The wise men followed a light in the sky. They came to find the King. Jerusalem — and the world — wanted nothing to do with this King. In fact, His presence was found to be irritating. But He is the key to everything. (Matthew 2:2-10)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11383
7:30 PM on 12/13/2017


P. Schaller

(Mt. 2) We have a short message but an important one. I pray God will speak to our hearts tonight.

Mt. 2:1-5. This portion just to explain simply and we’ll go to Ps. 4, is very instructive. In Jerusalem they should have been anticipating the coming of the King, because Daniel the prophet spoke specifically about the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah would be cut off from the people. He gave the time. It was 69 seven year periods. Without going into the IPad and doing the math, it’s 173,880 days from the time the king decides that the wall in Jerusalem was to be rebuilt. If you add those number of days to 445 B.C, April 14th which is when the king did do that, the 20th year of Artaxerxes in the month of Nissan, you come to this period of time, this time when, within 30 years. You come to the time for – you don’t know how old Messiah would be when he’d be cut off from the people. But the timing, those days comes exactly to April 6, 32 A.D., the day Christ died. If you would consider that the Messiah would be cut off from the people and he would be somewhere around the age of 30, you could estimate that he could be born about this time, the time the wise men went. In the text it says the wise men went to Jerusalem, how did they go? What was leading them? What were they guided by? By the star. We could also say they might have had Jewish heritage. They came from the east where Daniel was that gave the prophecy in Babylon. Maybe they weren’t Jewish but had Jewish advisers in their courts. The study of the prophesy and the prophet saying that the birth of Messiah would happen in Bethlehem. You have the timing of Daniel, Micah’s prophesy of location and thirdly you have a star, probably the Shekinah glory of God leading them. They went right to the king and said, where is he? Herod is saying who? What are you talking about? The king of the Jews. Where is he? Herod is in another world. I am the king. I am Herod the great. I am the king.

When they said this, vs. 3 he was troubled. All Jerusalem with him was troubled. That word caught my attention a few years ago. Jerusalem was troubled. Herod is troubled. I believe the world we live in is troubled. They are troubled by the messages they see on the news or hear on the street. By the economy, threat of war, lies, insecurities. This is a troubled world. When we say, where is the Messiah, where is the Christ, the world is saying, what are you talking about? There isn’t any. There is no Christ, Messiah, calling to task for my words or actions. We are saying don’t be troubled. Be saved. We are saying there is something deeper you are really looking for. It’s the Prince of Peace, the power of God. It’s the answer to your troubled soul. The wise man could have been coming along with your camels. We’re following the star. We know the king is born in Bethlehem. Perhaps they knew that, maybe they didn’t. We don’t know. But I’m trying to say, they are coming with hope. Probably the H.S. filling them every day saying keep going. The Holy Spirit saying this is the way. When we get to Jerusalem they will understand us. They have seen the star, also. They will show us where the Messiah is. I’m sure in Jerusalem there is an anticipation and excitement. There wasn’t any. They were troubled. Who are you? What are you talking out? The world does everything to get Christ out of Christmas. They love the buying and selling of presents, all the business of it. We enjoy loving each other and sharing gifts.

I said in Hungary bring a present of 2 or 3 dollars and you can give it to one person. Maybe you would like to do that, also. Maybe the H.S. will put someone on your heart. Bring it Sunday night candlelight service and gift it to them and bless them.

Gifts are great but this world is troubled and doesn’t get the message. The wise man are saying they don’t know anything. Herod said this lie, when you find him come and tell me and I’ll come and worship him. No, there is a different spirit in the world. He will come to kill him. There is an evil force in this world. I know the depth of our understanding but I have to say it, it stirs in my heart. I find the world in me, too. The world was in Lot’s wife. The thing about me is carelessness. I’m not serious about it. Lightness. The thing about me is I live on the surface of things. Let’s not take it too seriously. Think about me. I can be happy. The sugar high. I eat a lot of sugar and then 45 minutes I’m starving. I’m not nourished or fed. Spurgeon said I fear the day instead of the preachers in the church we will have clowns – anyone know it? Clowns entertaining in a superficial way in the church. Lies like Herod. Indifference or even trouble. We are troubled because the wise men came to our city. We are troubled after they talked to us about the king of the Jews. Why are you irritating us? Why are you doing this thing? Jerusalem was troubled. Maybe they knew they should wait for Messiah but didn’t want Messiah. They were satisfied with a sugar high and the entertainment and not the reality.

Men, don’t cheat yourself. Learn and grow in manhood. I’m at the top of the list. Help me be a disciplined man, a focused man, a sacrificial man. A man that shows up for my family, my responsibility, at work, at church. Show up for God and waiting also for Messiah and follow the star.

When they left Herod it says that. vs. 9. They listened to Herod and they get going and as they get going there is the star again. I believe it was the Shekinah glory of God low enough to lead them to Bethlehem, a small village. It had to be low enough in altitude so they could follow it to a designated place that even it shown over Mary and Joseph and the baby.

vs. 9-10. Has it happened to you? Praise God. Has it happened to you? It’s got to happen to you. I’m worried and concerned about people that don’t have this happening in their hearts at different times. Prone to something less. I will cheat. How many men cheat in a sexual way with pornography? Self-gratification instead of learning what love is. Honoring a woman. Honoring my wife. I cheat for instant gratification. How many – this is a good one – take what I’m saying. No condemnation. I remember watching sports on TV but I wanted to play myself. I was watching the sport and I wanted to go but I didn’t. Sports are amazing. I love them. But I cannot get my victories through those athletes.

I have to have something else going on for my victory. I have to be a man. I have to have God’s character working in me. I have to go through trials.

I can’t live an artificial life through artificial means, whether by food or sex or sports. These men are being cheated. They don’t have any counselor. They don’t have any real fight. They don’t have any real map for their life. A man needs a map for his life. It’s this thing called addictions. Round and round and nothing there. I’m sick of it.

Where is the star? Who cares about Herod? Not going back there. I could care less about that empty guy. The man is evil. When they saw the star, they rejoiced greatly. That’s like men and women find Christ real for us. We rejoice a lot for him. Give me the heart, the vision, the Holy Spirit’s teacher. I do need examples, heroes, and 400 people like Herod. Give me the one I can follow into battle. I can follow him into life, into sacrifice, into losing my life, into deeper waters. Someone has guts and grit and fire and teeth and purpose and something going on in the heart. He says to me as a son and this is how it happened with Dr. Stevens and myself and many others. Get some guts. Wake up. Get moving. Believe me. Let’s go. Jesus is real, raised from the dead and he is the Christ.

The world says, why are you talking like that? I’m following the star. When I find him, I have a message, a purpose. I will not be fooling around in an empty life of addictions and purposeless and entertainment and empty religion that bring me nowhere. Give me something, Lord. Give me a map. I’ll be a serious soldier. Give me what you came into the world to give me. He gave these men a star and praise God they saw the babe and worshipped him. God rewarded them for their faith. God visited them in their ministry.

Mary and Joseph were dirt poor. They had the baby and got gold, myrrh, and frankincense. Joseph had a dream and an angel in the dream. What did the angel say? Go down into Egypt. I can’t afford it. I can now. I got gold, myrrh and frankincense. They lived there until another dream said you can go back. They that sought the life of the child are dead. God gave them all they needed to fulfill a great plan.

Anyone who follows Christ with all their heart won’t be left high and dry. We’ll find some character, something going on in our heart.

If you don’t have a dad, you need a dad. What do you mean you say? I had a great dad but Pastor Stevens became my dad in the Lord. I need someone to hit me sometimes. I need someone to follow. I needed a message, some discipline, concentration, to believe this and I wanted to follow it with all my heart.

Thank you for sending your kids to our school. It’s an amazing school. I love it so much. These teachers are awesome. They learn little by little. They become these honorable people. They get something written in their heart. How many of our good families are suffering. Maybe a good family needs a good church and message. They grow up and become people we are so proud of in the right way. I’m excited about it.


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