Let’s sing, let’s rehearse the Savior. We love much because we’ve been forgiven much. We learn love, we practice it and by doing so we give all the glory to God. (Luke 7:34 / Psalm 137)

Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon
Sermon # 11432
7:30 PM on 3/7/2018



P. Glen Cannon

I got the call. It was my mom’s 85th birthday and God arranged my schedule we could go up in the midst of this amazing Northeaster we had. We arrived in time for the storm. I got the call on the way up. I said it’s just an introduction, right? You’re giving the main message! Wow! God is faithful. I’m so thankful you are here. You love me! When you are part of a family, you can’t do anything wrong. Most importantly, is getting something from God. I feel like I have 12 baskets full. This is going to be 25 minutes. God has to mix it altogether and make sense out of it.

Luke 7, One of the blessings of being up in Boston during this storm, we couldn’t do anything but stay at home. We didn’t lose power. We were out of power in Harford County. I got to take a shower. Thank you for warm water, Jesus. Thank God in Boston we didn’t have that problem. We couldn’t do anything so there was the TV and Billy Graham’s face to face. I don’t know if you saw it. It was powerful. What touched me the most was his daughter Ruth who talked about 21 years of marriage that failed and ended in divorce. How disillusioned she was and she moved closed to be with her family and went to that person’s church and met a gentlemen and he proposed almost immediately. She wanted it. She wanted to be married again. She told her mom and dad and they said wait. Let us meet him. She was stubborn and married this man. Five days after I think she had to flee from that second marriage. Heartbroken. She talked about coming home to see her family and she dreaded it. Being the most famous preacher’s kid she didn’t want to tarnish his name. She talked about coming up that hill and came into the compound and she said my dad was out. Like the prodigal son. He embraced me she said. We love you and are here for you.

There wasn’t a scolding. This is our Lord. This is the heart of J.C. This is why we are here on a Wed. night. I’ve been doing this for a long time. P. Stevens taught us not to miss or if sick but then can get on the internet. Why serve the way we do? Because we love him because he loved us. Sometimes that love might be cold on our part. We might be going through the motions mechanically but God’s love is constant. It’s always there. During these last days the love of many is growing cold. We come for a fire. I want to present J.C. in such a way he could be publically manifested and we could fall in love with him again and sense in the gospel stories our story. I’m spiritually hungry. I’m dying for a word from God. Aren’t you? I have a dog named Gracie and this dog is crazy about me and my wife. She is the sweetest thing. All I have to do is say to her treat or say greeny. We have these little bones called Greeny and they are good for her breath. Greeny. And she just runs right over to the cabinet and knows where it is. And then I love waiting and as I’m pulling out the bone I look at her stub tail and it’s wagging. She’s so excited. You’d think after a millions times. I was thinking of us coming to church. We’re like those little dogs. Scraps from the pastor’s table.

Remember the story in Mt 15 the woman who is a Canaanite. She calls him Son of David, Lord. I think she was a believer. Please help me and have pity on me. My daughter is demon possessed. She wanted a healing. She loved her daughter. She knew Jesus could do it. The disciples are like Jesus send her away. He’s quiet. He makes this statement is it fair to take food from the children and give to the little dogs, a pet. She said even you know those little dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table. Pastor Schaller had all those pastors at Eurocon get up on the stage and filled the stage. He said fellowship with one another. We watched as they talked to one another. We have the most awesome pastors who love the Lord and serve him. What we do as pastors we’re sort of gleaning or looking for nuggets from crumbs, scrapings from the pastor’s table. Yes for ourselves but it’s an overflow. There is something that is going to come out. I pray you go home with a bone, a little greeny and something you can think about and pray about.

Luke 7, this is such an amazing portion. I was thinking of that woman. She was feisty. She went after Jesus after Jesus gave her this harsh statement. I think Jesus said it with a smile in his face and love in his eyes. She had this great faith response and then Jesus said, hey, look at this woman. Great faith! It was the only time Jesus ever said great faith. It was that woman. He marveled. And that movement her daughter was healed. This is how God when he sees us we are his jewels. We are his love. He sees the work he is doing in us. How we respond to him. It means a lot. And the way that we serve him. The way that we love him.

Luke 7:34, isn’t that great? Wisdom is justified so this is proof of God tonight that we are here, we are devoted, and we love him. We call him Lord. Ever meet another believer from another church and say are you a believer? They say yes, and there is instant fellowship because we have the same master, the same love. It goes to us all. Wisdom is being justified by her children. There is a great quote I love. Frederick Buechner said it. He said God’s holy, he used the word flirtation, but I would say in his love for people in the world he often drops handkerchiefs. The idea is like a woman who maybe wanted a man’s attention she would drop a handkerchief. This man was saying God in his love and his pursuit of people in this world often drops handkerchiefs. He said these handkerchiefs are called saints. We are God’s handkerchief. We are the children of God. God places us, and he really does, he places us with unbelievers for the purpose of just living our life and the way that we worship. I have people say to me, I’m working at another place to make some extra money. A lot of unsaved people. A lot of Jewish people. They are always apologizing for swearing. They come to me with all their problems. They say you are always so happy. I say, really? You’re always smiling. Really? Wow. I don’t try. That builds me up. I’m not even conscious of that. Thank you for making me self-conscious! I know God has me there. It’s not easy. I know God has me there to show people that God is real. To show people what life is all about. And what wisdom is. Jesus had a reputation. He had no problem hanging around people who were broken, people who had issues and problems. This is probably one of the greatest stories in the New Testament. I’m so happy it’s here. And it’s about this woman.

vs. 36+. I love these verses. This was breaking cultural taboos. This was a woman with a bad reputation. I’m reading a wonderful devotion called, Moments with the Savior, the devotional life of Christ. It’s written by Ken Geyer. He takes these stories from the gospels and then he’ll amplify it. He’s a great writer. He took this story and he talked about this woman who is probably a prostitute. The kind of life that she lived and what she was looking for. Looking for love that really in her profession she was being used. There was no love there. Promises maybe but no love. In this story he has her going on to her corner, her part of the street, and somehow – this was fictional. But Jesus met her, stopped, and looked at her like no man has ever looked at her. Jesus said – this is just a story – you know what you are looking for you are not going to find it here. It’s not here. I know a love that could wash away all your sins. It’s the love of God.

In the story the woman immediately covered herself and I thought of the woman in Song of Solomon 1:5 she says I am dark. I am brunt by the sun. I am sun burned yet Jesus sees me as beautiful. Jesus sees something in me I have never seen myself. She says I have to find him. Jesus goes to the house. Jesus is in the Pharisees house. I love how feisty she was. She didn’t care what people thought. She said I just need to be where he is. There he is reclining at the table. All she could do was weep. And one writer I was reading said it was heart water. Heart water. And Jesus feet were neglected by the Pharisee. He didn’t wash Jesus’ feet. Feet got very dirty in these days. Maybe she didn’t intend it to be but her tears started to drop on his feet and she saw the moisture of her tears and the dust and she says I got to wipe these off so she lets her hair down. Wow. And then as she is wiping she starts to continually kiss his feet. The Pharisee is judging her and Jesus. If this man was a prophet he would know what kind of woman she was. Jesus read his mind. God goes to bat for his kids, his children. It was out of the ordinary, it was intimate, it was personal but it was not wrong. Sometimes this love can be judged. Chesterton talked about the romance of receptivity. And this is what I think when I come to church and the pastor is preaching we are worshipping God and it’s so great to respond. Sometimes I’m very stoic, very cold and I purpose to – I want to be the person that P. Schaller can look to to be laughing with him. Doesn’t he have the best sense of humor? I have a really loud laugh I know too. I think that this response is the response to the power of a great affection. This is what the love of God does. It sort of warms our heart, it tenderizes us, and it brings us to a place of sorrow, godly repentance. I think that that’s what this woman was. She saw this great love, this man who knew her and loved her and actually accepted her and that just broke her. Pastor Schaller was talking about this when you want to quit, the darkest time, the hardest time is the time to surrender. I think that’s what this woman was doing. She was surrendering, publicly. This is what we do in a million ways as believers in this world. I’ll never forget one time I was going to a meeting here. It was some administrative meeting. Pastor Schaller was leading the meeting. I wrote it down here.

He started to quote Ps 137. He was probably that morning memorizing this. So rather than starting the meeting, it’s not like we have fifteen minutes, P. Schaller starts to talk and just recite the words he had memorized in the morning. These were the words. It made such an impression on me.

Psalm 137:1-2. The Israelites are slaves. They are captives in a foreign land by the rivers of Babylon. They’re depressed. They’re weeping. They’re hanging their harps. They’ve stopped singing. That’s the thing about Jewish people I love, how they sing. We just saw Fiddler on the Roof and I just loved the gusto, the dance. But all of a sudden the Russians came and ruined the wedding. So then this is what got me.

vs. 3. Isn’t that amazing? So they’re captors maybe it was just to make their pain harder or maybe they wanted to be happy. We saw this happening in the prison camps in different parts of the world when the Germans were persecuting. They would have bands there. You could live if you could play, if you could sing. But the question was how we can sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land. That’s what I was thinking about our lives as believers. We are song birds. God puts a song in our heart. He gives us a new song. The Bible ends with so much music. And singing and praise to God. This is how we start our service. It’s beautiful. There is nothing in our circumstances to warrant a song but the Lord is there. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?

Ps 54:1 sing oh barren one…so today we were watching this anointed – I wish we could have played P. Schaller’s message because it was hallmark. If you could get ahold of these services. It’s every day here at 1 and 7 in the evening. When he started the service with the international students up on the stage. My privilege all of these 25 years is to be here in Baltimore with the Bible college helping the international student comes. We used to have mission nights and coffee houses. We used to have so much fun. These are like my children. When I think of them and see their face, they are like kids to me. They are such dear friends. My God enlarged my heart through their lives. To see them there in front of everybody. I may not have physical children but I have a song that I can sing. I have more children than women who have had many. Isn’t that amazing? How is this possible? How can I sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? We can because our God is victorious. He is going to reign.

Rev. 15 starts with a sea of glass that is on fire and they said we are singing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. I read it and think of the Exodus. The children of Israel got through the Red sea and it closed up and there was the Egyptian dead bodies. In Revelation there is that crystal still sea and I think of the dawn of eternity or the sun rise, however you want to see it. It almost looks like it’s on fire. There are the redeemed of the O.T. and the N.T. There is the song of Moses the servant. There is the song of the Lamb and it’s all about the goodness of the Lord, the grace of the Lord, his truth and R. This is what P. Schaller talked about today, that the goodness of the Lord fills this earth. So let’s sing, let’s continue to sing.

Let’s rehearse this great Savior that loves us and I think the moral of the story in Luke 7 what Jesus brought home to all those witnessing and who read it, because we are forgiven much, we love much.

We had these two guys from Sweden and one from England. They were thinking of coming to Bible College. I said how was your time in Baltimore. They said I can’t get over the love of this church. People don’t know us and everywhere we turn. This is a precious thing.

We love much because we know how much we are forgiven. We are like reeds that have been shattered. We’re the smoking flax. Rather than throwing us away he has breathed on us and remade us. He is using our reeds and playing our music. The music we are singing is love. The highlight of our C. experience is love. This is where we learn it and this is where we practice it. It gives great glory to God.



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