How long will we let vain thoughts lodge in our hearts? We murmur and grow jealous. The Lord says, “Turn.” (Psalm 77:7-9; Jeremiah 4:3-14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Ken Feyers,  Pastor Stan Collins
Sermon # 11350
6:30 PM on 10/15/2017

P. Stan Collins (Argentina)

I’m walking slow and moving slow. Not because of the way P. Eugene Davis treated my body on the basketball court! What are you laughing about? God bless you. Great to be here.

What do you think is the most disobeyed verse in all the Bible? How many are here tonight? We could have that many disobeyed verses.

2 Cor 5:7 we walk by faith and not by sight. I was looking here at this verse in 2 Ki 6 in this Bible which if I read in this Bible, some of you would understand. This is a Spanish Bible.

2 Ki 6:8-13 it says send and fetch him. I think “fetch” is not exactly the word. Fetch sounds friendly. You throw a stick and tell the dog fetch. I think he had something else in mind.

vs. 14 they came when? By night.

vs. 15-16. Alas. Maybe that’s not as strong of a word as he said either. It sounds Shakespearean. I wonder how it really went. When the army came, the enemy army, what time was it? Night. What happens at night? We have lights but they didn’t have lights in the middle of the wilderness. You couldn’t see an army of enemies around. When he woke up, he saw. But what did he see? There was something he didn’t see at night that he still didn’t see in the morning. Do you see where I’m going? At night he couldn’t see anything. In the morning, there was something he saw but something he didn’t see. He saw by sight but still didn’t see.

vs. 16. He told him don’t fear.

vs. 17. Open his eyes that he may see. The Lord opened his eyes and he saw. When the dawn happened, he could see something but he couldn’t see enough. This is the first thing that needs to happen with us as believers. We spoke about it at the pastor’s conference. Jesus said the devil is a liar from the beginning. The first words out of his mouth are a lie. He says you can’t trust God basically. You can’t walk by faith because faith is trusting God. You can’t trust God so walk by sight. Look at what you can see and go that way. Elisha prayed and said open his eyes. This is the first thing that has to happen to us. Let’s think about it not as the most disobeyed verse but the most obeyed verse for you and me. Sure it’s disobeyed a lot and we have been guilty but it can also roll this way. P. Schaller said faith is the reverse of the lie. The devil says you can’t trust God. We say yes I can and I do and I will. I see the provision of God. God says I’ll open your eyes so you can see. You have to see it by faith. God says I’ll open your eyes so you can see by faith.

Gideon the night before – and I love the portion in Judges 7 when the night before Gideon is going to go down and his 300 are going to wipe out the enemy. God knows that but Gideon is afraid the night before. Tomorrow God knows it’s going to happen whether Gideon is sleeping good or not. He has him go down with his servant. He hears the dream and the interpretation and he worships God.

First it was we see by faith and then we believe. We make a free will faith decision and we believe. The devil says you can’t trust God and we say I trust him. It’s not the time to doubt a little but to stand up and say I believe again. I’ll stand up and shout to the atmosphere. I do believe.

1 Sam 17 then we start to have a confession. David calls Goliath that uncircumcised Philistine. He declares the victory. We see the provision by faith. We believe by faith.

We declare the victory of God by faith and in Ge 22, which by the way Abraham is not a young guy. He’s 112 or a hundred and something and is asked to take Isaac up the mountain. It’s a three day journey. How do you even sleep? He does it and he’s going to sacrifice his son. He’s already seen by faith the provision of God. He’s already practicing this believing by a free will faith decision believing the promise of God and then declaring.

David took it a step further. He went beyond what Goliath said. I’m going to give your body and all the rest of the Philistines to the birds of the air and I’ll cut off your head.

At the end Ge 22 obedience by faith is the result of God opening our eyes and we see by faith and we start to make consistent faith decisions. Free will faith decisions again and again.

When the time comes and God says do this, we do it by faith.



P. Ken Feyers

I got to fellowship with Donald in Haiti. He’s going to be an amazing addition to your team. He’s all about God. He’s a great guy. However, Pastor Stan, I seen that game. I didn’t see a foul at all. If there is no blood, there is no foul! The time was amazing. The book we were told to read. I’m not much of a reader unless I read the Bible so each pastor had maybe 20 pages or more. I looked in the back to find a summary so I had to read it. I got through maybe five pages and you have to go back. I look forward to actually reading it.

(Ps. 77) P. Schaller talked about as people we have troubles. He gave us the results how to deal with those troubles. When we are in those troubles, things become overwhelming. What happens when you are suffering? Where do we go and the source?

We know the answers but it’s something how Asaph in Ps 77 dealt with it. How he counseled himself in these areas. His soul is so overwhelmed. He has so much trouble he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Is God in it? Is God with me? Sometimes we all have those questions. They come flooding in to us. A lot of people have great counsel for troubles until you are in it. It’s hard to grab that counsel. After all the complaining, and sometimes in troubles we do complain. We are good at complaining.

His spirit, the spirit God gave him, diligently searched for the answer. Have you ever had your spirit diligently search to deal with some troubles in your life? He came up with six questions. We all have troubles. These were questions directed to God’s character and nature. When you direct it to his nature and character, it’s a whole different outlook. Now these questions become a mindset. It’s not just knowing this. Knowledge is good. It’s a start. It’s receiving the answer right from the throne room of God that is directed specifically for that trouble you are in. If you listen to these questions, it’s not that they are comical but I know these answers. It’s not philosophy pulling things out of the sky. Is God there or isn’t he there? Will the Lord cast me off forever? No. No. No. He’ll never leave more or forsake me. Can we know that in a trouble? Not just knowing it but as the H.S. gives it as a rhema to you. Isn’t this about practical theology or is this just a counseling session tonight. Are these words living words or should they be put with any other book on the shelf? Are we here to receive from God or are we just playing church? Can we live by every Word of God or can we only pick out the ones we like? I like that one. Let’s apply that. This is the character and nature of Christ. Will he be favorable no more? Is God done? You’re in a trouble. He’s not answering. Lord, get me out of this trouble and I promise not to do this again. We are making promises with God based on my own integrity. It’s going back to that good and that bad. Where are you lining up on that spectrum? Is his mercy gone forever? Is God’s mercy just now gone? I’m in trouble and this is the question he’s asking. Will his promises fail?

Do you know every promise of God, Ps 68:19 he daily loads us with promises or benefits. Daily. We’re loaded with what God gives us personally and individually, as a Body and as an individual.

vs. 9. Has God forgotten to be gracious? I hear about God’s grace moving here and there and Argentina and Peru. What about in your own life. He Has not forgotten how to be gracious. Has his anger shut up his tender mercies? I think you can agree with me by the time you get done with this what we are talking about. Troubles. Troubles. Boy does this lift me up. It goes back to that. People are suffering but God can be counted. We can count on our God. We can trust in God. He’s not going to start failing you now. He’s brought you this far. Some people like to go from trouble to trouble. They feel comfortable in the trouble and they confess it and talk that trouble and communicate it, spread that trouble. Look what I’m going through. Look what I’m experiencing. You got trouble but not as bad as I got it. Look what happened to me. So we can trust in God.

Jer. 4:3, this is where Jeremiah was telling the people of Israel to turn unto God. Look to God, repent and he will heal you. He will forgive you. He will remove all the abominations out of his sight. He won’t even remember one thing we have done towards him in our idol worship or our minds and thinking. We turn and repent and he forgets. They would not do that here.

Jer 4:3. Jeremiah says break up that fallow ground. Break up that hard ground. This is like the first turn toward repentance when we break up this harden heart within us. You use what to break up ground? A jack hammer! What kind of ground do you have? That’s called concrete. A spatula? I switch eggs with. How about a little shovel. Have you heard this word? Jack hammer? That’ll do it. That’ll break it up. Sow not among thorns. Break it up. It means freshly plowed ground. Rota tiller. It brings more dirt up and more dirt up. The word is being sown but falling amongst thorns.

Similar to Mk. 4:17-18. Cares of this world choke the Word. You are sowing among weeds. No growth. The water is not getting in. Plow it up. Get it dug up. This is the start he went into.

vs. 14. He wants Jerusalem to wash their heart. How long will vain thoughts lodge within you? Look at this process of negative thinking and negative thoughts and what it does to the ground of your soul. This is God asking the question. He knows but he’s putting it to us…vain thoughts. Proud, arrogant thoughts that we have. We think we might be something or someone and these thoughts come up and pride enters in and the ground becomes hard. Vain thoughts. Thoughts of nothingness. Empty thoughts. Idle thoughts. He says these type of thoughts has lodged within you. It’s easy for us to think this way. It’s normal for us to think in these type of thoughts. All the time I can’t think of anything else. Vain empty thoughts lodged deep within us.

This word “lodged” is a continuous mindset and it’s the same word for “murmur” in Hebrew in Ex. 15. They murmured and complained because they had trouble. Best way to deal with my trouble is voice and complain about it and God says how long are you going to continue in that? Don’t you know I have mercy for you? Ask the questions. It counsels ourselves right out of the problems these troubled thoughts. That is plaguing me and I’m not getting victory because my whole process is I’m the problem. The problem becomes magnified. Do I have a God I can go to or is the problem bigger than God? Vain empty thoughts lodged within us. Wedged deep into us. They are common and every day and it’s a complaint after a complaint after a complaint.

God said Moses, you might hear the complaint but it’s against me. We fail to believe in the promise that delivers us out of that trouble and complaint and I’m living with it and fellowshipping with the trouble, with the wedge lodged within me. God wants to know how long?

Before Jeremiah said this to them, he told them to wash their heart. Washing is a form of confession. Confess our faults or negative thinking, our thought process, and the results of confession is washing. God washes me and cleanses me. My mind doesn’t need to think on these things. There are other things my mind can think on. I can replace that trouble with different types of thoughts. I can have faith thoughts. I can change my whole mental structure and attitude, my whole mindset by believing what God says about me. The end results are the same. This is like the same type of person who believes I’m really not that bad but flip a switch and watch what happens. We need seat belts in our seats to strap you in. That’s how it’s like. We can have faith thoughts, different words. Our words don’t need to be idle. We can have throne words. We can think on things above. We don’t have to think on that trouble. Most likely it isn’t going away or will resurface another one. How does that mindset change? How do we get out of that same mindset we’ve been in for years? How long? God is asking.

In Miami we believe it is a reinforcement of the word. We need to hear more. Till up that hallow ground. Get that heart prepared. I’ll have you receive a chance to turn to me.

If they would have listened and repented, I believe Babylon wouldn’t have taken over. I think they could have been spared from the captivity. By knowing the character of God could this history of 70 years been changed? I think so.

Will you save Sodom for 10? I think he would. Wow. It’s amazing.

What is the answer to these troubles? We need answers. I do a lot of counsel in the rehab in Miami. All different people come in but similar close problems. We have problems but a lot of time we want to treat or medicate the problem. We want to delay with what we are dealing with. It doesn’t solve the problems. Now through a counseling session you find out it’s your uncle’s brother’s sister’s aunt who gave you the problem and now you have to find her and address her. Our troubles are surface.

Have we learned to count it all joy when you go through a trial? Have we considered it? Have we said God is allowing this in my life? Who am I going to minister through this trouble of mine? What is God doing? Why is this being allowed? By dealing with the trouble, we push away the root. If we deal with the root, we have to admit something. We have to admit we are a sinner and there is a God because the Bible says that. Then come face to face with the remedy, the Cross. It’s the answer to every problem, every situation, everything you’re going through.

The world doesn’t want to go that way. I’ll take any other counsel but that. Give me another answer. Forget the answer. Just give me a prescription. That’s easier because I’ll feel something from it. We dull our minds. We suppress it and once we come down and right before we need another fix, another trouble is there screaming at us. Overwhelming us.

And we start the process all over again to try and look for the answer when it’s all Christ and the Cross.


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