“Arise out of Darkness!”

Let's receive Grace to go beyond an ankle-, knee-, or loin-deep experience of His Life while on earth, and let's purpose to receive Grace upon Grace to get in "over our head-knowledge"  in His Love, as His Light continually unfolds to us Who He is, what He's like, who we...

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Joy Unspeakable, Full of Glory!

When we simply believe and hold God to His Word to do as He has promised to do, the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with unspeakable joy as well as a peace which passes all understanding. The multitudes living in misery in the world are longing for this supernatural provision...

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Turn Aside and See

The Lord is continually waiting to be gracious to us and wanting to reveal Himself to us in deep ways. Let us simply receive Grace to be willing to turn aside from our way and walk in His, the "more excellent way". When God saw Moses doing so, He called...

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