of Life, the Light of the world, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. What a Savior we have, and we know from the Word that He hears us and is with us. Think on these realities as we come to another day of prayer and fasting for Greater Grace. This Wednesday, February 7, take time to come before His throne of grace. Here, in Baltimore, our staff and congregation will enter in specific hours of prayer throughout the day. Join us in this effort and let’s believe the Lord for a great move.

Please keep families in prayer for their health and provisions.
May God open doors for promotion and advancement. May our integrity and industry speak well for the message of the Gospel.
Let’s ask God to keep us safe in our travels during the winter season.
Let us ask the Lord to bless the preparations for Eurocon 2018, March 6-10 in Warsaw, Poland. Let’s also seek God for visas and traveling provisions for those wanting to come this great conference.
Let’s also be seeking God for the upcoming Easter season and the outreaches and opportunities that we will have to share the Gospel.

Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Pastor Schaller’s Office