David was overlooked by his father. He was misunderstood by his brother. He was underestimated by King Saul and mocked by Goliath. But, as a child of God, he triumphed in the battle. (I Samuel 16:11-17:54)

Speaker(s): Pastor Kim Shibley,  Pastor Scott Etman
Sermon # 11286
6:30 PM on 6/25/2017


P. Scott Etman – (Malta, New York).

I came to Bible college in 1999 and graduated in 2003. Then I moved back to Malta. My wife and I are talking about how some of the teens from years ago are growing up, getting married, having kids, and becoming missionaries. We’re seeing the fruit. How often it is. Two of our young adults now want to come to Bible college. My wife came for the entire week. I worked the first half and flew down Wed. Kept making me think of a weekend I had recently with my son. We went to the Lake George region. We took a class together, father and son and son growing up. There are various parts you take together. As we were talking about building on the rock, it made me think of that. The big part of the weekend away was about wisdom.

I want to think about wisdom in Prov 13:1, Prov. 13:20, the idea we are built on a rock and there is the greatest wisdom we can have is to stand on that rock. To have Christ in us, through us, and go into the world and show people the wisdom in the rock. One of the things we talked about is bad company corrupts good morals. One of the examples they give you in the weekend is a big gym and they bring fathers and sons into it. They have all these tracks laid out, like a maze. A rat trap, bear trap, trick wires. They blindfold the son and say you will get from this wall to that wall through this whole room of traps but you are blindfolded to do it. He’s not equipped for that. Then they say ready, set, and pause. The sons are ready to go and someone is scared. Then they bring the father’s over. They take ahold of their sons’ hand and lead your son through the maze. What a great example when you have the right teaching, standing on the right rock, the rock being God our Father, and led through this crazy maze of life. It’s easy to stumble, fall, fail but when we go back to the Father, he leads us through the maze. There is wisdom standing on the rock.

Eph 5:15, accurately or diligently.

vs. 16. We want to constantly go back to the Rock, back to the things we learned in Bible college or heard from the pulpit. When the maze of life gets crazy, we let the Father lead us through that maze and look back to him. Prov 13:1.


P. Shibley

1 Sam 16 and 17. 1 Sam 16:11-12, such a great account of David. As we see David here, the first mention that he would be the king. That he would be anointed. You all know the story. Samuel calls to Jesse and says bring me all your sons. We’re going to have a feast. He doesn’t bring David. He was out tending the sheep. He was the youngest. His father overlooked him. The one son he didn’t bring God was called to be the king of Israel.

He was overlooked by his father. David being overlooked. It’s not the first time. Here it’s by his own father. How easy that can happen to so many of us. We might feel we have been overlooked. How about at work? I was overlooked for the raise. I’ve been working for 10 years and the boss doesn’t know my name yet I come every day on time.

12 years ago before the Convention I was very excited. You had just become the pastor. I wanted to be by his side. This was pre- Silver Spring. I took the week off. P. Brian before Convention said I understand you are making yourself available to the church. I’m thinking I’ll be by P. Schaller’s side the whole time. I was so excited. I want to preach and be with him. P. Brian said we’d like you to run the bookstore during that week. I was feeling quite overlooked at the time! This can’t be right! Ok, P. Brian. I go to P. Schaller and said P. Brian mentioned about the bookstore and P. Schaller said that’s a great honor you were asked to run the bookstore. I’m thinking he was in on it! I got over myself, the pride coming out of my pores and decided to embrace it. That year was so much fun. The café wasn’t that big and we turned the classroom next to the bookstore into the bookstore. We sold so many old books. I was finding closets and attics that I didn’t know existed in GG filled with books. It was like an auction in there. Lisa Schaller was in there one day and her head was spinning. She was so much enjoying it. Being overlooked isn’t always a bad thing. It’s what we do with the opportunity.

We know David goes and sees his brothers and right away after he has begun to speak to his brothers he starts to ask a few questions.

vs. 25-28, essentially he is saying you little brat. Go back home to your little sheep. I’d title this message Who Am I? David was overlooked by his father and now is completely misunderstood by his brother. David was looking and seeing there was an opportunity there. He was thinking about doing something about this man defying Israel. Now he is misunderstood by his brother. There is nothing worse than being misunderstood when you have good intentions.

If any of you ladies watch the Hallmark channel you know what I mean. It’s the same formula every time. The guy loves the girl but sees her with another guy. It’s not what he thinks it is and it’s over. No, no, you misunderstood. She really loves you. Come back. It’s going to be ok. In the end, they do because it’s the Hallmark channel!

Being misunderstood is awful. Be careful in your relationships. Be careful not to misunderstand people. Understand that God is in control. Be careful not to misunderstand others or judge the intentions of others. It leads to things we don’t want to happen in our lives.

David comes to that point where he is making such a fuss that he gets the intention of the king. The brother doesn’t think much of his little brother. Now the king takes notice. Even the king says you’re just a little king. This is a mighty man of war. Goliath. He has heavy everything. You can’t go up against this man. David is just a man of faith. David says I can with God. So he does. Saul underestimates the power of God in a man. I was up here last night and really blessed… (He’s referring to those being ordained).

Charlie Weir getting his license to preach at 23 years old. Here is a man who can go out and preach the Gospel. Had the desire to be considered to preach the gospel. One of the qualifications to be a pastor is to have a desire to preach. If you have a desire to preach, you should learn how to preach. Learn the Word more and more and go to Bible college. Don’t let anyone overlook you or misunderstand you or underestimate you because with God all things are possible.

He was misunderstood by his own king who was a chicken himself! God had taken away his courage. The courage of the army of Israel was sacked. There was not one soldier. These were professional soldiers. Jonathan was a man of faith. He went out and won battles that he should not have run. Being led by an unspiritual man had lost his courage. God brought David who everyone overlooked, misunderstood, and underestimated and went forward in the power of God and went against a professional mighty warrior.

Who are we, Pastor? I don’t want an answer to that question! That was rhetorical. None of them knew who they were. You have the army of the God of Israel. You have an uncircumcised army, an unspiritual horde of men. They have the Bible, the ark, the priests, the tabernacle but don’t have faith. They don’t have courage. They don’t know what to do because they have not communed with God. David did in secret. David did while he was with the sheep. We need to spend time with God, forget the world. What does God want me to do? Who am I? David, who are you? Who is this man? This teen who is willing to go against a mighty warrior. Who is this man? Now of course David goes out for the battle with no armor, with a sling. He picks up the five smooth stones and listens to the abuse that Goliath lays on him. It was beautiful, wasn’t it pastor! Then he takes Goliath’s words and shoves them back in his face. Goliath mocked him. He said he’d feed his face to the birds.

David was overlooked by his father, misunderstood by his brother, underestimated by his king and mocked by his enemy, Goliath, the one who would represent the uncircumcised, the devilish army, Satan. Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas except he’s 12 and never in a ring yet he beats him. David won the battle. Do you know why? Who am I? I hope you know. P. Scibelli talked about it. We know who we are but David knew who he was. He knew he was a child of God. He communed with God and new the miracles of God were real. He saw it didn’t matter what people thought about him. It only mattered what God thought about him. I got an idea of you and me.

Let’s think about ourselves the way God thinks about us. I want to think with God’s thoughts. I am more than a conqueror through him that loved me. I’m seated together with Christ in heavenly places. I got everything that God has for me. That’s just as real as looking at your right now. If God is who we think he is then – P. Schaller told me not to speak with notes! God has made us something amazing! Casey, what should I say! We are children of the king. Paul knew who he was. Jesus knew who he was. One thing about King David, he had a lot of failures after. This was the basis of who he was and who he knew God had made him to be. We ask the question, who am I? Are you thinking with these kinds of thoughts? Are you applying the Scriptures to your life? I think we have problems when we forget what God has said. We look at the Bible too often as a how to live book, a DIY – Do It Yourself. The Bible is not a DIY. It’s God doing it in us. That was not pre-rehearsed! God speaks to us through his Word and tells us who we are. He transforms us through these amazing words. Who are you? Am I living in grace or legalism? Am I living in sin? How am I living? What am I believing? What does God want for me? I’m not David, but I’m God’s child. I’m a son of the king.

I was at a 50th wedding anniversary party for this amazing family. They raised their own children and adopted special needs children. Where is Casey? She left! I’m going to say ten children. Most of the kids were there. They came out amazing. They put them in the oven and came out perfect! Some have serious problems. They are not all following the Lord. Some of them have difficult issues in their lives. But they are loved by their parents just like the day they brought them home. No matter what you think of yourself, you are God’s kid.

God doesn’t kick you out of his family. You are born again. When was the last time God un-baptized someone or someone became un-born again? I don’t know what the scriptural formula can be. Ten steps to lose your salvation. Can you find that for me? David had all the confidence he was sent by God so the Spirit led him. He conquered by faith as we can do because we can apply grace to every situation. I love what P. Schaller spoke about the love of God. It’s transformative. It caused me to want to know the King of Kings and how I can use that love to bless others. David was overlooked, misunderstood, underestimated and mocked. Jesus was also overlooked, misunderstood, and underestimated and mocked. But Jesus rose from the dead. Today he sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and me. We are by all means, by everything we can understand from the Bible, we own every shred of grace out there.

God loves us so much. We are his children. As his children, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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