God is pictured as having married Israel, His people. They forsook Him and made a golden calf almost immediately. Though they sought others, they were left unfulfilled. He won them back. Let us soak up the pure water of the Word. (Hosea 2:7-8; Proverbs 14:14)

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11330
6:30 PM on 9/10/2017
P. Schaller

Hosea 2:6 We had a pastor’s meeting on Saturday morning, a pastor’s breakfast and we talked about the ministry and all the brothers and sisters working so hard day after day and week after week in our work God has put in front of us. Most importantly us seeking him, knowing him and walking with him. The power for service comes from the H.S. The creativity, joy, compassion, excitement and work of God in the Spirit and in prayer. We refer to our past in a good way because through the years we have for different reasons sought God and put him before our face.

Hos. 2. Does anyone know when God got married? Who did he marry? Israel. When did it happen? This is amazing. Serious truth. When he brought them out of Egypt that was when he married them. He was married to them when he brought them out of Egypt. This is my wife Israel. God got married. What about the church? Is the church married? No. We have first the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and then the wife is joined to Christ. Christ has a bride and we are engaged but not yet married. At the Rapture, we will be married. When we are brought out of the earth, we will be perfected as a bride without spot or blemish. Then the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are now being prepared, washed with water of the Word, trained and led and guided with his grace as Christ as our head. God got a wife and brought her out of Egypt. Were they married? Yes. Later the prophet said where is your bill of divorce? He said Israel committed idolatry. When? Right after she got married. What do you mean? In the wilderness they made the golden calf and they worshipped it. She committed adultery. Can you imagine getting married and on your wedding night, your wife has sex with another man? Amazing, vulgar, sinful, wicked thought but that is what it says.

Hos 2:7, the prophet was told to take a prostitute.

In Hosea 1:2. So the prophet has to take a woman who is a prostitute and marry her to illustrate what God is going through with Israel. That he’s having a hard time with Israel. Israel is seeking other lovers. I hope you are able to absorb what I’m saying. This is not the regular Bible study you would go to maybe to hear these profound ugly things but will end well. When you read your Bible and we are in the Bible the way we are in the Bible, and God is showing us things and it will change our lives. It becomes a way of thinking. As our theme is seeking the Lord. I’m so glad you can follow me. I’m so glad P. Barry was lightening our hearts and the music here. The Holy Spirit could say something to us. I don’t know how this is going to come out. But I know it’s going to come out. I believe it.

Hos 2:7 I want you to get it in your mind. A Christian who is born again, beautiful kind of believer in many ways and that person gets in trouble in their soul. Maybe they are disappointed with their life. We have seen that happen through the years. Maybe sickness, a troubled marriage, maybe a house they have a problem with or finances or the dream they had as a young person is not really happening. Instead of seeking God, they are seeking many lovers.

vs. 7. What are they? What are those other women or men in life we can be attracted to? This morning we spoke about six patterns of the soul: power, materialism, approbation, religion, -I got it here. Power lust. I go after power. Sensual lust. Approbation, I need attention. Intellectual lust. Lust is not only sexual but it’s anything outside of God. Jesus said to the Jews you will seek me but not find me. Imagine seeking God and not finding him. Can you imagine? I can… I cannot find God. God is God. We are not God. I don’t have control over God. I may not find him. That’s his business. I would like to find God. If I can’t find God I am tempted to go after other lovers.

vs. 7. We could say catch them, find them, be satisfied by them. She will go after other lovers but they don’t really care about her. She’s kind of crazy in her mind going after them. She shall seek them but not find them.

vs. 7. There it is. I will go and return to my first husband. That is the prophet Hosea. Hosea married her and then she was gone playing the prostitute. God said you have to stay faithful to her and she will return to her first husband. After you’re done with all your idols, you’re playing around, foolishness, after you are done. Here is the sad thing. Maybe she will not come back to God and play the fool, continue in her lostness and deceit. Maybe she will not come back and seek God and find him. Do you follow that with me?

Hos 2:8, I have to say that in my heart. I know it was God who gave me this long life I have lived so far. It is God that’s given me my lunch every day, my children, my friends. God has given me our joy and love in our hearts. God gave the corn and oil and wine and multiplied her silver and gold. Here’s the amazing thing about God in the Bible. Though Israel is this way, I can’t stop loving Israel. Wed. message, God does not change. He’s not a man that he would change. His promises are yeah and amen. There is an area he changes regarding judgment. I will judge you and the slightest attitude of faith please have mercy. He did it with Ahab, Manasseh, Hezekiah, David. We read about it on Wed. night. It’s so amazing God does change. I will judge you but I want again to plead with you come. I am a merciful God. You got to get to know me. You will not go away from me if you get to know me. You’ll be filled with the Spirit, satisfy you, give to you what you are looking for. A Christian gets disappointed and runs after their lovers and after three months or a year, have you found it yet? No, but I’m working on it. I’m going to have my dream and get life the way I want it to be. Jesus said if you try to gain your life, you will lose it. If you lose your life, seek first the kingdom. Seek first R. Drop it. Forget about getting your way, your lovers. You’re not going to get it your way anyway.

Jer 29:13 says and you shall seek me when, when – what’s it say? And find me. I would like the young men and ladies in our church to get ahold of this amazing thing of seeking God and finding him. Some of us have been on the road for a while need some fresh oil, some visitation of God in a fresh way. Some renewal in our spirit and find him. I don’t like the duty and the routine as much as I love the person who leads us in our responsibility in a fresh way. When we find God in our life, seek me and seek my face and you’ll find me when you seek me with all your heart. Here’s an example. I’m a good Christian. I have a job and it means a lot. Two kids, marriage means a lot to me. Does it mean too much to you, your marriage, kids, and children? Are your savings meaning too much to you? Does your health, your life mean too much to you? It might be. He said the people in the world seek these things. If you seek me first and my R, the right thing. Let’s do the right thing till the stars fall. Let’s ask God for the right thing. Let’s seek him first and God will take care of us. I’ve seen it happen. People start talking and living in their own ways. Let me get the buckets out here. I’ll get the sponges.

Prov 14:14, P. Steve’s got housekeeping there. This illustration is so simple it’s going to be anticlimactic! They went through all that for that? I could have got that in a second!

Prov 14:14. Maybe it’s better to show you a verse in 2 Samuel 17:23. Ahithophel. Say it three times.

Look at 2 Samuel 16:23. This guy was respected. This man was a man when you listened to him like listening to the Word of God. He was respected and listened to and believed. When Absalom asked for the counsel in chapter 17, they didn’t take his counsel.

2 Sam 17:23. What? He hung himself. Went home. By the way, they say CEO’s do that when their company runs in trouble. They put their house in order, their desk in order and take their life. Sorry. Sad, tragic point.

Prov. 14:14 Very simple. Here’s a bucket of water. I like to think of it as clean running water, spiritual water. There’s this sponge in the water and it’s soaking up clean running water. Where did he get it? What happens to us when we get that clean running water? We soak it up. What happens when someone is seeking God? They are finding him. It may be little bit but it’s happening. When the woman Israel left Egypt by the power of God and marriage to God, she was filled with her own ways. She said I want life my way. You know what happens to the backslider in his heart. He shall be filled with his own ways. He has his own words, his own spirit, and his own ideas. What about the Bible? If alive in the Bible, I believe in God. We are asking the big question. Are you seeking lovers or God? If you seek God and seek me with all your heart, you will find me. This thing will go on and it will be like clean water. It really will. How can a man give good counsel like the oracles of God and when it’s not followed, he goes and hangs himself. Who is he anyway? He believes in God but where is God in his life. What is happening? Where is the reality of God? That is the issue of the hour. We have people going and coming all the time. Why isn’t there any hunger and something going on in the spiritual realm where they say I have seen the glory of God, seeking God? I’m satisfied with him. I can go to a Sunday night service because I get a piece of heaven…I get life and instruction that affects my life deeply. How do I seek him? I don’t know how it works. God says the heart is deceitful. No one can figure it out.

If you come to me with all your heart, you’ll find me. If you don’t, you’ll be filled with your own ways.

It’s going little by little, black paint is in there and I have a white shirt on. How are you doing? Filled with your own ways. My own ways will lead me off. Will counsel me in a way of rationalizing my sin. Everyone does it. You can hear about it in the hair salon. My daughter is one of those folks and does an awesome job and is an awesome counselor. She gives good counsel because she goes to church and her dad is the pastor and many other reasons! I got to get fed. I need to find God in a prayer meeting.

Ladies, if you are hanging around with a group of women and all they are is negative or talking about the church or other ministries in a negative way, is the backslider filled with his own ways. Hey, the devil is out to get us off track. We did find it. He found us but he is also asking us come to me.

Can you imagine the meaning of that the night of the wedding, the very night her heart is not there but after a golden image, a calf god? I loved Israel with and everlasting love and with LK I will draw her. Jesus dying with arms stretched out and saying I will not stop loving you. Have you found your lovers yet? I will try to overtake them. You will never overtake them. Stop it, drop it, forget about it and get real down before God and say Lord, fill me with your H.S. Show me who you are. Reveal to me who you are in the Body. Show me who you are in faith.

We are in a world that is wealthiest in the history of mankind. People can go on vacation… every vacation I can bring before God and I want God’s leading. There is rec leagues on Sunday morning and we would tell them we can’t play on Sunday morning. We’re in church. Our kids are looking. Our parents are weird. They grew up in that and we are different. We found something we are passionately different in. I can’t afford my kids to be on a soccer field when they should be in a Sunday school. It might be there I find God I am looking for. I might find him in the meeting, in my Bible study, in the song. When I dance on the beach in the moonlight. God is saying go for it. I am the God of peace, of joy, and love. Rejoice in this. I am your Father and there is no one like me. I am God.

Let’s say it this way: ministry has got to be different because God is in the ministry. God is in us. Because we find him we dance different, skip and dance different. We love differently, we are patient, and there is a difference about us. When he says drop it, forget it. I say it’s a joy to follow you. You are amazing and show me a better way. The Lord says I will show you a better way.



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