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Glory Shall Shine, All Shall Be Holy Message # 10693
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 24, 2014 - Early Sunday Morning
We are people who find amazing things in unusual place, like a roast beef sandwich in the bushes. As the Body of Christ, we carry the evidence of His glory in the,mystery of faith, and we sense His purpose. One day God shall bring full glorification of all Creation,,and Christ shall reign unchallenged with His presence and power. (Matthew 24:29-30)
Discover The Freshness Of Christ's Life Message # 10692
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 20, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Lay all your things down at the Cross. Let the Word of God draw you to Him. Don't over-manage things. Worship and adore the Lord. (Exodus 3:1; Hebrews 4:12)
Sound Doctrine For These Times Message # 10691
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 17, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Pastor Scibelli - Message: A perilous era is here. The healthy words of God must renew our heart. We need the Spirit's filling. Our church life must be fervent and consistent. (2 Timothy 4:1-4)
The Super History - He Is Coming Again Message # 10690
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 17, 2014 - Sunday Morning
Introduction by Pastor Scibelli - Message: One day Christ will rule as executive, legislator, and judge. Human history goes on, but super history and the mystery of it is greater and higher. We are in a special place called out to be His and to fulfill His purposes. (Matthew 26:63-64; Daniel 9:24-27)
There Is A Happily Ever After Message # 10689
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 17, 2014 - Early Sunday Morning
The great thing about being believers in Christ is that we know where we came and we know where we are going. Human events are playing themselves out. One day Christ shall come in the "clouds of Heaven." Then, He shall rule and reign with all authority and grace. (Matthew 26:64)
The Spirits Sustains Message # 10688
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 14, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Deep heeling is what people need. Darkness and wounds are impossible to bear. But Christ says, "Come, you who are weak and heavy laden." The world says we are crazy, but it needs our kind of crazy. We must be doggedly determined to focus on Christ. (Proverbs 18:14 / 2 Kings 4:8-27 / Jeremiah 6:14-16)
The God Who Loves Us Washes Our Feet - Part 2 Message # 10686
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 10, 2014 - Sunday Morning
The Lord went so far to show us His love for us. His investment was and is deep and powerful. Our inflated worlds collapse, but Christ is there loving us beyond our comprehension. (John 13:5-8)
God - For Me, For Us, For Them Message # 10687
Pastor Steve Scibelli
Aug 10, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Pastor Stan Collins - Message: With all that is going on in our world, this is the message we must keep in mind. God is for us. David and Paul knew this so well and it kept them through every situation. (Genesis 42:36; Psalm 56:9)
The God Who Loves Us Washes Our Feet - Part 1 Message # 10685
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Aug 10, 2014 - Early Sunday Morning
Grace Eclipses Shame Message # 10684
Pastor John Love
Aug 06, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Introduction by Pastor Ralph Roe - Message: Christ bore all the shame of sin. Now, shame stands no chance in the presence of God. Meditate on the Cross and the burden of shame rolls away. (Hebrews 12:2-3)
Thus Far And No Further Message # 10682
Pastor Bob Colban
Aug 05, 2014 - Sunday Morning
For several chapters, Job is told that he must be in secret sin. The counsel he got was darkened by words of me. But God will not be put in any human box. He knew Job's integrity. God is above all human understanding. (Job 38:1-11)
The Legitimate Fear Of God Message # 10683
Pastor Kim Shibley
Aug 03, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Bryan Ackerman - Message: Having the right fear of The Lord removes all other fears. We make strange vows to God when we don't live in perfect love. We don't have to make promises or vows. We live in His love for He chose us without fear and without regret. (1 John 4:16-19; Judges 11:29-35)
The Answers Of God's Presence Message # 10681
Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Aug 03, 2014 - Early Sunday Morning
God is faithful to meet us where we are. In victory, in confusion, in failure, He comes to us. He washes us and feeds us. We go forward to love and to pray and to overcome. We are chosen and cannot be un-chosen. (Genesis 14:18-20; John 13:1-6)
A New And Living Way Message # 10680
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Jul 30, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Introduction by Pastor Glen Cannon James 1:12
High Praises From God's Thoughts Toward Me Message # 10679
Pastor Brian Lange
Jul 27, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Psalm 139
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