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A House is NOT a Home
Posted on: Sep 10, 2013
Thomas Schaller
Recently, in Baltimore, a car load of us passed by a few blocks of newly built houses. They were architecturally "homey" with beautiful bright colors - red, yellow, and pastel blues, with small yards and nooks and crannies of various shapes and configurations. Big, ugly apartment buildings built in the 1950s were torn down to make room for these lovely 21st century houses.

Looking at those beautiful homes provoked questions. Are there families that live in them? Are the families connected? Are they talking? Are they caring? Do they have a sense of value in regards to a home? Is there a dad? Do they resolve conflicts? Do they leave their emotions at the door? Does dad have a vision for his family? Does mom support dad in the vision? Is God in the home? Do the children have family memories to cherish? A house, four walls and a roof, cannot produce a home. What does it take?

This month we are teaching a series on "The Home Front." Consider the challenge:

* 85 percent of the babies born in Pittsburgh do not have a father present
* The teenage suicide rate has tripled since 1968 across our country
* 1.5 million babies a year are aborted in the U.S.
* Wife beating and sexual abuse of girls under 16 years of age is at an all-time high.
* How many of us know a divorcee? The divorce rate hovers at 50%

The proverb that states "wisdom has built her house but the foolish pluck it down with her hands" is very relevant (Proverbs 14:1). We must make every effort to help one another in this great enterprise of raising a family. People need our help. We have been blessed by God's grace in living a full life through the wisdom that comes from above. Our lives are not perfect, but we have found a divine resource. We have found the Word of God speaking. We have found the gifts of Christ in the Body of Christ. We have found the power to deny ourselves for the good of the family. We have found good friendships - where iron sharpens iron. People all around us need help and encouragement and godly advice. It is a great gift to us that we have more than houses, we have homes.

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