(Jeremiah 2:24-25, James 1:13-21)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11265
11:00 AM on 5/21/2017

P. Schaller

Jer 2. For a very unusual portion of S that we will teach about and then the principle is a diagram up on the screen. It is the heart of man. We have two. Why two?

Because one is the heart of man that has sinned and we put a hole in it, as in Jer 17. The heart has departed from God. Adam when he sinned, his heart changed and he departed from God. He was now not a friend of God but an enemy of God. The human race across the board is not essentially good. The human race is essentially an enemy of God. Yes, we do good because it is better to do good than it is to do bad. It’s better for us if we are polite, civilized, honest, and good. Scratch below the surface and you find selfishness. Our motives are not always so clear. Our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked; who can know it. This heart of man is like an animal in the cave but you can bait him. You can draw the animal out of the cave by enticing him and baiting the wild animal. You can catch a fish, a bird, a wild animal. If you learn their nature you can find what bait to use to draw them out of the cave to the bait.

This metaphor is also used in James 1. We will read it later in the message.

My heart is a heart of sin and Jer 17 says I don’t see good when it comes. A heart of man is deceitful and in a measure miserable and struggling with a problem he has. He can be tempted or baited or seduced or drawn out into a trap. He can find himself living a miserable life. The other heart is a new one. This is a new birth that gave us a new heart. We have new capacity because of the new birth. Capacity for righteousness, truth, God.

Dan Dunbar shared an introduction this morning. He lives in South Korea. He said when he goes soul winning he asks people what is the most important thing in life? They say family. That’s a good answer but may I ask you what if you lose your family? Then they say education. That’s a good answer but what happens when you get sick and the education cannot help you. And on and on.

When the woman went after Jesus who had been bleeding for 12 years and she said I am not getting better. I have been to doctor after doctor and not getting better. She said I come to you. Jesus said in effect it is over. You are healed. This heart never gets better or finds the ultimate final satisfaction. I always have a hole in my heart and can put in little elements orbiting around. I’m looking for a friend, or family or money but when I find it, it is not enough for me. It will pass away. There will be a time when it will end. My health goes, my money goes, and my job is gone. But Christ came so you would have a new heart and there is no end. With that heart it is eternal. That new heart has given me a new capacity. We have found J.C. The well that never gets dry. The answer that is always satisfying. The only wise God. The living God. Notice in my new birth I find myself living in the new heart and also find myself with the old heart. My old heart bubbling up with lust, desire, sin, emptiness, loneliness, misery. I know what that is and I remember what my new heart is. You should have this in your life. You’re doing the right thing in coming to church. This is where we feed that new heart. We have a capacity but you and I must walk in the light. I come to church but I let God search me. If there is any way in me that is not right, I’m able to say to the Lord, here I am. I’m not hiding anything. I bring it all into the light of your countenance. The blood of J.C. cleanses me from all sin, known and unknown. We are thinking and are capable of R. That’s amazing. We feed that and grow in it and learn it and can sense it in our hearts. This is a big thing. God and man would live together. This is a first principle. I hope you understand it and follow it with me. I can live for days and weeks in my new heart. This new heart recognizes Jesus and the R of God and is satisfied. Ever had a period of time when you are edified and satisfied. You are not guilty. Life is simple. Jesus is real for you. You praise him and rejoice him. The milk spills over, the garbage isn’t take out, the car, but by the new heart we live life. The new heart has a capacity for God. God is with me. My life gets upside down but God is with me. I can see it and realize it. As that happens I go to bed one night and all this other stuff comes into my heart. Crazy stuff. I don’t believe in God. Blaspheme. Pride, evil eye, evil heart, cursing, emptiness. I know what that is. But I don’t need to give place to it. It’s the sin and the lust in my heart by the nature of my sin nature.

Jer 2:24 the meaning of this is Israel as a nation is sinning. Israel is seeking idolatry and living in sin. God says she is like a wild ass. What is that? In our country we have wild horses. Horses are domesticated but can also be wild. A wild horse snuffs up the wind at her pleasure. Rebellious, on her own and doing her own thing. This is how people live also. People are like a wild ass doing whatever at their own pleasure. In her occasion – that means when she is in heat. When she wants to mate who can turn her away. She’s so strong and so focused on what she is looking for, you cannot control her. That happens in man. That man is very much like this strong animal. The man is going to do what he pleases. On our diagram it’s like the heart that is fallen and has a sin nature and it’s hard to control the sin nature. He does things in secret. He’s deceitful and capable. God is addressing the nation that has a problem. This is like us too. There are times because of our sin nature there is a lot of force and power behind it. All that seek her will not weary themselves. We’re not going to go running after this animal and try to find it. We can’t control her anyway. In her season, her month, when she is with a foul, a colt, pregnant, in her month, you can find her.

vs. 25. That means putting a shoe on your foot. Like a donkey or horse having a horse shoe put on to control the animal. Our feet should have shoes. We should realize our need and have a change in our life. We need a change in our life. Not to do what we want. We would like to know is there another way of me living so I don’t live in this temptation. Baited. I could be baited because of my nature. Is there another way.

vs. 25. I hope this isn’t confusing to you. Jeremiah is saying there is some way that I am not living like a wild ass in the wilderness dong what I want and no one can control me. Having my feet shod and my throat with water that there is a way for me to live above and beyond my addiction. I want to use the word addiction.

vs. 25. You said there is no hope. I met people that are struggling and they say I give up. I don’t care anymore. I have an addiction and it will take me to the grave. There is no hope. I’m not going to change. I tried it.

One brother who has been sitting down here, Brian, and he is in jail right now serving a sentence for 2 years. Since 14, he has been addicted for 22 years on heroin or some other drug. He came here from the woods, from being homeless, and he came here and by faith. I would say how many days? 72. And then how many days? 94. What did it mean? First time in 22 years I have been free from drugs and it’s been 94 days. That guy really exists and he is in jail in Towson. He’s doing fine. He may be listening right now. We love you Brian. God is real.

The wild ass moving through the desert in the wilderness will do whatever his hormones say. You go looking for it, you will not find it. It’s so strong and independent and capable and so is the human heart. If we are born again and you are, you have a new heart. That changes temptation. It changes the nature of temptation. They said there is no hope. In the 9:00 service we preached this message and a man met me at the door. He was so thankful. We had a talk. I realized he got out of prison three weeks ago. He said this message is for me because I was saying there is no hope. I have problems and go back to them but you said I don’t have to go back to them. I’m saying it to everyone in this room. There is hope. There is something new. You have to feed it, recognize it, draw near to it, and realize what it is. The new birth has given you a capacity you didn’t have before. You are able to hear what you are saying, what the Spirit is saying, what God is wanting to do in your life and lead you in the new heart and the capacity for God himself. You love God.

We were in Nepal with P. John and Diane Post. In Nepal idolatry is everywhere. We were living in the guest house. In the court yard is a temple with couple stone statues they consider gods. A woman came in with some red power, put on the forehead of the gods, flower petals and then worshipping. Why? Good luck, prosperity, safety, protection, security, family. We want blessing. It is in our heart. Can those stone gods do that for her? Who made the rose petals? Who made the earth and the sky? Our God is an invisible God. The only wise God. On our screen there is heart that is a wise heart. It is a heart of David. It’s a heart of J.C. It’s a heart that wrote this book. If the old heart reads this book it gets all messed up. Anyone can read the Bible and have religion. When God in our new heart we read the Bible and it’s food and able to build us up in who we are. This is how you overcome temptation.

James 1 These Nepali people now worship Christ. People are singing and loving. Go on Utube and look at Nepali roads and find the five most dangerous roads in the mountains of Nepal. These people came to see us. 21 pastors, 3 ordinations, and 500 people and vision for 75 GG churches, one in every district and more. You cannot produce it unless what we are saying today is for every one of us.

James 1:13 what is temptation? Here is the heart here that can be tempted. And this one too. When Jesus had a heart with no sin in it, was he tempted? Yes, he had the freedom to violate God’s command. God cannot sin but as man Christ could have sin. That human part of Christ. He decided not to. He had something else more important. Something greater than sin. There is something greater than sin and it’s God. There is a better reward when we live by faith and it’s God. God cannot be tempted. But the devil is tempting. He is the tempter. God works trials and tests but he doesn’t tempt. Difference is like when you go to buy a used car you test drive it. You get in it to see how good it is and how it works. You’re not trying to destroy it but testing it to see what it is. Devil tempts to bring destruction and death into life.

vs. 14. Drawn away by his own lusts. Here is the old man’s heart, a heart of lust. He has a need. Drawn away. Like an animal in the cave and the hunter wants the animal to come out. How do you get the animal out but by tempting it or baiting it? This heart is perfect for baiting. It’s ready to be baited. Give me what I am looking for. There are many temptations that we have because of our sin nature. Mental thought patterns and patterns of lust in our heart. Like the wild ass in our wilderneness. We will find her in her month when she is pregnant. The devil enjoys the human race in this regard is that it is easy to bait the human race. He knows what is in us. In some cases we have very little option. You may be disciplined and overcome temptation but it will surface in another way. Maybe you won’t lust after a woman but you may be proud and want everyone to notice how great a person you are. The sin nature manifests itself another way.

vs. 14. Drawn out of the cave like an animal or bird drawn into a trap. That happens by the nature of the animal. Not by God. We are tempted because of our sin nature. We get into this trouble. This trouble is in a word misery. Different forms of misery and pain. The psychological effect of my sin, practical relationships, civil consequences.

vs. 15. Conceived is the word for pregnancy. You have the lust in the heart, baited to sin and now pregnant with sin and going to give birth to sin and when sin is done, then there is death.

vs. 15. I’m a Christian and I’m miserable. Why? I can’t help it. I’m doing the wrong things. Seems I have no power over it. I’m drawn away. I can say as a believer, there is no hope for me. I don’t find any answer. If we left it at that and the message ended, we would be wondering what is the answer for my life. Is there any? These verses say there is.

vs. 16. Don’t err in say there is no hope and have no way out.

vs. 17. You know the dimmer switch in your dining room? Light and less light. Shadows, different times of dawn and degrees of light. God is not like that. He is 100%. He gave us a new heart and he gave us himself as light. The gift of God is not in degrees. He gave us his son. The Son of God dwells in us. He gave us everything he had. Everything of value. He imparted to us his divine nature.

vs. 17. With whom is no dimmer switch. The planet, the moon is turning and sometimes it catches a lot of light. Then there is the new moon and variables. God has given us himself.

vs. 18. Of his own will begat he us. We were born of God. When I was born again the brother said to me you’ll be different. He said you are a new creation. Am I supposed to feel it? Maybe you will but doesn’t matter. You are a new creation. He showed me the verse. Whether you see it or feel it or not, you are begotten of God by the word of truth. Born again by the will of God by the incorruptible word.

Ezek 36:26 I used to be like the wild ass doing whatever I wanted but the Lord said don’t let your feet be unshod and your throat without water. How can I get shoes and water to drink? We should be a kind – means a kind of species, another kind of person. We are first fruits of the work of Christ. The ripe fruits you take first and a week later take others. Christ’s resurrection is evidence in our life because of our new heart.

vs. 19. At the Marriage Getaway, we said some people have wrath in their bosom, close to their mouth. On the beltway someone is swearing at you. That guy his wrath is in his bosom. It’s close to his mouth. He gets angry for some simple reason. He may carry the anger all the time in his life. His world is not the way he wants it to be. The believer can have the wrath in his foot and it takes time to bring it up. I have to find my anger because I’m not an angry man because Christ dwells in your heart. I don’t mean my anger is in my foot but using it to illustrate it takes time when you are Spirit filled and angry. Angry about things that don’t have to do with my ego but righteousness, the nature of God. The nature of God being violated. The devil deceiving and lying. The damage done to the human race by the devil and what a lie does. What my human heart is capable of.

I want to get to vs. 21. Funny words for us in our language today. Superfluity means abundance. Naughtiness means evil or wickedness. Lay it aside. I just don’t pay attention to it. The abundance of it. I’m not paying attention to it.

We talked in the graduation about filters. Air filters, water filters, computer filters, TV filters. All kinds of machines have filters. When it comes to our young people where are the filters? When it comes to your own mind and heart, where are the filters? I lay aside the filth or abundance of wickedness and receive with meekness the engrafted word. The word implanted. I’m able to receive implanted word like we are doing now. I let my Bible talk to me. The Bible would be my food. That my feet would have horse shoes. God would control me. You say there is no hope for me. Ask Brian. There is. I had one brother addicted to porno 28 years and says it’s over. How did that happen? Engrafted word. Lay aside. I’m going to live by faith in God and believe what he says. I receive with meekness the engrafted word. He makes my life from being miserable to being a garden. I have something going on in my heart. I have something going on in my mind, my life. I have something happening in my life. Thank you God you are building me up. The H.S. is able to keep you on track. Make you desire the eternal. Don’t feed the beast. This side of my fallen nature is like a beast. If feed him, he will take you for a ride. You’ll say my life stinks. Lord will say whether you are ready. If humble yourself under my mighty hand I will impart to you the engrafted word. Hear it on the archive. Fellowship with each other. Get to know people. Wise people hang out with wise people and it’s profound and simple and godly.

Sometimes tears and joy unspeakable. I can live by faith. I’m tempted here too but I make a better decision. I’m not going to do that thing. I’m going to follow God by faith. God will do it for you. He will take it away. One time we were in Hungary and outside of our church – smoking cigarettes is a big habit.

We had 400 people in the church and outside the door were cigarette butts. I didn’t want to preach about it. It’s not good for your health. In a rap session I said how many of you God has taken cigarettes away? 33 hands went up and I never said a word about it. How did it happen? That new heart is able to believe God. There are people who say there is no hope for me. God is saying unbeliever receive with meekness the engrafted word and able to change us and do that work.


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