John 5.30 There was something special about Abraham, he always won, he was always blessed. Abraham was blessed by God. His Son was Isaac and he didn&t do much at all. He staid in the fields and waited for his wife. Isaac was just enjoying what his father did. Our father in heaven has prepared everything for us ! Jacob was the deceiver, he deceived his father and got deceived himself. Jacob had the promise just as much as Isaac and Abraham had he promise. Jacob is the picture of us. Eph 2.10 God changed the name of Jacob from Jacob to Israel which means ‘you have power with God and with man’. We are God&s handy worksmanship ! We all have the same inheritance, all partakers of the work of God. Jesus said that it&s wasn&t him doing things but his father, and we say the same thing. We don&t do repetitive good works, we do the work of God that he has prepared for us. S of S 5.2-4

Speaker(s): Carl H. Stevens, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 8948

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