The things thought or made by man weigh people down with false burdens. We have Christ. He carried all our weight. He speaks. He reaches with everlasting arms to touch our emotions, our wills, our minds. (Isaiah 46:1-9; Isaiah 50:4-11)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11308
11:00 AM on 8/6/2017


P. Schaller

The Spirit of God is dwelling here amongst us and in us. Christ dwells in us. Isn’t that amazing? There was a time we were without him and believed in him and now born again.

Gal 2:20 this morning we will turn to Is 46 and Is 50. That’s how we will preach today.

Is. 46. I’m going to make a short break down for you and read one verse, vs. 1. We see the name of an idol, Bel and the other one is Nebo. Wagons carrying idols. We had pictures on the screen some time ago of idols in India, Hindu gods carried by people. We carry our burdens, our guilt, and our problems on our own shoulders and also lies we believe. No one loves me. I’m afraid of God. I’m ashamed, shy, fearful, and guilty. I’m a child abuser, shame on me. I’m an adulterer, deceiver, liar and I cannot change. I carry this with me in my life.

vs 2-3. We will read and comment on.

vs. 4. There is a contrast. They carry the idols, burdens and now it flips the other way. I am God. I’m not an idol. When born from the womb, I carried you. I carried you when you were 1 month, 5 years old, 30, even to the time when you have white hair. You don’t carry me. I carry you. There is no God like me.

vs. 5. Who is like me? God is saying. There is no God like me.

(Picture). This is a picture of a Greek idol, the Venus god. Interesting story by a man who was young and disabled by a disease. He was depressed and heart sick. He was in an art palace in Paris and come to this statue. He cast himself down in depression and despair. “There I lay a long time and wept so passionately that a stone must have had compassion on me. The goddess looked down on me but helpless to console me. See you not that I have no arms and therefore I can give you no help.

How vain and useless to look to any for spiritual help and comfort except to him that declares the Lord’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save. This god or goddess is not enough for you and me. No arms, can’t reach down and console me. Yet this is the burden people carry in this life. They are worshipping lies and believing things about themselves and God that are not true.

We have the book of Isaiah. Maybe you could read it from chapters 40 to 66. It’s a mini New Testament, 27 chapters like the 27 books of the N.T. It’s all about Messiah and the coming kingdom.

Someone had to carry this statue into the museum and had to move it themselves. P. Bamouni said an idolater had a bag of idols and traveled to Ivory Coast to teach how good the idols were and the benefit of worshiping them. At the train station, he forgot the idols and realize he had to go back and get them. That’s how useless they are. They can’t walk by themselves. We laugh but it’s so true.

I heard a story about a millionaire in California and he and his wife adopted a boy. When the boy was 8, the man started having sexual relationships with the child. He did it for years. He was a millionaire, but there was a cancer in his soul, in his imagination defilement and shame. The young man grew up and went to the police. They brought the man to court, he was sentenced and won’t get out of prison the rest of his life.

Successful people have a problem. What is it? Sin. It’s what I carry. I carry these things, these burdens, this guilt and the shame. I carry the problems of my own decision making. I don’t want you to lose focus. The mind and the heart – there are three things that are important. My mind, my emotions, and my will. Those three are powerful. Those three are in correspondence to three elements of Christ. Three elements in his ministry. Three things that he does. In our O.T. we have three offices that relate to these three needs. We could say a man has a mental need, an emotional need, and a volitional need. A man needs some motivation in the right direction. We are made emotionally in our operation as people. Emotions are very important and mentally. Christ is a priest, a prophet, a king in his ministry. Christ is the king, addresses my will. Christ is a prophet, a teacher of the Bible where my mind is enlightened. And Christ is a priest for my emotions.

What kind? My son Justin told me if you could imagine you are in the Raven’s football stadium with 70,000 people and they put you in the center and everyone reads all your sins you have committed in your life. You’re standing on the 50 yard run and all your sins are on the Jumbotron. How ashamed you would feel. When Jesus Christ came, this is what he did. He came into this world as a human being. He is blamed publicly and put up on a cross. Not only do human beings say you are guilty and you have no power, but all the demons of hell are rejoicing in the whole judgment of God upon God’s Son. All the angels are seeing it and God the Father is having pleasure in this judgment that comes upon the Son of God. This is amazing. This is who God is.

They carry the gods and worship the gods. Look at this goddess? What could she do for me? No ability to take away my sin, overcome death, take on the devil. No ability to change my life. No arms that go all the way to a prison like that man in California. Christ died for his horrifying sin. Christ says I will carry you, the guilty sinner from the womb to the gray hair. I will forgive you, restore you, and speak to you. I am God. I’m the living God.

I’m been reading a book P. Philippe gave me on the paganism in the Roman Empire. I see that Christianity should not have survived. There was these sensual gods, prostitution. No humility. Pride. Pride was a virtue in the pagan world. To be strong and proud and capable. Christianity has another way and this would not be working except it works in you. The arms of God are not short. They are long. They affect my mind and emotions and my will. Did you hear that? That’s amazing. That’s why we make it as believers. That’s why the first century of Christianity was incredible. Why are they believing this stupid thing? There is a God and they can’t see him. They can’t go to the temple to prostitute or worship gods. They say humility is the answer. They say it’s a mystery. It’s all a lie, foolishness. Come with me to the temple and enjoy yourself. The newborn Christian is saying I don’t go there anymore because I have found the God that carries me. I have found righteousness. Holy Spirit righteousness. We have said it through the years here in this pulpit and around the world.

By the way, P. Scibelli just came back from Africa, a month or so away. A lot of kudos to his wife that sends him off and the blessing that goes on him and his family. They have done an extraordinary work and it’s been Christ all the way that carries it. He is carrying this amazing work in Africa. The story should be told in book form sometimes. Worldwide we have 3,500 Bible college students.

We could pray that not only would we be studying the Bible but that these words would get into our spirit, mind, emotions, and will. Why do I get up early in the morning? Because I want to meet God. Sometimes when I lie down to go to bed, I’m so excited about waking up in the morning to meet God. That comes from the HS. That is in you and me. Why do I love coming and fellowshipping and hearing these testimonies about God answering prayer and carrying us through trouble and painful things?

One brother in prison was drunk and not saved. He went head on into a car with two young people that were engaged to get married. Both killed. He survived and went to prison. One of our preachers was there preaching about forgiveness. It happened on the day P. David gave the message of forgiveness. He realized something happened and the guilt was gone. He said I’m free. He couldn’t explain it. I’m free. I’m forgiven. He started to do Bible college by correspondence. Then he came to Baltimore. Then he was ordained as a pastor, and he’s a man of God and a man of faith. When he gets his white hair he is going to say God has carried me from the womb, from the prison to this very day. I know my God is not like other gods. I know my God is the answer for life. I know my God is the God young people need to discover. That’s crazy they would be on the streets dropping dead from drugs. Sixty a day in the state of Maryland. Many of them not surviving. They die. Then suicide. Teen suicide is up. Five times what it was earlier. Some are being bullied in social media. How could that result in a 12 year old taking his life? They don’t have what is needed. They need God to carry them. They need a mom or dad to say we’re going to Sunday school. Our young people need God like we do. So in Las Vegas they wear this T-shirt. “Need prayer?” Before they go in the casino, they stop here and say need prayer! We don’t mean that. There has to be more than that. “Jesus loves you” (on the back of the t-shirt). We have to feel the pain people have. We have to realize there is some need that the Spirit of God will bring the message of Christ to the world. The Spirit of God is the God of the mind, emotions and will.

Is. 50. Turn to your neighbor and say what did he say in the last ten minutes? What is he talking about? Go ahead. There has got to be not only for the new believer but for us with the white hair who have been carried by God.

Thanks for prayers for my mom. My mother-in-law is also 95. My wife and I got the call where she is in CT and ran up there. We had a great time with her. That was on Sunday. But in principle we don’t miss services at all. She stopped drinking and eating. Keep her in prayer. My mom surprisingly came down here to Baltimore yesterday. She’s going to be here at this service. I heard she was sleeping in! Mom, you can’t do that! You missed church, mom! Get with the program! I am in my program. I’m alive! Thanks for your prayers. God carries you in thick and thin. He will never let you down. He will never forsake you.

vs. 4-11. Why don’t you be reading that this week? Become a Bible believer and have your own Bible. Get the words for you. God’s Word goes into your heart and ministers to you.

Is. 50:4, I counted six body parts in this piece of Scripture: tongue, ear, cheek, back, hair and face. Christ is saying I’m showing up. I’m showing up with a physical body. My tongue, my ear, my beard, my cheek, – they are plucking hair off my cheek, and then my face. I’ll look at the devil in the face, the lie, that statue, legalism, Judaism. I’ll show you what it is. I’ll show you who you are. You don’t carry me. I will carry you. You don’t save me. You don’t go on the train and get me because I’m lost in the Ivory Coast. I am everywhere present. I am God. There is a lot of foolishness in the human heart. There is an idea that is a lie and I love to debunk in. They believe man is evolving and improving. We believe man knows better. The modern era is better than the previous they say. We say there are liars today as there has always been. Fornicators, liars, adulterers, etc. The internet doesn’t take away the problem of the human race. The real problem is our sin, yourself. The second problem is death. Who has the answer for it? God does.

vs. 4. When Christ speaks he sounds like he is educated in a way that is unique. He has no rabbi before him. Even when he’s 12 years old, he is intelligent and capable with the rabbis in the temple and they are amazed at his communication and understanding. He was able to silence the critic with his wisdom. Instead of theological terms, he talks about trees and birds and a certain man had two sons. If you knew my Father, you would know me. If you had the fear of God in you, we’d be on the same page. There is something empty in your heart. That is the hypocrisy of the human race. We learn the language but our heart is far from it. An attorney said I could learn your language. You’re very sharp and smart but can you get my heart? With your mouth Jesus said you worship me but your heart is far from me. I don’t care about how smart you are if you don’t have the heart that comes from God. By our new birth we have it and realize Jesus is saying there is something deeper than the smartness of men.

vs. 4. Lord we want you to speak like Einstein. No, I’m going to speak to him that is weary. Maybe the scientist just has their life in science and are happy with it. But I’m going to speak a word in season to him that is weary, to him that throws himself down at a statue in despair. I’m seeking to save those that are lost. I have a word in season. It says how to speak to them. Sometimes you are drawn by someone’s tone of voice. Sometimes drawn by the love in the voice. One little boy said I like the sound of my name in your mouth. That’s beautiful. How to speak to him that is weary. How about those times Jesus spoke to the disciples and they were refreshed by it. The mystery, the intrigue, the drawing of God, the God of the will. When he is done ministering to us, we feel there is hope, love, forgiveness, and an answer because our God carries us. How to speak a word, a phrase, a parable, a story in season to him that is weary. He waketh my ear to hear as the learned. This Bible college semester I want to make every effort that we would read this book slowly and deliberately and prayerfully and we get words in season. We learn how to meditate and hide the Word in our heart. Showing up like Jesus came. He came to carry the load, to carry us, to do the work. When he is in us, we are also being prepared so we would be there for others. We would be able to care and reach out. We would be able to have words in season. Sometimes showing up is hard for us. I’d rather stay on the couch. Say that to your neighbor! No, wait a minute!

vs. 5. When could Christ have been rebellious? Jesus is in submission to the Father and walking around and saying your will be done. I delight in doing your will. Then comes the problems in Israel, Galilee, with the disciples. He’s saying I love to do your will and he goes to the Last Supper and Gethsemane. He says is there any other way? I’m going to be on the 50 yard line in the mega Jumbotron as a spectacle…I will suffered greatly. I will take the sin which I hate and all the penalty on my body. He put his face in it and showed up. He was not rebellious. I’m not suggesting he would be but he was a human being. Nobody likes pain, hunger, shame, to be tortured, to suffer. He wanted a way out but said nevertheless not my will but your will be done. That made him the God that carries us, that solves all our problems. That is the answer for everything in this world. That’s what he did. That’s who he is.

vs. 6. We see his back and then his face. His back with the lashes, they whip him with the lashes, and pluck out his beard. He gives his face to them it says. Spitting is unclean in Judaism. The saliva is a body fluid that is unclean. It’s a defilement. Moses said it to Miriam when she questioned his marriage. God said if your father spit in your face, wouldn’t you be unclean for seven days? That was said to Miriam. What you have done is shameful. You could be spit upon by your dad. We are repulsed by the whole idea but that is the point. In those construction sites, there are those walls and a hole where you can look in. You don’t know what you’ll see. Christ is putting his face into spitting and shame and torture and death. You get an idea that our God has arms that are very long. I’ll take on everything you will ever face in life. Look unto me. I am your God. I am not in heaven talking about it. I show up in Bethlehem. I carry you so you will have a blessing from me, the Almighty God. I’m here to affect your mind, will, and emotions by my Son who is king, priest, and prophet by his offices. I’m not just someone who talks about it. I’m getting it done.

vs. 6-7. Lord, don’t you want to back off? I do in my humanity. But I don’t because I know who God is. By the way, I am God and I will take my deity and I will show you want it is to be humble, obedient, to suffer and lose something. I will gain something great for my heavenly Father will carry me. I will finish the work and I will carry you. You will have the same nature dwelling in you and you will have light in the darkness.

vs. 10. Do you know what it means? You’re sitting in a prison cell because of child abuse. You pay your penalty and we are sorry for it at many levels. You sit in darkness. What are you going to do? The Jumbotron is flashing all our sins. We are at the 50 yard line and ashamed for all our sin. What will we do? Find the God who carries us, who took our sin away and brings light in the midst of darkness. The God that called us by name and writes us in the palms of his hands. He says you are not your sin. You are free.

2 Cor 5:17. I write your name in the Book of Life, wash your feet, and became sin so you might be the R of God. It doesn’t excuse any sin or crime but only put it in the right context. There is no answer if we are carrying our own stuff until we look unto him. I will come down and bear your sin in my body. I will be your Comforter and priest. I will build you up in the inner man and you will have freedom, joy, and light. Wed. night message was on shoes. What was the Wed. before that?

vs. 11. What are sparks? Little burning embers. They can be metal. A fire sparkler on July 4th. I take a sparkler and can’t do a good job at it. It’s not good fire. I can’t read a book by it. Sparks go, gone. They are gone. What good are they? The bar room, Happy Hour. Cursed hour! What is Happy Hour? Sparks. What is an affair? Sparks. Girlfriend or boyfriend. If God puts you together that’s amazing but that’s another kind of fire. People go from sparks to sparks, party to party, entertainment. A movie can be a spark. That’s your business but so many things in our life that the American culture and way of life is sparks and not real content.

Jesus came so we would have content. You get the point. We are done. Getting drunk. Sparks. What is the end result of a life of sparks? This shall ye have of my hand. You shall lie down in sorrow. I’m not satisfied. I went from one party to the next. These young people do it at 20. Maybe they will get straightened out and find the reality of Christ. Imagine the old guy doing it? He’s living in sparks and lies down in sorrow. Are you a play boy for a couple decades? A play boy and a party animal and lie down in sorrow. There is no content there. There is no living God in my life. There is no real answer for me.

All through the years of our life, I’m saying it with you, it is amazing when the Spirit of God leads us in our mind, emotions and will and we say wow. I am motivated by the grace of God. I have something going on in my life. I have my mind. That’s food for me. In my emotions I laugh with the guy, talk with the guys, go cycling with the guys. Everyone is welcome and invited because this fire is God’s fire in the Spirit wherever we are. We are making an effort this summer to walk in the light and Christ will carry us and take care of us.



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