Our Mission

Greater Grace is a local church with a worldwide impact.  All ages can join us for weekly services with relevant life changing messages and contemporary worship.  Weekly opportunities to grow include community groups, outreaches and children's programs.
GGWO is a healthy missions organization, with over 500 churches globally.

Daily Blog

Seeker of the Lost

The Son of Man came for one reason, “to seek and to save the lost.” 

A Different Kind of King

“Do you say this of your own accord, or did others say it to you about Me?” These words are found in John’s gospel, Chapter 18. They were the words of Jesus to Pontius Pilate,

Seeker of the Lost

The Son of Man came for one reason, “to seek and to save the lost.”  Jesus made this point in Luke 19. This chapter describes Jesus as He visits two towns and the Temple. First,

The Way of the Lamb

God took down Egypt, a wealthy, powerful empire. He did it with series of plagues. Water was turned into blood. Frogs multiplied uncontrollably. There came swarms of gnats and lice and locust. Cattle fell dead

Need Encouragement?

Sometimes the doldrums come, and we feel blue. There may be a reason why there maybe not. Discouragement is the unwelcomed guest. Heaviness in the soul can feel like having a gnawing weight on your

“Arise out of Darkness!”

Let’s receive Grace to go beyond an ankle-, knee-, or loin-deep experience of His Life while on earth, and let’s purpose to receive Grace upon Grace to get in “over our head-knowledge”  in His Love, as His Light continually unfolds to us Who He is, what He’s like, who we are and what we have in Him.


Today's Devotional

  • Advancing in the Kingdom
    In Philippians 3:8, we see that Paul counted everything “but dung” if it interfered with the call of God on his life. …