Jesus met some fishermen one day and said to them “I will make you Fishers of men.” Over time, these men became Great evangelists and fishers of men. The only thing required was the Holy Spirit. Prior to the Holy Spirit being added to them, they could not be fishers of men. Why? Let’s examine what […]

We Have Seen So Much

Imagine, Peter and that Saturday after the Cross. How long must that day have been for this man. He talked big, made bold statements about his commitment and his courage. He wildly swung a sword in the darkness of Gethsemane. One man lost an ear in the angry scramble before Jesus stepped forward to clean […]

The Lord is There

The pages of the book of Ezekiel are full of strange and curious images. The first chapter begins with a vision given to the prophet that includes creatures with faces and wings. There were wheels and fire and many other bright and beautiful things. All of it came out of storm of dust to a […]

Blue Days

“Feeling the stress of a fallen world is part of existence. We might call this the’blues.’ Romans 8:23 teaches, ‘we groan.'” “The blues are common to the lot of a fallen human race.” “… Expectation of a carefree life or constant euphoria and excitement are neither scriptural nor true to experience.” Steven Waterhouse “The fact […]

Kingdom and the King

“Let your Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven. …” In these days when we hear and read of confused governments and outrageous politicians, we can take comfort in knowing that God is on His Throne. He is seated above Creation. He is Lord of all. He rules. There is no other like […]