Speaker(s): Pastor Steve Scibelli, Pastor Chris Moore, Andy Castro
Sermon # 11322
6:30 PM on 8/27/2017

P. Chris Moore

It’s wonderful to be here with the family tonight. My wife and I are here from Texas. We celebrated this summer 25 years of marriage. She’s been an amazing friend and wife and team member of 25 years. I dragged her all over the world. I was thinking it’s so beautiful to be here tonight. This is an introduction. Getting in from Texas on Thursday. Wonderful time Saturday, the wedding, this morning in Philadelphia. Very fruitful. The Body there sends their greetings. Living in Houston about 1 year. Seeing wonderful things happening. Pray for Houston because some parts of it will be flooded with about 50 inches of rain. I’m getting text messages and picture message of rising waters. One family had to evacuate. They send their greetings and are watching on line tonight.

Thinking about this verse in Rom 11:32. Such a privilege to be here and at this pulpit. Thank you pastor and leadership here. Such a support for us in Texas.

Rom 11:32. Great news. I rejoice in that tonight. God has concluded all in unbelief…there is none righteous; no, not one. That’s not just a verse for unsaved but for us tonight. God has concluded us in our best state in unbelief. Why? There is a purpose there. God has done this not to condemn but that he might execute his divine plan of mercy. He might have mercy upon all. Mercy is meaning we don’t get what we deserve. Grace is we get what we don’t deserve. We get it because of the blood of Christ.

I love living in Texas. I think everyone should move there. If it’s not God’s will, he won’t let you go. Leave the rest up to God and the Missions dept.! It’s a fertile, fun place. So much joy and sense an anointing.

We have a beautiful Body of people there already. We were knocking on doors Saturday morning. It’s about 175 degrees – no, not that hot! About 112. We are knocking on doors. We have our little flyers and meeting people in the neighborhood. We say my name is and we are from. We are new in the neighborhood. This one guy opens the door. Under the skin of Texas there are cowboys and some wildness. This guy opens the door with his hand behind his back. Howdy! Soon as he hears we are from the church he pulls out a gun and says I guess I don’t need that. It was a 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson. He invites us all in. I thought this is a place for GG!

We heard this and I thought of this verse. A duck hunter was hunting with friend in a wide open barren swath of land in Texas. Far on horizon he noticed smoke. Soon he heard the sound of crackling. A brush fire was advancing his way. They can move up to 20 miles an hour. So fast couldn’t out run it. He emptied the contents of his knapsack and he soon found a book of matches. He struck a match and lit a small fire. They were standing in a large circle of blackened earth waiting for the brush fire to come. They did not have to wait long. They covered their mouths and laid flat out on the blackened earth. They didn’t have to wait long. They covered their mouths with handkerchiefs. The fire swept over them but they weren’t touched. Fire wouldn’t burn the place where fire had already burned.

That is like the Cross. That’s what the Cross has done in our life. The Cross is that match we have lit that burns around us the combustible material. That Cross is something that has happened in our life that protects us. When these fiery trials come and burn up anything we can produce in our flesh and our acquisition, in our achievement complex, – there is one in the United States – it burns up any form of R we can have. That Cross has concluded all in unbelief. It’s the base line of how we start every day. Lord, I have nothing to present to you other than blackened earth. The trial of our faith does come and it will burn everything at rapid pace. If we have surrendered to that Cross, that blackened earth, if we apply the Cross, the devil and that trial has nothing to burn. We will be delivered from that trial, just like those Hebrew boys. We come to God, don’t we, with all of our stuff, our issues, all of our answers, excuses, opinions and our case. In human justice this is what happened to me. We lay it before the Cross and there is nothing there to burn. When everything is breaking loose we have that peace and quietness sin our heart. We were under so much pressure, Paul said. We were bent out of shape fearing for our physical life. The Cross is our deliverance. When we are under pressure, we see the fire come and can’t outrun it. We have to pull out that match, light it by faith and apply the Cross. We say this is crucified, not an issue and something God has decided 2,000 years ago. This is the message for Texas. Finished work, grace. That’s it. That’s what is changing people’s lives.

Our flight has been canceled Monday and may be canceled on Thursday so you may see us again!



P. Scibelli

It’s not as hot in Africa as it is in Texas. Stay here; Baltimore needs you!

(Heb. 12) There are a lot of verses in Heb 11 about not seeing.

vs. 27 it says they endured, held fast, never flinched seeing him who is invisible. My eyesight is key.

Heb 12:1 the sin is in the singular. It’s speaking of unbelief. It clings to us.

vs. 2. Great message this morning about the footsteps. I remember some villages we went to in West Africa they told us not to go because they were completely controlled by demons. I said, where are they? Twelve of us went. We have two pastors from that village now. Two men became pastors and when we penetrated the village of [?] known for its tremendous activity. One group of believers went there from a church and they fled away and left all their equipment so I picked up some equipment too. But I found the people and gave it back. The right thing to do is return it to these people.

The enemy hates the gospel and the pioneer movement of the gospel into all these places. 6 billion without Christ. How important for us to be praying, giving, and going with the message of the Gospel. That takes faith in God. That’s why we have Bible school. We will have a great semester, great year. Amen. I’m excited about the day classes. Sometimes we think I had that course. I look at Bible school as if I never had that course because today if you hear his voice. God wants to do something different in my life. Even if we graduated, just to take a course and hear the Word of God. Thank you for P. Schaller and the pulpit.

I was thinking Satan is in the blinding business. 2 Cor 3:14, 4:4 He blinds people’s minds so they cannot see the Gospel. God is in the eye opening business. He opens people’s eyes.

Paul prayed in Eph. 1:17 the eyes of their understanding be enlightened. In 4:18 he used the opposite phrase. Gentiles have their understanding darkened. God wants to open my eyes. Leaving the church on the way to Emmaus. In way out and Jesus opened the S and they said our eyes were open. We saw him in the S. Faith looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher. The OUR is not in the manuscripts. It’s added by the translators. It’s not our faith; it’s God’s faith. Ever hear people say I don’t have any faith? You have God’s faith.

Gal 2:21, Php 3:9, Hab 2 speaks about the faith of God. How many think the Holy Spirit has faith? We believe the H.S. has faith. Who comes to live in you when you are born again? Does he have faith? We just need to release it. Let God live in us and through us. Look is an amazing word. It means being fixed in a certain direction and holding on to what I see.

Jn 1:29, 1:36 behold, concentration. P. Stevens would say let me have your undivided attention. Fixed, concentrating, and focusing. I preached a message the telescope of faith. Some can take a little thing and blow it up. Get their human microscope and make it bigger. God is saying fix and focus and concentrate and look unto Jesus.

Heb 11:1, 3, 5, 7, 13, 27. Not the seen but that which is not seen. Faith doesn’t look at what is going on all around. Our eye gate is incredible. What comes into the eye it’s amazing what can happen to a person and the decisions I can make. I let it have a place in my mind, becomes a way of thinking and becomes a habit and pattern for thinking. Every drug addict started with a look. Every adulterous affair started with a look. Some options people take.

Looking to themselves. Aren’t I wonderful? Aren’t I a failure? Self- analysis. If I’m always looking at myself – some have analytical minds. Analyzers and criticizers. Rather than looking to God they look to themselves. Mephibosheth don’t look to yourself. I’m lame on both feet, a dead dog. David said dead dog and flea. Isaiah looked inwardly. When look to who I am outside of Christ, I’m in trouble. I’m looking to self. Why look to a dead man. The son has been crucified. Looking to self. When we look to ourselves we end up feeling insecure or arrogant and proud over what we can do over what someone else can do. God says turn your eyes from self. Sometimes we focus on the good side of the osn. Hey, look what I did? What did you do? Nothing. A couple flies could go up your nose and you could be dead. The whole world does that. All these self-confident programs. The whole world revolves around looking like that. I’ll say I’ll speak some time and say to my wife that didn’t come out right. My wife says shut up. Ever evaluate or analyze yourself about your effectiveness and walk with God. Stop looking to self. Look to Jesus.

Then we look to circumstances. Do you know what the situation is in this country, my marriage, my health, my financial checking account? Situations become God. God is saying look to me and be delivered. That’s what Isaiah says. Totally delivered.Stop looking at yourself. Looking at circumstances. Circumstances and situations and I’m looking at circumstances and situations. I can’t go to Bible school. I don’t have money. Just see Philippe Serradji. Maybe the circumstances happening maybe in Houston and could evaluate based on that. Who knows what God can do in the midst of it? Looking at the circumstances. When I was in Rwanda, someone said there is no God. Look at this. I said maybe better to put blame on man who has a murderous heart and is evil. You are looking at the situation instead of Christ.

Look at my past. You know what happened to me when I was a child, when I grew up, a year ago, six months ago. The Bible says forgetting those things that are behind. Paul says I got to forget I murdered Christians. If I think of it all day long, I will hide under a rock. When we are making new decisions and think of the past, we become a person subject to the demonic atmosphere…and find myself messed up in my mind. Imagine Peter said I’m a denier. I’m a denier. I’m a denier. I’m a doubter, a doubter. Could go to India, Thomas. I’m a deserter, a deserter. They can’t live in the past. Today if you hear his voice. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. I’m going to look to Jesus Christ, the finished work, not my past.

Looking to other people. Let’s start with the unsaved. That guy is amazing. Oh really? In his OSN. In his life separated from God. Someone came to me and said got to win this person. Incredible business person and will really help the church. I can become so dependent on what others think, say, and do it affects my decision making and I void myself out of God. People are dependent on others in an unbalanced way. If looking to Christians for initiation and help it’s because they have Christ in them.

Looking to the world. What is out there that is so enticing? I was thinking of this this afternoon washing my wife’s car. Lot was doing very well under Abraham. Then he looked in Ge 13:14 and saw Sodom and Gomorrah as the Garden of Eden. His eye tricked him. Satan moved. He pitched his tent toward Sodom and you know the rest. He went to live in a place God wanted to destroy. His wife looked to Sodom and she looked back. She became pillar of salt. It’s a fixed mind.

I want to be a person looking unto Christ. When I come to church I’m looking to Jesus. We desire to see Jesus. Eye has not seen ear has not heard neither has it entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for those who love him. We see Jesus. Where am I going to look? When I get into a problem. Anyone here every have a test or trial or difficulty. We are looking for mercy. When we fear we look for love. Look for comfort, direction, the eternal, for life. I’m looking for God. Where am I looking? The focus of the believer. It’s very easy to get distracted. Ever get distracted in church? Hasn’t it happened? Thinking about macaroni. I had to cast down vain imaginations….and think of the message and not the macaroni. Where am I looking? I could never do that? Who said you have to? Why don’t you look to J.C. and let him do it. Looking at the Bible, the Word, looking through the Spirit, looking to God. How important eyes open and have a fixed gaze.

Lk 9:51 he set his face steadfastly to go to Jerusalem. Amazing what can distract me? Is it the same with you sometimes? What can distract me so easily? Look out and after cutting grass I see three blades not cut. I’m going after them.

Why do people watch 6 hours of TV a day…some can get so focused on everything in the world? You don’t know if everything you are seeing is true. Through a media that has a certain slant in its thinking.

Get distracted from my call, my purpose, from the church. I’m distracted. I discovered in the S that the Bible says if your eye is single is full of light. Single means not double minded. If double minded, my eye is evil. If my eye is not single, my eye has folds in it and has two ways of seeing things.

I can find myself in a place entertaining things totally not from God. I’m moving to Houston. Did God tell you to? You try moving to a place in Africa and it’s your flesh, you’ll be dead in not too long.

In the will of God you have protection and provision. “I went to Bible school for a year.” God wants you to go and finish. Look to the Word, look to God. Don’t get distracted.

Someone told me I work from 10 to 10. How do you live like that? You work 12 hours a day. Is that life? That’s not what I want for my life. I want to look to God. I want to be involved with the church. I don’t want to be distracted.

Let’s keep our eyes focused. Satan would like to be someone’s eye doctor but Jesus is the great physician. Satan wants to close our eyes to spiritual things and God wants to open ours and have our eyes fixed, focused, concentrating. Focus on it and fixed on it and make decisions based on what my eyes are focused on.


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