The fear of people brings a snare; we find ourselves entrapped. The fear of the Lord, however, moves us beyond this feeling. His Spirit lifts us above it. (Proverbs 29:25)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Peter Westera
Sermon # 11302
6:30 PM on 7/23/2017



P. Schaller

Does anyone remember P. Stevens saying the verse, the fear of man is a snare? He would say it. We would follow him to the car and maybe he would want to say something to us and he would say the fear of man is a snare and get in the car and drive away.

I’d like to preach a short message on that. Prov. 29:25, can you think of any places in the Bible where men that feared men found themselves in more trouble. What is a snare? In 8th grade there was a girl and her last name was Fowler. It’s a bird catcher. She was Cindy Bird Catcher! How do you catch a bird but by a snare, a trap. If we fear people, then we will find ourselves in a trap. Do you know of any place in the Bible where you can see that by way of illustration? We have the fear of man and then trust in the Lord. Anyone seen a grass fire? A field on fire? The fireman come and how do they handle it? How about firefighters in California? How do they fight them? They may burn a strip intentionally so when the fire gets there, it has nothing to burn. One fire will put out the other fire. One fear will put out the other fear. The fear of God will keep me from the fear of man. I am afraid of men but more afraid of God. If I’m afraid of God, it will keep me from the fear of men. Where do you find in the Bible men fearing men? Here is a precept we brought up this morning. In the course of the day, I met people at the door and at lunch time and they were edified by this explanation.

The tabernacle is a type of the human being with the three parts. The body is the outer court. The soul is the holy place with the candlestick, shewbread and incense. There is light here, the Jewish lampstand. Inside in the holy of holies is the ark. This is where there is darkness. There is a thick veil. No light could get in there.

1 Ki 8 it says God dwells in darkness. This is the meaning here. There is no darkness in God. God is light. We understand the spirit of man this is where God dwells which is in my soul which is in my body. There are layers so to speak. Many times people are soulish. Do you know what soul power is? Its natural powers people have by nature in their soul. We sometimes label it as their personality is domineering. Or maybe soulish in a romantic sense, or come on strong. Or idea of someone able to lure or seduce. They can lead and do it in the power of their soul. In church life, this happens. Be careful of soul power in your relationships with people. That’s not our subject but probably should be! Soulish people. They have fun and may be influential. They may be very interesting and capable but is it spiritual power, is it Holy Spirit.

We have to be discerning and Spirit filled. In the holy of holies is the Ark of the Covenant with the three articles of furniture on the inside. This is where the believer has prayer that moves mountains, that has thoughts that are comforting and encouraging. John the Baptist said I baptize you with water but another is coming who will baptize you with fire. Give me that fire. We want that. We like it when there is another force in my life, not my soulish life or natural life which can be complicated and difficult to maintain. It is soulish. What I need and what God gives to me and we have it. We have the Spirit of God in our life. The manifestation of God may be quietly at times.

I love what P. Pete shared and the ministry of P. Love and the young people. He said Camp Life in America he needs an 18 foot trailer. In Budapest he needed a suitcase and in Kyrgyzstan a tooth brush and everyone is successful because it’s spiritual.

The fear of God comes from the H.S. in our lives. It’s another way of saying trust or respect him.

When I was in Sweden a natural scientist said about the blue whale. It’s the largest mammal in the world, 30 yards long and weighs 200 tons. Its heart is the size of a small car. Veins and arteries are big enough for a human being to fit in there and do some swimming! God made whales. This is a marvelous thing.

Because we have the H.S. the H.S. is our teacher and leads us in our meditation. We are able to meditate on this book and get ahold of things.

Men that fear men. I was thinking of four of them.

1) Aaron made the golden calf. The people of Israel were dancing and worshipping. Aaron, why did you do that? The people wanted it. Couldn’t you stand up to them? No, I caved. I made the golden calf. Aaron, do you realize you need to receive a ministry from the H.S. The H.S. doesn’t cave. The H.S. fills us and leads us in the fear of God. Who made whales? That’s nothing compared to giving his Son. Imagine the Son of God being raised from the dead and giving us the H.S. Now we are able to worship God. This is the beginning of our trusting in the Lord.

Is 2:22 cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils. Don’t care about them. They are not in charge. They may be pushy and strong. Institutions of men. People worry about their future, medical, social security. We cannot fear what men can do unto us. We cannot fear our society or what people think about us because it brings a snare.

The second person is Saul. He eyed David. 1 Sa 18:8-9. The ladies were singing Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten thousands. It was a snare. His life became a vortex in a bathtub. Your world gets smaller and smaller. Backsliding means you slide back like a calf or heifer slides into a narrow place and can’t get out.

The fear of God, Prov. 1:7. I remember one time Pastor gave a short message about the fear of God. He said people don’t fear God. The key to fearing him is right here, Holy Spirit presence. The Almighty God. Fear and respecting God. Putting him before us.

Ps 16:8 not fearing what man can do to us. People fear God by not being able to talk about him. They fear what people say about him so nothing is said only weather, football and politics.

We that fear God speak often one to another about him, Mal 3:16. It doesn’t have to be difficult or confrontational. It’s part of our joy. “God is good” we say at the checkout. With God all things are possible. I heard about a cancer healing tonight. When you hear about a cancer healing and they go to the doctor and there is no showing of cancer cells, that’s an amazing thing. It can happen and it does happen. At the end of this chapter, there is a beautiful thing here.

Go to vs. 33 of the same chapter. Baltimore city can be a dangerous place. Do you live in fear of evil? There is an evil man on the street. Are you in fear of evil? Shall be quiet from the fear of evil. There is an evil man hunting and an evil man lying in bed devising how to destroy, a terrorist plotting a murder. Are you afraid of it? I hearken unto the Lord. One kind of fear cancels out the other fear. Fear of God means we trust him and so we don’t fear men. The fear of God is a place of safety and security. Ever seen it in your life? You are not afraid of people. You declare the Gospel and you have this authority. You are able to share your faith and give an answer. Love people and reach out and not withdraw.

One time in Massachusetts I put in the Penny Saver “have peace, learn to meditate” and I put the phone number of Cee Zola and she started to get phone calls. One woman said I have agoraphobia. I can’t go out of my house. Just coming to meet you was hard for me. What can I do? I said the fear of God is the way to do it. We meditate on the Bible. I was helping her and she came again. She believed and I hope she is doing well today. There is a lot of fear but not here. We have a different kind.

2) Pilate. He was with Christ and wanting to release Christ but couldn’t stand up to the crowd. It brought a snare. He took his life in 36 A.D. according to history. He could not handle it.

3) Herod feared John the Baptist and ended up beheading him. He couldn’t get it sorted out. The soul of man is not capable of handling the pressures in this life. We are sheep and need a Good Shepherd. We need the H.S. and the fear of God in our life and then we hearken unto him.

4) Peter. Little girl said you are one of them. That was the third time he denied the Lord. Peter caved. He starts cursing and swearing.

It has happened to me. I can sense the caving. I am a coward. I know I am. In the nature of the first Adam. We all have a yellow streak down our back.

Solzhenitsyn said in the middle of the night Stalin would send the police and the apartment would be empty. He said there is rabbit fur in our nature, rabbit being shy and afraid.

We have found something. Hot diggity! We got it. I found a secret. I found an answer for my life. I don’t have to fear men. I can walk with God and don’t live in the fear of evil or personalities or initiations. At the moment, I am bold about it. The minute it changes, how we can become timid and afraid.

By the filling of the Spirit and a good dosage of this Book and meditating on whales and other animals and insects like ants. It makes a colony, transforms an ecosystem. Our God, our heavenly Father. How do you explain Pentecost? Our God did it. How do you explain a believer who has something going on in his heart in the month of July in Baltimore? It is our God. Our God has given us a life. Maybe long, many years. Billy Graham was born in 1918 and next year he will be 100 years old. Is God saying something to us?

Let’s not fear people. Let’s enjoy our life and God is with us in it.



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