Our Mission

Greater Grace is a local church with a worldwide impact.  All ages can join us for weekly services with relevant life changing messages and contemporary worship.  Weekly opportunities to grow include community groups, outreaches and children's programs.
GGWO is a healthy missions organization, with over 500 churches globally.

Daily Blog

How to Get Back to Appreciation

I have met many who have lost their appreciation for life. They’ve traded their ability to live freely, to love, and to laugh, for reactions, repressions, and denials. Some folks, hurt by love, have discarded

Simon and the Touch of the Spirit

This is the oft-misunderstood story of Magic Simon. Simon was a something of a wizard, a conjurer in Samaria, as we read in Acts 8. He astonished people with his tricks and his words. He

A Prayer for His Own

Jesus’ great prayer for His own is what we find in John 17. This was a major moment in a night like no other on earth. The disciples’ Passover time with their Rabbi began ordinarily

He Draws Rather than Demands

The Lord delights in our delight to do His Will, responding to His Love and not to fear of what might happen if we don’t do what He asks! Therefore, although He has the right to demand the yielding of our lives to Him, He instead woos us into willingly, whole-heartedly yielding them to Him, giving Him the right to do whatsoever He desires with them.

The Power of the Name

Jesus has His place in glory. He went up. It must have been such a sight to see. He was speaking to these faithful followers, gathered on the Mount of Olives. His feet left the


Today's Devotional

  • Inability to Cope with God
    The devil always gets the worst defeat. What he does against God only ends up to be his own revelation of his …