We, like Peter, are afraid of death and embarrassment. Our fear leads to denial. But then the Holy Spirit comes into us and all is different. We recognize the Cross and what it did in judging all that’s about us — hands, feet, mind, and heart. Now, we redeem the time. (Mark 14:66-72; Matthew 3:16; Luke 24:49; Hebrews 6:4-5; Ephesians 5:14-19)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11446
11:00 AM on 4/1/2018


P. Schaller

We had a play here this week. Leah Vanderwalker did a great job. That was amazing. Hundreds of people came out. This was one of the props. Christ was crucified on the cross and today we celebrate his resurrection. He is risen. He is risen. Everything changes because he is risen. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. He is risen.

We here at GG are on the End Times theme and also practical living, Spirit-filled living. This is our message this morning. Before we do, I can’t help as we are singing there are many layers of understanding that we have about the cross. One of it is he is a king. Pilate wrote over the top, “King of the Jews” in three languages: Latin, Greek and Hebrew. The Jewish leadership said say he was the king of the Jews. What did Pilate say? What I have written, I have written. Pilate was right. He is the King of the Jews. I want you to see something.

2 Sam. 7, there are covenants in our O.T., – promises, agreements that God made with the Jewish people. There are four of them.

With Abraham, he made a promise he would be the father of a great nation, the Promised Land to Abraham and then he promised to David something, 2 Sam 7:12. How long? Forever. What do you think forever means? A couple years, hundreds of years? Doesn’t it mean forever? In history David’s seed, – we have a diagram here, – we have David and his biological seed meaning his children and their children and their children. This went on for hundreds of years and then they went underground. Generally it wasn’t understood for hundreds of years who was the seed of David. There wasn’t any possibility in the Roman Empire for Israel to have a king. Who was the king of the Roman Empire? Caesar. We have no king but Caesar. Pilate said, this is your king. The leadership said we have no king but Caesar. They also said you could not be a friend of Caesar. If you say he is a king, you cannot be a friend of Caesar. That was a category. Maybe Pilate would like to be in that category. It was a label to be a friend of Caesar you came into a category. Pilate heard those words. We don’t have any other. But there is a king. Mary was of the tribe of David, of Judah. Mary was a descendent and Joseph legally a descendent of David but underground. In Bethlehem Christ is born as a king. Where is his kingdom? We are learning the KOG is in our presence. But still there is something lacking. The prophets spoke about a kingdom on the earth that would be centered in Israel. This prophesy your seed will be on a throne forever. But we haven’t seen it. When will it happen? When will Jesus sit on the seat of David, on the throne of David in Jerusalem? When will it happen? When will the kingdom come on the earth? When will that happen? Introducing what we will speak about this spring. This is the End Times series.This is what I believe God the Spirit will do for you and me. What has happened here and where is it going. There is a kingdom in the Spirit of God. Ultimately Christ is coming back. The Rapture of the church takes place and we meet Christ in the air. If you’ve been here, you’ve learned about the Rapture. Then the seven years and the thousand year reign of Christ on the earth, the millennium.

Rev. 20:6, the first death is a spiritual one. The second death the judgment. Where will this reign be for a thousand years? On the earth. How big will Israel be? Seems it will be a huge territory from Egypt to the Euphrates River. The covenants God made with Israel have not been fulfilled yet but they will in the millennium. It’s when paradise is on earth like in the Garden of Eden. There was paradise. There will be changes in our world as we know today. There will be peace. Longevity of life will be different. I want to make a point. What God had promised Israel has not yet been fulfilled but will be in the Millennium. We are sensing in the Spirit and saying he is risen and understanding it means we have eternal life. That God did not make us to die but live. That even though we have a sin nature and mortality, death is in our body. Our bodies get older and weaker and start to fall apart. As my body falls apart, my inner man is renewed day by day. God didn’t make me to die but live. He is the king of the Jews and he becomes the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Highly exalted at the Father’s right hand. We are worshipping on this Easter Sunday and saying everything has changed. Man is not to die. He is to live. Not to be guilty but forgiven, not burdened but free, not to worry about his future, not to be in worry and fear and hiding. Man is to be living in freedom because Christ came to make us free. Now the world doesn’t see it. It is a mystery. Brothers and sisters you get it, you understand it. The Spirit wants you to know he is risen and it means everything.

Mark 14, the people that did the play we got to park there for a while these next few days and think of the band and the people that worked behind the curtains, Scott Dubay and the team. The church body and bringing neighbors in and carrying the message and salvations. Going out this door to get a free Bible and follow it up with your prayers for the H.S. to open eyes to see what not everybody sees here. What we see here is not much to many people. We know what they think about this. It’s some religious idea, rabbi, history. They don’t see. They don’t see it. We understand because I didn’t see it either. I went to a church every Sunday as a young man but I did not see it. There are many that do not see. Even the disciples after the death of Christ are walking on a road about seven miles from Jerusalem, on the road to Emmaus. A stranger came and he said what are you talking about? The one called Jesus who was crucified three days ago. Don’t you know? Are you new in the area? He said what things? Their eyes were holden. They didn’t see this stranger was Christ raised from the dead. I think its common people don’t know what we are doing in this room. People drive by and see the parking lot filled with cars and they say poor people. They don’t know what is going on here. They don’t know much about this book or the person who according to the prophets is God. His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. This is the Christ. This is the atoning blood sacrifice. The Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. But I don’t see that. If you are who you say you are, come down from the cross. Mocking, laughing and so on. It has not changed.

And in this story in Mark 14:66-72, it seems there are two people in the world. One is the one on the cross and the other person is this one. This one, Peter. This one is not a coward. This one is Christ. This is the nature of God in a human body. He has no sin nature, no cowardice. He’s not afraid or ashamed but he is naked and being killed and tortured for us. Because the other kind of people is this one. You have been with him. No, I haven’t. You have an accent. You’re from Galilee. No, I don’t know him. Why did Peter do that when he said I will go with you and not deny you? Jesus told him you will deny me. Peter is not believing it. I will not deny you. You will deny me. I will not deny you. In our environment, we are afraid of death, afraid of people, rejection. Under pressure I cave. I can feel it in my heart even when there is nothing to be afraid of. Afraid of my shadow or what would happen, my own lack of character, stability, clarity, authority. If in in the presence of theoretical situations I could see myself doing this. Can you? I’m afraid, I’m ashamed, and I’m guilty. When this happens in our psyche, I’m ashamed, I’m guilty I start to cover myself. I don’t want you to see who I am. I want to behave with confidence. If you get behind the surface of how I am. You will find this man, Peter. He knows this. That’s why he is there. That we would be changed. Not by following his example. That doesn’t make me a hero but more guilty of how cowardice I am. It’s not that. It’s deeper. His hands, my work is judged by nails. My footsteps are judged by a nail. My mind is judged by thorns and my heart is judged by a spear that goes right up into the lung cavity and out along the shaft of the spear ran blood and water. Everything about me being a coward is judged here. My mind judged, my heart judged, my footsteps judged, my hands judged. I’m judged in Christ. Christ found us guilty. Then he was raised from the dead.

Mt. 3:16, he saw the Spirit of God. I didn’t think you could see the Spirit of God. In what form? Descending as a dove. Like a dove and lighting upon him. This Spirit of God that is what changes Peter. The Spirit of God is what changed the disciples. That has changed your life and my life. The Spirit of God. Jesus is in the river and the Spirit of God comes down on him and a voice in heaven is saying, this is my beloved Son.

vs. 17. Who is speaking? The Father. The Father is speaking from heaven, the dove, the Holy Spirit is on him and he is in the river. Father, Son, and H.S. When Jesus died on the cross it was a judgment on me. He said I go away and you will not see me, but then you will see me.

Speaking of his resurrection and post resurrection appearances to disciples when he meets them in Jn 20 and shows his hand and side. Then you won’t see me but will send another like me. He spoke of the H.S., the Comforter.

Lk 24, The H.S. would come. vs. 49. This Christ before he ascends. Promise of my Father upon you. Let’s go slow here. The promise of my Father. He came, he did this and he goes but before he goes, he says I send the promise of my Father upon you. The Father in heaven saying behold my Son in whom I am well pleased. The Holy Spirit came upon him like a dove. The Son of God is raised from the dead. I send you the promise of my Father upon you and you shall receive power.

vs. 49. Power. Peter preached at Pentecost and had power. Isn’t he the one that denied Christ? Yes, but now he has changed. The H.S. has come upon Peter and he has power. We read in the epistles this is instrumental in our lives, too. No difference between any of us. We have Christ, Peter, the coward and then Peter filled with the Holy Spirit. Peter the apostle, Peter the one who had denied him and now has power in Jerusalem to preach to the people he was previously afraid of. Now he’s not. Are you ashamed Peter? No, he took my shame away. Are you guilty? No he took my guilt away. Are you hiding? No, I’m out front. I’m free on the inside. We said in the beginning there were four covenants God made with Israel and one is the New Covenant. He would write in our hearts and give us a new heart. I don’t want to deny him. I believe in him and can feel and sense the authority of his kingdom in my life. We can sense the spiritual blessing of God in our lives. Have you sensed the spiritual blessing of Christ in your life? Have you sensed it? The Spirit of God in your life. Have you sensed God’s love? We can be very weak. I have sensed how I can cave under pressure. That’s my old man or sin nature. I know what it is to hide or withdraw or back off or quit or not go there. I’ve also sensed what he did. I can sense that.

It’s in Hebrews 6:4-5, that sounds like us. It’s actually the reality of being filled with the Spirit, of tasting the Bible speak to you, the reality of loving each other and not being afraid anymore. The reality of being right there with some divine authority in your heart. I’m not afraid. I’m free. I’m not ashamed. I’m so amazed this Israel. He is risen and the kingdom of God is here amongst us. Have you tasted of the powers of the world to come? I hope. I want to help you with that.

Eph 5:14, pretend sleeping with me for comic relief. This is written to the Ephesians. They are sleeping. (He’s snoring). Did this happen? Does it mean anything? No, don’t bother me. I’m sleeping.

David called it the sleep of death in Ps 13. When you sleep, you are not aware of your environment and that can happen to Christians. Not aware of the environment that cross has created for us. I send you the promise of the Father. He will make it known to you that I am raised and you are free. Peter, you denied me three times. Are you going to admit it? He didn’t say that. He said feed my sheep. Jesus knew it was the H.S that would change Peter’s life. He was not fishing around for a religious exercise. He is looking for that man’s heart to be changed by the power of what he did on the cross…Peter, feed my sheep. I sent the promise of my Father and you will taste and see the powers of the kingdom and know the reality of the resurrection deep in your heart.

vs. 14. It’s amazing. Light. Remember it happened in Bible college to some of you. Light came. You went by faith and did things by faith before God. You come to Christ and say here I am. I’m trusting you with all my heart. Christ is saying I fill you with the H.S. and the H.S. is your strength now. The H.S is the one that will get it done. He will lead you in my will and trust me in areas of your life you never trusted before. Like the Halloween costumes. Peter puts on a covering. I can’t use those people that are hiding from me. I need them to come here and say I trust you. You can change my life. You can be my power. There are only two people. When we are before him he renews our mind.

Romans 12:2, conformed to the world. I think the world is phony and we are afraid of each other in the world. We hide in our costumes and present ourselves to be an empty thing. Be not conformed to that emptiness but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. His Holy Spirit making my mind like his and we are able to say I’m here. God would call someone and he says Noah, Noah. Here I am. Abraham, Abraham. Here I am. Little Samuel. Samuel, Samuel here I am. Eli said next time he calls you say here I am. Who is the man that is confused about it? Adam. Adam. Where are you? I was afraid and I hid myself. The woman you gave me that’s really the problem! The woman you, yeah you, gave me, produced problems in my life. Right! When you are filled with the H.S. you don’t think like that. You show up. You’re not blaming your wife or children or job or country. God I’m as phony as a three or two dollar bill. I’m phony, but you God.

Eph 5:15, see that you walk carefully. We had a few sermons on the subject of margins. This is a cliff and when I walk on the edge one mistake and it’s over. If I have a margin and walking this way and fall it’s not over. Have margins so when you do fall, it’s not a total disaster. When you fall, you have some kind of understanding way before that fall happens. We need them. You might say my life is doing good but you’re on the edge. Just mess up once and who knows where you will end up. Get your Holy Spirit, mind, heart, protection, guidance. Build up a reservoir, a love reservoir. Get loved by God so when you fall it’s not a total wash. God is there to hold you up by his everlasting arms. Walk carefully in these days we are living in. Be Spirit filled.

vs. 15. Remember the teenager this past week who went to college, then to Bermuda and they found him in a ditch. When to a bar, drank, left the bar by himself and drowned in some puddle in Bermuda. That can’t happen. That’s not right. That can’t happen. That’s so tragic. It happens but Lord help me, help our people walk the way you want us to walk and be wise in these treacherous times. Know who your friends are. Say goodbye to some people. Remember hang up the phone Eric? Eric, learn to hang up the phone. Those guys are not your friends. But then he disappeared. I don’t know where he is.

vs. 16. If you live 50 years or 70 it could be your time just goes. You know how it goes. Another sandwich, another vacation, another job, house, child, another opportunity, another weekend. You know how it goes in the world. When unsaved, my life went from Friday night or Saturday to the next Saturday and everything in between didn’t mean much. My time was hoping I have a good weekend. It could be that is how it is for a believer. Your heart and mind is on the affections that are there. But the Holy Spirit will change that. Monday morning is a morning of opportunity Wed. morning is an opportunity of divine appointment of considering the values in life. The good times and bad times are appointed by God so we can learn to walk with him. When he died, what happened was so real and the Spirit of God so eager to show us.

vs. 17. This illustration I have a house and Jesus knocks on the door. I say to my wife it’s Jesus. Wait a minute. We clean up the house and throw all the stuff in the back room and the honored guest comes in. Jesus says thank you. It’s such an honor to be in your house. However, there is one room I need to see. That one. Listen, Lord. Everything is good. We got it all covered. We’re good. Ever hear people say that? I’m good. Christ says I can’t fill you with the H.S. unless you have me in every part of your life, your heart, everything you are holding back. Everything I want. I need everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. This is why I came. To pull back the door and say I am God. I’m a house cleaner. I will fill you with the Spirit but I can’t deal with lying, hypocrisy, deceit. I didn’t play your Halloween games with your pretending. I love to change the inside of your heart and life. In this chapter and the next we have the filling of the Spirit affects your personal life on the inside. Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit. I don’t drink at all. I’m the kind of guy I could go crazy. I can’t think like that. It has to be all the way this way. I can’t do any of it. It’s the margin thing. I don’t think about it or care about it. My relative would say like to have a beer? I turn beer into furniture. I take all my beer money and go to IKEA and buy furniture with my beer money and I’m a hero! How come he compares the filling of the Spirit with alcohol? I think alcohol affects your nervous system and the filling of the Holy Spirit affects my nervous system. I don’t say the stupid things that drunk people do or people have a little bit of drink. Alcohol and then drive cars and kill people. It’s a lot of money. You go to conferences all the time? I take all the alcohol money and go to conferences. We got all this money so we can go to Poland to a conference.

Speaking to yourself in songs and hymns and vs. 19. What if you don’t know any? You have to learn them. How do I learn them? By reading them in the Bible. Listening to my brother quote them. Listening to messages we speak to ourselves with psalms and hymns. Is once a week enough? No, every day. I need to let the word of Christ dwell in me richly. It’s not mechanical. It’s the Spirit of God speaking. Awake thou that sleepest, rise from the dead and Christ shall give you life.

Wives and husbands. Women, you can answer me. What if your husband was always filled with the Spirit? It would be amazing. That would be amazing! Turn and look at him and don’t say anything. What if the husbands were filled with the H.S. Wow! There is a guy who likes to go fishing. He thinks about fishing. He loves to go striper fishing in the Chesapeake. His wife says we got to do something. You can’t go fishing. He says I want to go fishing. I’ll be a better husband if I go fishing. She’s not buying it. You are to be Spirit-filled. She does what she wants and they are walking in Walmart flower shopping for her flower beds and he doesn’t want to be there. What happens to some men? They become bitter. They become bitter against their wives because they can’t do what they want to do. Women can get bitter at their husbands because not able to do what used to do before. The man is walking a half a step behind her. They are shopping at Walmart. He hit his limit. He is upset. He is harboring bitterness against his wife. You can’t life live like that. That’s why you go to this church. Someone put a finger on an area of your life. Thank you Lord. Help me understand what you did. I really want to live with this kind of love. I will not get bitter with my wife. You are moping around and bitter but now you’re Spirit-filled. Honey, you like those flowers. They go beautiful on our patio. I could go fishing but it’s not about fishing. It’s about God. It’s not about my marriage or way or life. It’s deeper. It has to be deeper. If Christ came and died he must have an effect on my life. I love my wife and I am not bitter against her and she says I honor my husband and will not discredit him because I am filled with the Spirit.

In the Spirit I’m able to love and walk in wisdom and understand life more deeply.


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