At the heart of the Tabernacle stood the Ark of the Covenant. In that, we would find the golden pot of manna, the budded rod of Aaron, and the stone tablets of the Law. We have the food, the life, and the Truth from God in us. (Hebrews 9:1-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11358
6:30 PM on 10/29/2017


P. Schaller

…Brenda had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to follow Christ. P. Ray was driving a tanker, a large truck hauling fuel. He had just broken up with his girlfriend for the same reason. That’s how it happened. This woman just to honor her in our hearts tonight. We were there at the face-to- face in Carlisle and at the cemetery and afterwards with the food. It was an amazing expression of the Carlisle church of the love they had for this woman. Folks came from Baltimore and York. It was such a large number. P. Ray is an amazing man. What I have seen these two people honoring God. When someone more important that you…whatever it is, they put value on you. They put honor on you. They put value on you. If you seek this honor, Jesus said, then you’ll miss something. If you seek the honor that comes from God, and this is what happened. This woman was honored by God because in her heart she had what you and I had by our new birth. The Lord gave her a great husband and P. Ray got a great helpmate, friend, servant, and minister. Some of the young people that had been in the school in Carlisle and she was a key part. They stood there with joy and tears and shared how much she was a mother to them. Then I believe there were maybe 50 people there from her work place. The owner spoke so highly of her because of how she had a ministry to people who came into the restaurant, believers or unbelievers. She was able to put value on people. That’s what Christ does. When you feel God honors you, we don’t walk around saying it but living it. I got something. God is with us. God cares about us. Then lastly she and her husband were a team. I mean they went hunting together, they wore the same sweaters; they even had the same model car. Twin cars. They were together all the time and they had one focus and that was God and in that ministry that they have pastored and served in, that ministry is so built up in liberty, love and respect. The fruit of it was so obvious. We just want to recognize that. Our dear sister has gone to be with the Lord.

I think it was General Patton. I’ll ask P. Steve to look it up. He said we shouldn’t mourn for the people that died as much as to be thankful for the fact they were here and what they gave us. I think he was talking about soldiers but the principle is true.

Keep P. Ray in prayer. God is going to help him and encourage him and speak to him and use him in a mighty way. We celebrate the fact she has gone to be with the Lord. Pretty soon we are going to go, too. She’s with a whole bunch of people there. P. Stevens, Richard Wumbrandt, Martin Luther, Apostle Paul, Jacob and Abraham. Praise God! It was interesting she said these words in 2013 in the Women’s Seminar. (We watched a clip from that seminar).


P. Schaller

Express to your neighbor great things God has done. Let’s speak about Jesus Christ.

Heb. 9:1, earthly sanctuary. Jewish people offering animals or fragrance, anointing oil and incense. They had food that they offered up. Also drink, animal flesh. They worshiped this way. This picture is defined in Chapter 9.

vs. 2. The priest would go into the courtyard, into the altar, the laver, and go inside and there would be a candlestick, showbread and incense. When we come to God by faith, we have a ministry to God. Don’t underestimate what your life means when you participate and live in faith and have a devotional in the morning. You take care of your spiritual life by God’s grace. He has called you and anointed you to have a ministry. This ministry is not on the earth the way the Jewish people have it. When you go for a walk and pray, you have a ministry. When you listen to God in your heart, there is a ministry that God has set you apart. I love the idea with the Jewish priests they wore certain clothes and were prepared. They are going in to ministry. There was a tabernacle pitched in Israel with the same dimension. It was earthly. It doesn’t look so beautiful. Fire also. Maybe a priest is tired. Had an argument with his wife. You can see all the imperfections that happen with an earthly ministry. When Christ comes into your life and the Spirit of God fills you. You get to see beyond the earthly things. Ever been a child in your grandmother’s house and it was so amazing. You remember it and 40 years later you go back and say was it this house? It’s so dinky or small. I remember it this way but now I see it this way. This happens in our earthly life. The photograph of 1963 and your sister had a hairdo of a beehive. Somehow that picture has been destroyed. I see the earth and I cannot totally depend on myself and how I see it. So God has given us something we can see that is invisible. This is why Christ came to give us a better picture, not an earthly one but a spiritual one. I believe when I was in the meeting more than 40 years ago and the Spirit ministered to me that is eternal. That is God. God has visited us years ago. Those are treasures. That’s a ministry that does not pass away.

vs. 3. There was the next veil that was the holy of holies. The veil and many of you know this teaching, there was a veil there in the tabernacle and they put a rope around the leg of the priest and then once a year, think about it. The priest could go in there every day into that first room. But into that second room only once a year. It’s thought provoking. I can go in and burn the candlestick. I cannot go into the holy of holies. It had to be the high priest and it was only once a year. This was earthly. I was thinking trying to illustrate it. What if in our faith God said to us every November 27th you can come to me in prayer and ask anything. Every year. One day every year you can come to me and ask me. I wonder how many prayers would be prayed on that day. We have a better tabernacle, a better covenant. It is that Christ has taken the veil away. We, God’s people are with God in the Spirit of God and the presence of God in the holy of holies in our inner man. The inner man is Christ in us. And it’s all the time, not one day a year. It’s all the time we have entered into the very presence of God.

When my wife and I went to Bible school in South Berwick, Maine. If you go up there today, it was some adhesive or something on the carpet. There is a certain smell. I was in New Hampshire and walked in the building and it was the same smell in South Berwick. What do these earthly things mean to us? Nothing. Our earthly form. Brenda is not in the grave. She left her body. The stock of wheat. The grain went to heaven and the stock is buried in the ground. Even the stock will be glorified one day.

1 Cor 15, Heb 9:4, Gold is that precious metal that represents deity. I like the dull kind of gold. It’s kind of not bright and luminous but has a beautiful feel. Some kind of thing about it but God uses it for representing the holy and glorified.

vs. 4. In the ark was the golden pot. You look like a golden pot. There is the shape. What was in it? Bread. I want to say two things. Golden pot in the holy of holies you can’t get any deeper. In a person if this tabernacle is a facsimile or schematic of a human being, the courtyard is my body. Go into the first part and that is my soul and deeper in is my spirit. In my spirit is a golden pot. Think about it. In me is a golden pot. The Spirit of God in us is like the golden pot. The candle of the Lord. The spirit of the man is the candle of the Lord. A man’s spirit is able to hold what? Manna. It’s a golden pot and it holds manna.

I thought of a Bible verse the other day. The last time I heard it was 40 years ago and it came back to me. I can’t remember now what it was. Another 40 years!

You got something that you are holding in your spirit that God gave you and it’s called manna. And it’s food. Spiritual food. You get it when you come here. You hear something from God by the Holy Spirit. In the rap or the little fellowship I have a word with each other, or I see something that speaks to my spirit because we are spiritual.

Remember the video about the sheep hearing the shepherd’s voice. The sheep are eating not flinching. The shepherd calls out, boing! God is our Shepherd. He gave us a golden pot. We should know that. We should recognize it. It’s not in the holy place. It’s in the holy of holies in the ark.

It says 1 Cor 6:17 that he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. That Holy Spirit is what is joined to the Lord. The context is sex like a man with a prostitute. He said don’t let your body be joined to a prostitute. Rather be joined to the Lord is one spirit. The man in his flesh with a prostitute is one flesh but we have been joined to the Lord is one spirit. The sexual drive and activity in our world is a result of a spiritual famine. When you have a spiritual life, you are delivered from the lower impulses and drives that I will fall upon and live in. The best thing I can do is draw near to God and walk in the Spirit. I have a golden pot that has manna in it. And Aaron’s rod that budded.

Heb. 9:4. Inside is the golden pot and inside is Aaron’s rod. This is a rod of authority and it blossomed. It means resurrection life. Brenda, life. Joyful woman. Love, freedom, caring, ministry, beautiful. The Holy Spirit does that for you and me. Third piece of furniture is the tables of the covenant. There were the Ten Commandments, two of them. This means truth. Not only the letter of the law but the Spirit of God. The justice of God, the ministry of God. It’s in us. This ark is God and he is Spirit. Man made in his image. All of that furniture there and those articles are in my spirit. I’m moving with life. I got joy. I got life.

I caught a ride with my daughter up to Carlisle and we were talking and together. What a gift it is to have a fellowship of life.

Then when I hear a strange sound, a stranger’s sound. It doesn’t exactly, maybe something you sense there is something not right. Maybe at work. Maybe something with unbelievers. It can happen with believers, too. There is some strange dishonesty or back room talking going on. Maybe something hurtful or not right. When the ladies get together you don’t get together and talk about how bad your husband is. Ladies get together and how do we talk. We have the Ten Commandments. The love that is there. What is behind the Ten Commandments? That is what we sense in our spirit. The ladies like Brenda I can’t imagine her getting together and saying anything other than that which is edifying and honoring her husband in a spiritual way. I can’t imagine being with brothers and sisters and talking negatively about churches or about anybody. What good does it do? We enter into the holy of holies and this is God’s mind. It’s edifying. When we have problems, we can be honest and work on them but have something going on that is a ministry from God.

Heb. 9:5, Angels one on this side and one on this side. They are looking down. The blood would be sprinkled here. The Jews would have the rope on the leg. The bells start chiming and they wouldn’t dare go in so they would pull the dead man out. That never happened but they could imagine it would happen that the blood would not be accepted.

vs. 6-9. They would come out but not be absolutely sure. It was done but it didn’t have the power of cleansing the conscience as Christ’s blood does. It was still another year. They would do it again. It was only earthly and it didn’t have the power. Now there is power. The blood of Christ is powerful. I believe it is glorified blood. I believe it is in heaven. I believe that blood has an application. We feel and sense our freedom and acceptance. The Spirit fills us and speaks to our hearts and we find ourselves having a ministry. Every one of us should explore those opportunities of ministry in the church and in the world we live in. Walking every day to minister to people and having a ministry of life. A lot of joy, love, encouragement, words, quietness, and listening. We have all kinds of equipment in our heart and spirit and able to minister to people with this life and joy.

I like a small group and we are on with God. We’re firing all cylinders. We have joy, a word in season, vision, and we get encouraged. We go into a restaurant and laugh and talk. The joy we have and the ministry we have. We are sitting in a restaurant having a good time and people lean over, what are you guys drinking? Small groups.

You come to a big church relatively. We have these amazing meetings through the week. Then we are able to carry it with us and have a word in season. People are needing it and starving for it. Very much needing it. How can I live in it by faith? The Spirit ministers to us and leads us.

I have this booklet, Domestic Abuse. I was thinking of the bullies that can be in the home. The man in corporate America who is a tyrant. Nice and polite and polished but controlling and manipulating and can be abusive and take advantage. You are crying out where is justice, judgment, and equity. The world in many circles needs another message and one of love. These people who are abusers can find a new life by love and grace. We can pray for them and counsel them. And lovingly, kindly, wise. Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. They are saying I don’t take any of this. We talked about it this morning. Look it up on the archives and relate to this message tonight.

What is needed is the inner man would have what is needed. Our freedom is greater than their oppression. I could lose my job but I’m going to be honest. The emotion of anger or violence is a smoke screen to protect the person and their ego. They are suffering and they will get away with it, but inside can anyone help me? I’m destroying my life my family, and my business.

The greatest thing someone can do is come to Christ and Jesus takes us, fills us with the Spirit, forgives us by his great grace and fills us with the Spirit and gives us another kind of authority. A powerful life with God and find the honor that comes from God.



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