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The Astonishing Reality Of The Cross Message # 10620
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 16, 2014 - Wednesday Night
What Christ endured in going to Calvary is beyond human comprehension. He was stricken and battered, made unrecognizable by the brutality put upon Him. His bruising was to save us, to redeem us. It seems foolish and weak to many, but it was the wisdom of God at work for all. (1 Cor. 1:22-26; Isaiah 52:13-53:11)
Stillness, Hearing, And Knowing He Is God Message # 10619
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 13, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Noah, Samuel, Abraham - these men heard God. They were still and they did not bury themselves and their talents in the earth. They were ready to listen to God and to do His will. (Matt. 25:14-26; Gen. 22:1-11)
Pay Attention - The Word Is Threatened Message # 10618
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 13, 2014 - Sunday Morning
Be more ready to hear. The subtlety and the beguiling of Satan corrupts minds related to the simple Gospel message. The center of our church life is the Bible. The Word gets targeted for dilution and pollution. (2 Cor. 11:3, 14; Gen. 3:2-3)
The Touch That Transcends Message # 10616
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 09, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Introduction by David Ryan - Message: The ill woman reached Jesus with her faith and was made whole. Not all believing is believing. We really need His presence. Get past the people and find Him. Get past the Bible and meet Jesus Christ behind the pages. (Mark 5:25-33)
Brought Out So He Could Bring Us In Message # 10615
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 06, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Pastor Groenewold - Message: In God, we have a big life. He delivered us from our bondage to lead us to the place of Promise. This is the true prosperity that keeps us from growing feeble, weak, and weary. Let's not linger in the in-between; let's move in the Spirit in all He has called us to do. (Deut. 6:22-23; 25:17-18; Isaiah 45:1-3)
Pay Attention - Behold The Lamb Message # 10614
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 06, 2014 - Sunday Morning
Our God is the Lamb. He gave His Son who supplied the precious Blood. God sees the Blood and death passes over us. (Exodus 12:1-8; John 1:29)
Keep The Things Committed To You Message # 10612
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Apr 02, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Paul encouraged Timothy to hold fast to the precious message and ministry deposited in him by God. We possess a respect for the Gospel message, the Bible, our past, and our future. Let's hang on to what is pure and true. (2 Timothy 1:14-15)
Praise Him, Bless Him, Thank Him Message # 10611
Pastor Scibelli
Mar 30, 2014 - Sunday Evening
The lovingkindness of God takes care of us in any situation. Ask David. Ask Job. Ask Ruth. They all found that goodness and mercy followed them all the days of their lives. (Psalm 63:3-4)
Covenant Mercy, Eternal Inheritance Message # 10610
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Mar 30, 2014 - Sunday Morning
Many believers fail to see the Hesed mercy of God and what this means for them. The Spirit reveals the inheritance God has given us, validated in His Word. We possess a legally grounded loving kindness through which He accomplished our atonement, our redemption, and our reconciliation in the death of Christ the Son. (Heb 9:15-17)
The Threefold Love Of God Message # 10608
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Mar 26, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Hesed is a Hebrew word that speaks of how God feels about His people. It is word that carries three realities with it - strength, steadfastness, and love. Behind it, there is the faithfulness and goodness of God. (Romans 11:22, Psalm 136)
Dee Cunningham's Face To Face Service Message # dee_cunningham_ftf_032314
Pastor Jason Moore & Pastor Thomas Schaller
Mar 23, 2014 - n/a
Blessed Associations - Part 2 Message # 10607
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Mar 23, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Pastor Constam - Message: It is very easy for us to grow faint. We are human and we grow weary. If we wait upon God and His actual, ever presence, we get renewed strength and we mount up with wings. (Isaiah 40:28-31)
Blessed Associations - Part 1 Message # 10606
Pastor Schaller
Mar 23, 2014 - Sunday Morning
King Joash began well and lived in godly pursuits until Jehoiada, a priest and leader, died. Then, changes came and Joash's life finished in disaster. Let's stay in it. Let's hear God and have people in our lives that keep us in His way. (2 Chronicles 24:1-22)
Always Seeing As The Father Sees Message # 10604
Pastor Thomas Schaller
Mar 19, 2014 - Wednesday Night
Testimonies by Carolyn Peters & Pastor Colban - Message: When we see as God sees, we become occupied with the Word. We also develop an awareness of sin and deep feelings for Christ with fruitful habits of grace. These stir a hope for the future. (John 5:17-21)
We Are Thankful Because We Are Forgiven Message # 10603
Dr. Bruce Wright
Mar 16, 2014 - Sunday Evening
Introduction by Pastor Justin Schaller - Message: It is hard to be thankful. It does not come easy. But thanksgiving builds us up. It is easy to get into a cycle of guilt, but difficult to get out of it. Often we are concerned about the person we have offended, even if they are not holding it against us. And often we think we need to go to them in order to get forgiveness. But the only way to get rid of guilt is to speak to God, then we can go to others on the basis that God has already forgiven us (1 Thessalonians 5:16 \ Genesis 42:21)
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